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Chapter 278 - Studying Hard Day And Night

Liam hunted on the outskirts of Itaka city and returned back to the castle in just a couple of hours. 

He did not bother waiting all the way until daybreak as he did not have that much spare time in his hands.

Now more than anything he was hungry to obtain the inheritance. His perfect affinity with nether was something that he couldn ’t overlook.

Especially with the way he was easily able to extract herbal essence from all those herbs and how he was able to manipulate nether more smoothly than mana, he had a feeling that this was the shortest and quickest path to become powerful.

He would then be able to obtain more powerful items and treasures and unravel more secrets about this world within this game before the harsh reality inevitably descends.

Engrossed in his thoughts, Liam casually entered the castle grounds and then proceeded to walk towards the library in the castle that Nyaka had told him about.

It looked like he had also informed his guards about Liam because in his entire trip no one blocked him and questioned him. 

The coast was clear as well with no dangerous beauties blocking his path. So he sighed in relief and simply entered and went around the place as he pleased.

He was already wanted in the Xion realm. 

Therefore, he was being extra careful not to get on the wrong side of a powerful demon such as Nyaka who had a lot of pull in the Kingdom.

Unlike the several kingdoms and empires in the Xion realm, this realm only had four great kingdoms, who were all sort of united for the time being because of the war preparations.

If he screwed up something here, he would have no place to hide and no other realms to run to. 

So Liam was extra careful in this trip to Itaka city, making sure to only get what he came here for.

He cautiously walked around and the castle itself was also not too complicated so he pretty quickly located the library without going somewhere else unnecessarily.

”This way, leader. ” A demon ushered him into the room.

”Alright. ” Liam nodded and entered the medium-sized halls with a dozen shelves containing scrolls and miscellaneous items and books.

The place was unexpectedly quite small, nothing when compared to some of the huge libraries that were available on earth. 

So Liam could only hope that quality was not proportional to quantity. He quickly got down to business, picking up a scroll and opening it to read.

However, as soon as he opened it, he noticed the obvious flaw. He was not familiar with what was written on this scroll as well!

He hurriedly opened a couple more books and scrolls and similarly, he couldn ’t decipher anything written on those also.

Hmmm… just as he was pondering what to do about this situation, suddenly something tickled his ears!

Liam ’s eyes widened instantly and it only took him a fraction of a second to respond. 

”Fuck. ” He backed away from the spot he was sitting, not even bothering to confirm what or who just licked his ears.

Only after he was at a safe distance, he looked up in alarm, not that it helped much. 

Standing in front of him was the tall sinful looking demoness that he had just hours ago met during the dinner, Yuki, the wife of the city Lord.

And now that there was no one to breathe fire down his neck, he finally got a good look at the woman.

She was fair-skinned and also had human-like features just like the city Lord. 

In fact, it would have been very easy to mistake her for a human being if not for her dark red eyeballs that gave off an evil seductive charm, two small horns that were protruding out of her long cascading purple hair, and long sharp nails.

”What are you looking at? Haven ’t you seen a demonic nymph before? ” She pursed her lips teasingly, crossing her arms in front of her chest, making her two melons jut out even more.

”No, my apologies. ” Liam bitterly smiled. 

He looked around to see if there were any demon guards that could come to his rescue but unfortunately, they were alone.

The damn woman had managed to corner him and was also blocking his path to the exit. Now he had nowhere to run.

At least was there any chance this woman came here with good intentions?

Absolute NONE!

Liam couldn ’t help but notice that she had lost the robe that she was wearing earlier during dinner and now wore an outfit that could only be categorized as an undergarment.

Even that was not proper, as the thread-like material barely hid anything and things were wideout in the open for him to notice.

Content with the way the man was admiring her, the demon giggle flirtatiously and moved closer to him, ”So do you need help in translating these things? ”

She pushed her bountiful chest up against him and picked up the scroll that was nearby. She then used her long nail to point to a symbol and whispered. ”This one is called… darkness. ”

Liam couldn ’t help but shudder as the woman ’s slightest touch sent chills down his spine. Here he was trying his best to avoid falling into the obvious trap, but that did not seem possible.

Especially when the said danger was willingly helping him.

Not to mention her level was so much higher than him that he was unable to see it.

Liam took a deep breath and closed his eyes to calm himself down, but even that wasn ’t of much help since a fragrant enticing scent assaulted his nose.

The nymph giggled and continued to point to the next word, whispering it softly in his ears.

However… the next second… unexpectedly, Liam flashed his eyes open and paid attention to her words and the symbols on the scrolls without getting distracted.

His eyes that were clouded and unfocussed earlier became sharp and cold again. The demoness might be a fatal seductive nymph, but his mental fortitude wasn ’t that low either.

He ignored the soft things that were pressed up against him, the tongue that teased him, and the long legs that occasionally wrapped themselves around him and only paid attention to the translation.

No matter how much the other party seemed to beg him, he simply did not let his self-control waver.

And finally, after five hours of enduring this torture, he got the first reward for his patience.

[Ding. You have learned a new language – Alibari]

Huff… Liam let out a long sigh and pushed the notification aside.. He had a feeling that this night was going to be a long one.

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