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Chapter 279 - You Want To Eat?

After finishing the first scroll, Liam hurriedly took out another scroll from the shelves and opened it in front of him.

”Can you help me translate this as well? ” He smiled with a calm and polite demeanor.

Perhaps because she did not get the reaction that she wanted, the demoness pouted as if she had been wronged. 

Hmmm… Liam thought about it for a second, looked around, and saw that nothing changed. He was already halfway across the lake, now what was the point in going back?

He might as well cross the whole lake and get to the other shore.

Pulling her closer to him and holding her hand intimately, he pointed to the symbol on the scroll. ”This one. ” He once again smiled.

This time it was the nymph ’s turn to look surprised. Her expression changed and she giggled flirtatiously again, before leaning close and placing a kiss on his cheeks.

”Tomorrow. ” She whispered and ran away. 

She completely disappeared in a second, leaving no trace behind.

”Hmmm… Did I make a mistake? ” Liam pondered. ”Maybe she just enjoyed the chase? ”

As if answering him, the bright rays of the morning sun peeked in from the windows and now he understood. ”So she ran away because it is morning? ”

”Does that mean I have to wait until later tonight again? Maybe I can ask some other demon here to help me out? ”

Just as Liam was about to get up and seek help for understanding the next scroll, suddenly another voice whispered in his ears.

”FUCK! ” This was the second time he was caught off guard and when he turned around to look, it was the daughter standing in front of him.

She was by no means young and was as tall and alluring as the seductive mother. She also had a pair of similar dark red eyeballs, purple hair, and a pair of protruding horns.

However, weirdly enough, she looked nothing like the mother except for these features. 

Both of them were beautiful in different ways and the only thing that was common was the big pronounced curves. 

This made Liam wonder if they were really mother and daughter and just what sort of a screwed-up family this was.

But then he shook his head to stop his thoughts from wandering. 

Why these two were trying so hard to seduce him and what sort of a game they were trying to play with him was really none of his concern.

Liam really just wanted to learn a few more dialects and languages of the demon kingdom and get the hell out of here before he got into any more trouble than he already had.

He sighed and looked tiredly at the daughter again. At least she was wearing a robe? Maybe she was better than the ’mother ’?

”Do you know how to read this language, Misa? ” Liam asked, coming straight to the point.

”Of course, I do, garrison leader. ” 

The demoness winked and the next second abruptly, jumped into his lap, straddling him with her both legs wrapped around him and her face close to his face.

Only then did Liam notice that the damned woman was wearing nothing underneath her robe and her naked skin was completely exposed, revealing all her bumps and curves.

Who said that she was better than the mother! This woman was definitely worse! She was directly dry humping him!

Here we go again… Cracking his neck, Liam closed his eyes and took in another deep breath of air, trying to condition his mind.

He then again responded to the evil demoness with a polite smile. ”Go on. Tell me what it says. ”

Misa giggled coyly, tracing her long nails on his chest, and luckily she also helped him just like the mother.

Without any other choice, Liam endured another few hours of torture, and this time he managed to get two notifications, one that he expected and one that he did not expect.

[Ding. You have learned a new language – Zaraki]

[Ding. You have learned a new skill – Nether Fire Storm]

[Nether Fire Storm]: Rain hellfire on your enemy; Deals damage twice of your magic damage; Consumes 1000 nether; Cool Down: None

Liam knew that new skills could be learned in several different methods inside ’Evolution Online ’ but this was the first time he was experiencing learning a skill by simply reading some descriptions in a scroll.

At least all the torture and suffering he was undergoing was worth it. Since getting a skill book here is unusually difficult, he was determined to make full use of this method.

He extended his hands to tightly hold the waist of the demoness sitting atop him. ”Continue. ” He was leading her on just enough to gain the things that he wanted.

He was not sure if the woman was aware of it or not because he was very blatantly using her. Nevertheless, she continued to oblige with a mischievous twinkle in her eyes.

It was as if she was taunting him… why are you trying to delay the inevitable…

A few more hours passed and no matter how much soft things rubbed up against him, tempting him, Liam continued to painfully endure everything and persisted.

They also completed going through a couple more scrolls. 

In between the cruel demoness purposefully slowed down the pace to almost a halt, simply teasing him and not teaching him anything, but Liam somehow managed to make it through.

If it was not for the passive experience points constantly rolling in, he would have surely cursed the horny mother and daughter pair for wasting his time.

But since something was being accomplished and he needed this badly, he took deep breaths and persevered. The day slowly passed and the night then arrived.

And the daughter finally left him alone.

However, Liam did not show any signs of packing up his stuff and running away. Instead, he mentally prepared himself for what was about to happen.

And just like he expected, the mother appeared once again. 

He did not know whether to laugh or cry as the mother licked her lips and picked up where the daughter left off.

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