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Chapter 280 - Wait For Me...

In an inn inside Itaka city… a group of demons was sitting around, eating and drinking to their fill.

”It ’s almost an entire day now since we arrived here. Hiriyu, where is the leader? ”

Hiriyu shook his head. ”The order is to wait. So we wait. Our leader is maybe very busy at the moment. We just follow orders. ”

The demon chugged the beer and smashed the wooden mug on the table, almost breaking it. ”Rawwr. Our leader is too hardworking for his own good. ”

And meanwhile… the leader in question… was indeed working very hard. 

Liam wiped the sweat off of his forehead as he tried to keep his face away from the cleavage of the demoness sitting atop him.

Just a few more hours… he reminded himself as he looked at the shelves that he had mostly covered and the clothes scattered on the ground.

He still did not falter but the mother and the daughter pair kicked things into high gear and thoroughly enjoyed themselves teasing him and savoring his plight.

Since that seemed to work best, he also made sure to give them what they wanted. 

However, the more he acted as if he was struggling with the temptation, the more things escalated and finally, they were here.

But Liam bore everything and continued with the act as only a few more hours were needed…

He had already gained a lot in this endeavor, more than he had expected. 

He now had learned about 5 new skills and 20 different languages and could even decipher many words etched on the rock or at least guess what they might mean.

Just a few more hours and then he would be able to understand everything and finally get his hands on the thing that he had been struggling so hard for.

All the things that he had to do for this inheritance… including handling this mother and daughter pair… Liam chuckled to himself and patiently continued with the charade.

He did not even need all the words translated to get the information. Only a few more keywords… he was almost there…

His gaze shifted to the naked demoness who was seated on top of him and teasingly reading the scroll as if she was reading him a bedtime story.

And Liam as well smiled and stroked her hair.

At times, a look of frustration flashed past the demoness but she did not want to admit defeat and continued trying her best.

The man was close to breaking! She was sure of it!

However, the day once again came to an end without any result and it was only a few seconds before night time arrived and the mother took her shift.

Liam ruffled his hair, wondering how things turned out like this. If he by chance gets caught by the city lord, he was absolutely done for.

He did not cross ’the ’ line but the evidence was still very incriminating. He had touched them everywhere and groped them everywhere, teasing them and leading them on.

The good news was that he only needed some more time. 

He sighed and waited and soon a set of footsteps echoed behind him. The wife with the huge tits had arrived? Here we go again… Liam turned around, but he instantly gulped.

Walking towards him was the city Lord himself. ”How is it going garrison leader? ”

Liam wryly chuckled and nodded. ”Quite good, Lord Nyaka. I have learned quite a bit from your collection. ” 

”Unfortunately, I was not able to decipher all the words but I did manage to find out the meaning of a couple of words and keep myself entertained while I was at it. ”

”Oh, did the scroll make any sense? ”

”No. ” Liam shook his head. ”Looks like a mad man ’s rambling. Ha ha. I might have bothered you for no reason at all. ”

”No trouble at all. ” Nyaka chuckled. At this time, another set of footsteps sounded, something soft and light.

Liam instantly recognized who it was and maybe the other person did as well? The lord turned to look with a cryptic expression on his face.

Liam knew that it was bad news and he took out the scroll with only 3 symbols scribbled on it. 

”These are the last three symbols I am having trouble with. Do you happen to recognize this, Lord Nyaka? ”

”Huh? Let me take a look. ” The demon shifted his attention back to Liam and looked at the scroll pensively. The footsteps as well stopped and there was only complete silence now.

Too close! Liam sighed inwardly!

Luckily for him, the demon next to him still seemed oblivious. ”These symbols… it should mean hammer or something related to that. Perhaps a weapon? ”

”Oh. ” Liam was surprised. 

Lucky! He had just asked him to distract him, but he even got the answer.

This was it. This was the last bit that he needed so he did not dare to stay there any longer. This was already far enough. 

He had stretched the rubber band to the maximum, if he stretched it any more, it was bound to break and everything would be revealed.

”Then I will take my leave, Lord Nyaka. I don ’t wish to bother you any longer. Your work is too important! ” Liam smiled, flashing a genuine expression of gratitude.

”So soon? At least stay till the night and leave next morning? ” Nyaka chuckled. He seemed happy to hear the small praises that Liam was subtly throwing his way.

”No, no, no. I don ’t want to impose. I also left the garrison unattended for far too long. ” 

”That demon Hongumbra had made a mess of everything, so I have to keep a close eye on the administration. Aha Ha Ha. ” 

”If I need something more, then I will make another trip to visit you. ” The two of them exchanged a few words and Liam was as slippery as an eel, getting out of all the invitations. 

Nyaka then finally gave up and bade farewell to the shy new garrison leader who was too polite to accept his hospitality. 

He went back to inscribing while Liam on the other hand busied himself running the hell away from the castle and the weird family.

He did not turn back and started walking away fast. He had a feeling that it was better for his health to be as far away from this place as possible.

However, before he could leave… just as he was crossing the herb gardens, a familiar egg sprang out of his inventory space, all on its own.

”Luna? What is happening now? ”

The egg had popped out suddenly just like before so Liam couldn ’t help but be worried. However, this time, it did not crack or bleed.

It silently landed near a shrub with peculiar flowers.


Liam pondered for a moment and then asked, ”You want to eat this? ” Weirdly enough the egg vibrated in response. He looked around to see that there were no guards nearby.

And this was just a single shrub… so it should be fine?

He was already in it now so what ’s a couple more small offenses here and there?

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