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Chapter 281 - LEGACY UNLOCKED!

Seeing that no one was around them, Liam tried to gather the nether in the air and removed the essence from the shrub, just like how he had done it before.

The egg as well greedily absorbed everything, vibrating up and down as if she was excited. Was she close to hatching? Liam ’s pulse quickened as he gathered more essence.

But at this time, suddenly a bundle of softness hugged him from the back. Liam instantly knew who it was and dispersed the nether he had summoned.

He first had to deal with this unexpected guest. He couldn ’t risk her seeing Luna.

”Where are you fleeing in the middle of the night? ” The milf teased him, pushing her huge tits up against him. 

Though she was wearing a normal robe, she still looked too sinful as if she was up to no good.

”Ummm… ” Liam adjusted his position to make sure that the demoness was facing him and her back was facing Luna.

He did not know how this pair of crazy mother and daughter might react to seeing the mysterious egg so he was trying his best to hide Luna from her eyes.

They might be playful when it comes to sleeping around but what if on discovering they suddenly went back to being loyal to Nyaka and cause some trouble.

The demon might then come to know about Luna and want the egg for himself? Too many things could go wrong. 

Especially, considering how all of them were at a higher level compared to him, Liam absolutely did not want to take any risk.

He knew that he needed to recover from the situation and started saying some random words to manipulate the demoness. 

”I was looking for you. We were interrupted tonight… ” He stroked her purple hair while at the same time keeping an eye on the egg.

However, unfortunately,  while he was busy… Luna had a mind of her own…

It started with only one herb but slowly the egg kept eating the essence… from the next one and then the next one and then the next one?

She seemingly no longer needed Liam ’s help to refine the essence… 

Moreover, her speed was also quite fast and efficient!

One thing led to another and soon… the whole herb garden was being completely eaten away… right in front of Liam ’s eyes.

It was too late to do anything. Liam could only watch it happen as his hands were literally full. 

Were all females, fox or demon, trying to kill him today? His heart flip-flopped, seeing every patch of herbs being dried away just like that. 

LUNA! This girl was completely out of control!

In reality, Liam knew that Luna might need more herbal essence. 

He had also tried to buy some more herbs and feed them to her, but she did not take those essences. It was as if she was suddenly full. 

But now she was hungry again? Or was there something special about these herbs?

Liam did not know. The only thing he knew was that he was definitely going to be burnt at the stakes for this. How could he possibly get out of something this big?

And if the two women revealed what they had done… that was it… Nyaka would probably burn his garrison to the ground.

My free afk experience points… Liam ’s heart was aching.

And this small change in his expression did not escape the demoness as she also noticed that something was amiss.

She quickly turned to look but Liam was faster. Nope! No, you don ’t!

He did not let her do what she wanted. Instead, he grabbed her ass, planting a forceful kiss on her lips, his tongue pushing into her mouth.

The demoness looked surprised as Liam felt her body tremble but the next second, she hugged him harder and kissed him back.

Liam could distinctly feel her excitement. Perhaps she was happy because he had finally fallen into her trap and did what she was begging him for?

But what was even the trap?

If Nyaka was possessive, wouldn ’t they both get punished?

Liam felt as if he was going crazy. What game were they playing? Or were they just genuinely attracted to him?

He was already breaking his head to figure out the symbols on the rock and get the inheritance and now with this crazy mother and daughter pair added, there was simply too much on his plate.

Not to mention Luna…

He saw the egg happily eating everything to her heart ’s content.

She rolled ahead magically as if it had a pair of legs and started absorbing the herbal essence from every single herb in the garden, not even leaving one behind.

How long are you going to take? 

He originally thought that she would stop after absorbing the herbs from this area but he was once again shocked. 

She kept rolling around as if she would only be satisfied if she sucked the entire place dry…

And talking about sucking…

The demoness was in her full form. She wanted it badly.

From the frying pan into the fire!

Liam was no longer sure what he was supposed to do. Here he was… groping the man ’s wife and his egg was busy stealing all of his herbs.

But now he was too far in it to back out. Since things had progressed to this extent, he had to buy more time for the egg to feed herself completely.

And considering everything, he was happy that Luna ’s condition had significantly improved. 

If he had to take this small risk to help her with her evolution, then everything would be worth it.

And not just that… the inheritance… he now had a vague idea in his mind. 

The more he gave in to his desire and ravaged the enticing demoness in his hands, his head cleared and he had could vaguely connect the dots.

He had a feeling that he just needed to see the scribblings on the rock one more time for everything to make sense.

Liam pulled apart the thin robe covering the alluring figure of the nymph to reveal her naked body and kneaded the soft mounds, kissing her fervently and rubbing her sensitive areas.

He plopped her hardened nipples into his mouth and sucked on them, making the demoness shiver and moan in ecstasy.

Liam bit her nipples and kissed her again. Wanting to test something, he then whispered in her ears, ”Go back to your room and wait for me. I will come to you. ”

The demoness stopped and gazed at him lustfully. She bit her lips, looking reluctant to part. 

Nevertheless, she obeyed him and grabbed the robe that had fallen on the ground, running back to the castle.

Watching her figure disappear, Liam sighed in relief, but he was once again perplexed by the behavior. 

He couldn ’t tell if this was a mischievous thrilling act or she genuinely just did as she pleased. Irrespectively, he needed to get moving and leave this place.

He only took a few paces, searching for Luna in the garden, when suddenly another softness hugged him. At this point, Liam was not even surprised.

”I was searching for you. ” He lied and pulled the daughter to the side. Before she could say anything, he immediately kissed her, more forcefully than he had kissed the mother.

Kneading her breasts, he then repeated the same words. ”Go wait in your room for me. I will be there. ”

The daughter opened her mouth as if she was shocked but the next second she broke into a content smile that could make many men crazy and winked before she also left.

So gullible? Liam couldn ’t understand this duo.

”That can wait. ” He already spotted Luna, so he quickly grabbed her and made a run for it, not that there was any herb left in the garden.

Luna had eaten every single thing that was available!

”Now we have done it… ” Liam wryly chuckled as he ran away, not looking back. 

He did not want to think about the two aroused women who were waiting for him back at the castle or about the city Lord who was bound to notice all this?

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