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Chapter 282 - Nether And Soul

After grabbing Luna, Liam did not stop as he ran away from the castle and quickly arrived at the inn where the demons were staying.

Without taking a breather, he ordered Hiriyu to pack everything up and leave immediately. 

It helped that his stamina was better in the nether realm. He still had a lot of energy left after dealing with the mother and the daughter.

Nevertheless, there was a slight panic in his voice and urgency in his words.

”Leader? ” The demon looked confused.

”If somebody asks, I was with you guys the whole time. ” Liam hurriedly spoke, not bothering to explain any further. He then ran out of the inn as well, directly leaving the enormous city. 

This time he did not care about training and making the journey back on foot and instead summoned Talon, the two of them flying to their garrison at Thol city at top speed.

The demonic beasts howled loudly in the dark ominous night and several birds flew alongside them a couple of times. However, Liam did not stop for anything and urged Talon to keep flying.

A few hours later… they were finally back in the small city.

Liam only sighed in relief when he reached the familiar red brick tower and leaned back on the huge throne-like chair.

He lifted his finger and signaled for one of the demons to come forward. ”Send an immediate message to the Itaka city lord that we have arrived safely and thank him for the hospitality. ”

He hoped that this might take the suspicion off of him, but… who was he kidding…

Brrrrr… Liam shook his head and his shoulders, trying to put away the weird events of the night out of his mind, and paid attention to the main issue at hand.

”Tell no one to disturb me. ”

He went to one of the rooms in the tower and latched the door behind him. He now took out all the scrolls in which he had copied the symbols and the signs letter for letter.

Taking a deep breath, he sat down and plunged himself into these scrolls.

Ultimately, this was more important! 

And despite everything that sent chills down his spine, he did manage to make considerable progress in this aspect!

Liam spread out everything in front of him and started playing with the permutations and combinations. 

Like Nyaka had said, the signs and symbols etched on the rocks were both familiar and unfamiliar at the same time.

Of course, this was after he took the crash course in learning the 20 different demon tongues. Liam still couldn ’t exactly understand the meaning.

But he was now able to make a rough guess of the different meanings a particular symbol or a string of symbols could have.

Liam pushed up his sleeves and got down to business. 

He patiently wrote down all the possible combinations and the potential meanings and then systemically began analyzing the whole thing.

It was like solving a puzzle but the only catch was that his life depended on it.

Perhaps it was because he had relieved some stress by playing with those two women or perhaps because he felt better in the nether realm, his head and his thoughts were more clear.

He was able to view everything from a bird ’s eye perspective, and slowly more and more dots started connecting.

”Hammer… weapon… forging? ”

”Soul forging? ”

”And this must then be soul flame? ”

”Eternal warriors of the true nether ”

”Forged with mana, nether, and demonic madness? ”

Liam distilled out the things that made the most sense and started jotting everything down in a new scroll.

His pulse quickened as he slowly deciphered every little symbol, one at a time.

The more he gleaned about the words, the more he understood the true significance of what he had obtained.

It was far more powerful than he had imagined. 

He locked himself in the room spending the entire day and finally, after a few hours buried in the same entangled mess, a vague clarity struck him.

And simultaneously, a strange notification appeared in front of him also.

[Ding. You have obtained 10% of a mythical legacy]

[Ding. You have sufficient mana affinity; You have sufficient nether affinity; You have sufficient nature affinity; You have sufficient demonic affinity; You meet the criteria for the legacy]

[Ding. Unique Class Unlocked – Soul Mancer]

[Ding. Do you wish to accept it? Y/N]

Liam was shocked. He fell back in both tiredness and exhilaration. He had finally obtained it… the legacy? He couldn ’t believe his eyes…

It was only 10% but still… this was a first step in the right direction!

”Soul Mancer… ” He muttered under his breath in contemplation. ”Did this mean using souls or affecting souls? Or perhaps forging souls to become stronger? ”

There were several possibilities and as he thought about each one of them, Liam couldn ’t help but feel the excitement coursing through his veins.

More importantly, the class required all mana, nature, demonic and nether affinity, so it wouldn ’t restrict his development, and he would be able to develop himself in multiple paths.

It was almost as if it was tailor-made for him! 

Was it really the same legacy Kouske unlocked in his previous life? From what Liam had observed, Kouske did not really use mana and magic spells.

He only had the basic undead spell and a couple of nether-specific spells. He also knew that he had good nether affinity because he was able to reach the necromancer ’s hideout.

But other than that… he did not seem to possess all the tools that Liam possessed.

So no matter how he thought about this, it was impossible for Kouske to have gotten this same option?

Or maybe this option showed up only for him since he possessed this unique body constitution and because of his specific circumstance?

Several questions still remained in Liam ’s mind. Nevertheless, he decided to accept it. Perhaps when he unlocked the complete 100% of the legacy, things will become clearer.

He paused, took a deep breath, and selected ’Yes ’.

[Ding. Your class is now changed to Soul Mancer]

[Ding. Warning. Your class will be removed and reset if the legacy is not completed 100%]

[Ding. You have unlocked a new skill – Soul Forging]

[Ding. Soul Sensing skill not acquired.]

[Ding. Soul Forging skill has been locked.]

Liam ’s eyes almost popped out of his socket as he looked at the generous reward that was taken back from him before he could even look at its description.

Nevertheless, his lips curled up into a grin.

The feeling that he had at this moment was indescribable. He had struggled so hard for this exact moment and finally, he had received the result!

”Mythical legacy huh… ” Liam chuckled lightly, thinking about the other group who had nearly snatched this away from him. 

But it appears he was the winner after all… 

He fell back onto the floor and let out a loud maniacal laugh that resounded amidst the entire garrison tower, scarring the bejesus out of all the demons.


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