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Chapter 285 - Gathering The Group

Liam waited and watched, hoping that something would happen. His eyes were fixated on the seven small soul orbs. 

He had to use his complete mental focus and attention to keep perceiving them. If he let his focus slip even for a second, he would instantly lose track of them. 

So he keenly observed the small orbs without letting his mind wander.

1 second passed… 2 seconds passed…

Still, nothing happened but the next second, before Liam could do anything about it, the balls of mist completely disintegrated and dispersed.

They vanished entirely without leaving any trace behind.

”So the skill didn ’t work? ” Liam silently pondered. 

He walked around at the spots where the soul orbs were previously present and then waved his hand to check those spots.

”They are really just gone and the skill did not work. ”

He stood silently for a minute, not knowing how to proceed with this. ”If I can ’t automatically use the skill, then… ”

Liam smiled bitterly and wiped the sweat off his forehead. He could see that the road ahead was not going to be easy. 

Perhaps because he had managed to obtain a better legacy than Kouske, his path was also that much more difficult.

He once again spotted another mob and cut down the group of scorpions. This time he did not focus on soul orbs from all the scorpions.

Instead, he only focussed on the orb from one scorpion. He then hurriedly used mana and nether to wrap this soul orb.


His control wasn ’t that good so the soul orb disintegrated before he could do anything.

He again targeted a mob and focussed on a single soul orb, quickly using mana and nether to wrap around this one too.

However… Poof!

Once more the soul orb disintegrated and disappeared. This time he wasn ’t fast enough.

”Alright. Again. ” Liam took several deep breaths and tried one more time. ”This is going to take a while. ”

Just like he expected, he ended up spending the entire day training and at the end of the day, he managed to improve his control of mana and nether by leaps and bounds.

But his progress when it came to taming the soul orb was still hugely lacking. He wasn ’t able to make heads or tails of the whole thing.

Liam also was completely exhausted. No matter how much he tried, he couldn ’t focus properly, so he decided to take a break here.

Besides, he needed to supply more gold to the garrison and work on the other quests to get a better understanding of this class and legacy. 

Perhaps then things would be clearer and more straightforward.

Liam stood up and walked back to the city. He didn ’t wander too far away so he reached the place in a few minutes and then arrived at the garrison tower.

He immediately called over one of the demons standing around to check for the status update on the ticking time bomb which was counting down to a whole shitload of mess.

”No leader, there hasn ’t been any messages from the Itaka city Lord. There also hasn ’t been any unusual movements. ”

The demon sounded confused. Nevertheless, he answered all the queries Liam had to the best of his abilities.

”What the hell is happening? Maybe the demon did not care too much about his herb garden? Was there nothing precious or even noteworthy growing there? ”

Liam as well was confused.

And as for the other factor… he had no idea what the unique mother and daughter duo were doing at the moment. 

Perhaps they had already moved on from him and fixed their crazy eyes on another sap?

Brrrrr… Liam shook his head feeling a chill run down his spine just at the thought of the two beautiful horny oddballs.

”Well… since there is nothing to worry about right now, I guess I don ’t have to think about them? ” 

Liam shrugged and then asked the demon to bring out all the loot gathered in the recent invasion missions.

To this, the demon revealed a big huge grin and waved his hand at his underlings. 

The next second, several sacs full of all sorts of equipment, weapons, accessories, gems, herbs, ores and what not were piled up in front of Liam.

They had somehow managed to gather not one but a dozen piles of such dazzling loot. Even Liam was surprised to see so much harvest.

He stood up and walked around, inspecting everything in the room. 

”Segregate the raw materials from the weapons and items and arrange those according to their grade. ” He ordered the demon.

The demon enthusiastically nodded and got down to do the busy work. 

The raw materials were quite decent. Some of them were even items that Liam had not yet acquired in the game.

”I should feed these to the sword later. ” He made a mental note.

The weapons and equipment were also above average with several rare-grade items and some unique-grade items as well.

”Good. Good. ” Liam nodded in satisfaction. ”Bring the best performing teams and reward these rare-grade and unique-grade items to the soldiers and leaders. ”

”As for the other items… ”

Liam did not leave behind a single thing. He stored the two sets of items separately. 

After keeping the raw materials in his inventory, he no longer had any space left for the weapons and equipment so he asked the demon to bring out some sacks and filled these to the brim with items.

After that, he did not linger around in the garrison tower any longer as there was quite a lot of work to be done and he directly switched out to Yleka city.

However… unbeknownst to him… a few minutes after he left the garrison tower…

Two cloaked figures entered the small city. They were tall and dressed in shabby clothing and there wasn ’t anything special about them in first glance.

But if one looked closer at them, one could see that even the baggy shabby cloaks couldn ’t hide their seductive figures that was underneath.

”Mother, we are here. ”

”Yes, we are. ”

The two figures then suddenly removed the cloaks covering their faces. Instantly, their stunning seductive beauty was revealed for everyone to see.

Every single demon who walked past them turned to look at the two and almost banged their heads on the wall.

No one in their city, no, probably the entire kingdom was as alluring as these two. 

The demons were so shocked that they did not even have the courage to approach the two women for a good time.

They simply gulped and stood on the spot, staring at the two.

The two women as well did not look uncomfortable because of all the attention they were receiving. Rather they looked quite content with the show and the effect they had on people.

They clearly enjoyed the attention.

”Te Hee~~~ Husband… where are you? We are still waiting for you… ” The two muttered in unison with a crazy look in their mesmerizing eyes.

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