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Chapter 286 - Bak Bak Baka

After arriving at Yleka city, Liam walked over to the auction house where Berat was already waiting for him. 

He wore a pair of khaki cloth pants and a loose casual shirt. His appearance was also very normal as if he was in the real world and not playing a VR game.

This was because as per Liam ’s advice, he was currently working on improving his merchant skills.

”Hey! Boss! I am here. ” Berat waved his hand on seeing a black cloaked figure moving about in the crowded street. 

Of course, there were several players dressed like this to cover their identity but since Liam and he were friends and at the moment in the same party, he could clearly see his position on the map.

Also, there was only one cloaked figure who was casually dragging several large sacks all tied together as if it was no big deal to him.

So even among the sea of players, it only took one second to recognize him.

”Boss, shall I open the trade window? ” Berat rubbed his hands in excitement and asked.

”Trade window? ” Liam chuckled and shook his head. ”Let ’s go to an inn. ”

”Hmmm… Moving around like this is not so convenient. I will finish that quest first and then everything should become simple. ”

”Which quest, boss? ” Berat was curious, so he asked even though the other person was clearly talking to himself.

”Nothing. Nothing. You will soon know when I am done. ” 

Liam walked to the inn while checking the other messages in the interface and saw that the group had been busy in his absence.

”I am here. ” He also sent a message. ”Cancel your current run and assemble near Yleka city as soon as possible. ”

The two of them then arrived at the inn and Liam booked one of the rooms available. ”Give me a bigger one. ” He asked specifically.

The mature woman at the reception gave both of them weird looks, but she handed over the key.

Liam did not seem to care but Berat mumbled with an awkward smile. ”We are friends. We are friends. ” He then ran away behind the boss, following him to the room.

But as soon as he entered the room, he was immediately frozen solid and became a statue. The sight in front of them was simply too frightening.

”Boss… ” Berat stuttered as he gulped and then realizing that the door was open, he quickly turned around to close the door behind him.

If someone else saw this, they would probably turn green from jealousy and chase after them without stopping.

Because inside the big inn room were several piles of glittering loot. He had never seen so many items at a single time in his entire life.

Berat gulped, licking his lips that had turned dry. He was excited earlier thinking that he would show off his skills and get amazing profits to impress the boss.

But now… that excitement was completely replaced with nervousness.

What profit? He was staring at a sea of items that could make or break even a first rate guild. 

At this point, he would already be happy if he did not screw up and get his ass kicked out of the group.

To add to his dismay, Liam was still busy emptying out the sacks one after the other, increasing the piled up loot.

”Did I see these many sacks before or they just magically doubled? ” Berat rubbed his eyes and stared at the mountain of loot again. It was freaking almost going to touch the ceiling!

”Boss… just what did you do to gather so many items in such a short time? ” He mumbled, his voice not coming out.

Liam, on the other hand, was still busy emptying things out. Only after tossing the contents of the last sack onto the staggering pile, he turned to look at the guy.

He was literally shaking.

”This should keep you busy for a while, right? ” He chuckled, seeing his pitiful expression. ”What happened? ”

”Boss… is it really okay to trust me with this? ” Berat asked.

”Huh? Weren ’t you the one who asked me the other day to give this job to you? Did you not want to gold farm in the auction house and take care of guild transactions? ”

Liam narrowed his eyes to look at him. He was not fond of people wasting his time and going back on their words, so unknowingly his gaze turned cold.

This scared Berat even more and he took a step back in fear. ”No. No. I wanted to… but… ”

”But? ” Liam tossed the empty bag in his hand to a side.

To do or not? It looked like he was doomed either way. So Berat hurriedly shook his head side to side. ”No, boss. Nothing. Nothing. I will get it done. ” He resolutely declared.

He came here because he wanted to be someone and Liam also accepted him into his group, now he couldn ’t back out at the first sign of trouble. That would just be too shameful.

However, he also did not want to give Liam the wrong impression. ”Boss, I might not be able to get a lot of profit for these. ”

He thought that it was better, to tell the truth outright, even though it might make the guy further angry.

But to his surprise, Liam ’s cold gaze disappeared and he walked forward to pat him on the back. ”This was what you were worried about? Ha Ha Ha. ”

”Don ’t think too much. Your job is to literally put them on the auction house and sell them for a decent price. I really do not expect anything else. ”

”The only condition I have is the time. Get them sold by the end of the day. ”

Liam chuckled once again and left the room, leaving the guy to deal with everything else.

”Boss… ” Berat was completely speechless. He was trusting him this much? He even made sure that he didn ’t feel too pressured? The boss was simply too good hearted!

He almost had tears in his eyes. He clenched his fist, determined to repay this trust.

He was not a weak person in general. He also thought that he was pretty confident. But in front of this much loot, anyone would sweat!

But now that he had recovered, he grunted and started forming a plan. It was his job to convert these piled up loot into gold and fill their guild coffers.

Berat did not dare waste any more time and began to work on the mountain of items. He took a deep breath and dived in.


Liam walked out of the inn onto the crowded streets. He decided to go after the Kingdom quest first and hence, he had called everyone over.

This was in fact, the third kingdom quest he would be attempting, the first one being the quest he had leeched off from Shen Yue, and the second one being the quest he had leeched off from Kouske.

This time, however, it was his own quest. Nevertheless, he called everyone over because both the previous times, the difficulty of the two quests was simply too high to handle.

He had only ended up successfully finishing the two of them because of special circumstances. So this time he wanted to be fully prepared.

Even if he got any unexpected surprises, he still wanted to be able to deal with them. That too, when he had the means, why not?

As Liam walked over to the outskirts of the Yleka city casually looking at the numerous stalls around him, and the crowded streets, he suddenly stopped walking.

He stood in front of a fast food vendor and was staring at the couple of rabbits and chickens that were caged in crates, ready to be freshly slaughtered and deep fried.

Not that he was feeling some kind of pity for them, he was rather thinking about something else. 

These animals in front of him were the weakest, most basic beginner beasts in this entire realm. At his level, if he pats them, they would probably die.

But Liam continued to look at them and as he did, he couldn ’t help but think of the obvious. ”How did I not factor this? ”

Murmuring something to himself, he stepped forward and spoke to the stall vendor. ”Sir, can I buy these 4 animals from you? ”

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