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Chapter 291 - Chicken Vs. Chicken!

Everyone was surprised and turned to see who Alex was shouting at now, only to see the figure atop the white tiger stir.

Liam chuckled, sitting up straight on the tiger. 

He then jumped off the beast which was his plan all along. He now had had enough time to judge everyone ’s performance.

”Not bad. ” He said, with a small grin on his face.

”What? What is not bad? ” Alex grimaced. 

While they were all out there fighting with their lives on the line, dealing with beasts above their level, this bastard was nicely taking a nap. 

It pissed her off.

However, Liam completely ignored her and stretched his limbs lazily, also letting out a yawn. He didn ’t seem to care at all about what he just heard.

”Sorry about that. I accidentally exhausted myself and had to take a small break. Now we can continue. ”

”No problem. ” Mia nodded.

”Are you feeling better now, brother? ” Mei Mei asked with worry. 

”Do you want to log out and take some more rest? ” Shen Yue added.

No one else said anything since they did not want to overstep their bounds and only Alex clicked her tongue and rolled her eyes at the attention everyone was giving the guy.

”No. No. I am fine. Not necessary. Let ’s continue. ” Liam simply smiled and replied.

Everyone started moving again, no longer just standing around like statues. 

Almost all the members of the group except for a few were unaware of how to behave in Liam ’s presence, so they were a bit awkward around him.

They quickly hurried away and started picking up the loot that had fallen around. 

Mia also dismissed the tiger that returned back to the tattoo on her hand, after giving her a couple of licks.

”That ’s pretty convenient. How did you do that? ” Liam wanted to get one for his bird so that he could summon him at will.

”Mmm… that ’s priest class- ” 

Before she could finish her words, Alex intervened and asked him, ”So what have you been up to? ” 

”How about some give and take? You just can ’t keep asking us questions without giving out answers! ”

”So it ’s a priest class mount? That ’s interesting. ” 

Liam once again ignored the woman and continued to talk to Mia, while the group also restarted the journey.

Alex crossed her arms in frustration and kicked a rock on the ground, walking behind them in silence. 

It was not like she had any other option. The bastard was just downright ignoring her!

The group moved in silence for a while when Mei Mei shifted close to Liam and whispered to him. 

”Brother, I don ’t like her very much. Why is she talking to you as if she is the queen of England? ”

”Ha Ha Ha. Aren ’t you a diehard fan of her? ” Liam smirked.

”Are you kidding? Maybe before. Not now. Her attitude makes me want to punch her in the face. ” 

Mei Mei threw a disdainful look at the woman who was walking next to Mia, who was also whispering something in her ear.

Mei Mei was sure that she was talking something about them. ”She hates us, brother. I don ’t think it ’s a good idea to have her in our team. ”

”Oh alright. If little Mei Mei says so… then I really have to think everything through. ” Liam chuckled and ruffled the girl ’s head.

The teenager instantly became red and turned her head away. ”Stop teasing me, brother… ” She bit her lips.

Here she was genuinely worried and Liam was making fun of her. She was saying something serious for god ’s sake!

Liam ruffled the girl ’s head again, making it all messy one more time. 

”Don ’t worry too much. I have everything under control. There is a reason for my actions. ” 

”You will know it when the time comes. For now, just focus on your own skills. I saw earlier how you were fighting. ”

”Are you trying at all to execute the skills without the help of the system activation? Or did that advice just get in through one ear and get out? ”

”Ah… ” The young girl became even redder, shame covering her face. She indeed tried to do that but… 

Trying was one thing and becoming successful in that was an entirely different thing.

”Aha ha ha. I am working on it, brother. I am working on it. ” 

She mumbled something and quickly slipped away, hiding at a safe distance, now standing beside Shen Yue.

Liam shook his head helplessly and did not push her anymore. Some people needed more time so he did not want to stress her out.

Instead, he looked up at the sky and let out a long sigh. It was time to test it out. Did it work or not? He would soon know the answer.

He craned his neck, looking from right to left. The coast seemed to be clear for now. There was no beast or any other monster in their vicinity.

”Perfect time. Alright, time to see what I ended up forging. ” He murmured to himself and then took a deep breath, before calling it out.

”Come out. ”

A few paces on the side, Alex knitted her brows and narrowed her eyes, looking at the guy with her lips twisted.

”What is he doing now, Mia? ” She muttered rhetorically. Mia did not answer her and instead, she also glanced at Liam, though not so openly.

In fact, every single member of the group was stealing glances at Liam. 

They either knew him and were curious as to what he was up to or they did not know him and were looking at him warily.

Liam, on the other hand, did not care about anything and focussed on one and only one thing and that was…

”Come out, ” Liam repeated his words, a slight hint of nervousness appearing on his face and the next instant…

Baka bak bak bak bak

A small wild chicken appeared out of nowhere as if it was materializing out of thin air. 

But if one looked closely this chicken had actually come out from Liam ’s body. 

Not only that… its body… no correction… it did not have a body. It was a purely spectral existence.

It was a small wild chicken that was simply white mist and had no substance. And yet… 

It could walk, it left footprints on the forest grounds and it also looked around with curiosity, its beady little eyes darting left and right.

It even spotted a small worm wiggling in front of it and immediately dived to peck the damn bugger with its beak, killing the worm.

However, surprisingly, the chicken seemed to have no interest in eating the dead worm. 

Instead, it twisted its neck to look at Liam and then swung around with its body as well to face him. It then simply stared at him with deadpan eyes.

It was as if… the chicken was waiting for his instructions… just simply standing and doing nothing else.

Watching this scene, everyone gaped in shock, even Alex.. ”What the fuck? A chicken ghost? ” Her full lips parted open in shock.

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