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Chapter 292 - Your Follower Has Leveled Up

Ignoring other people ’s shocked expressions, Liam squatted down on the ground, his eyes curiously looking at the chicken as well.

After receiving the notification that the soul forging was successful, he had completely collapsed so he was also seeing this one for the first time.

”Come here. ” Liam waved his hand. ”You do seem like a ghost. ”

He tried touching the chicken but he quickly took his hand back as he felt a stinging burning pain. It was like touching fire.

”Hmmm? Is this pure soul? ” He tried touching again, this time he did not flinch or withdraw his hand back.

He wanted to feel the burning pain a little to see if it could increase his comprehension of the technique, but nothing of that sort happened.

He also did not get any progress in the legacy by just forging this single chicken. Maybe this was just a fluke success?

Heh. Liam chuckled lightly. ”So what if it is just a fluke… I will do it again and again until it becomes a part of me. ”

He stared at the chicken for some more time and then stood up. ”Is there a town or city nearby? ” 

He opened his map to check, but Mia answered him faster. ”There is one just a few minutes away from here. ”

”Alright. Let ’s stop there just for a few minutes. ” 

Liam started walking and the rest of the group as well did the same, but every single person was still eyeing the chicken warily from the corner of their eyes.

What was this? A pet? A summon? No one had any idea. Liam also did not explain anything. So they could only silently look.

Only Mei Mei came closer and circled the chicken a few times, looking at the weird bird from all angles. 

She knew that her brother had an undead skill, but this did not look like a mindless undead. The chicken glared at her as if it had a personality of its own.

She even tried touching it but the bird allowed Liam to touch it and when Mei Mei did the same thing, it pecked at her with an angry look.

So the girl quickly took back her hand fearing for her finger. 

”Brother… this chicken… ” 

She was about to ask him the question that was on everyone ’s minds but she stopped talking realizing that all the eyes were on them.

Especially, Alex who was watching them like a hawk. She did not like that woman one bit! 

She was like a jealous step-sister waiting to steal cinderella ’s items. Mei Mei gave the woman a cold icy glare and then silently walked. 

She would ask her brother in secret later about this bad chicken. Unlike them, they lived in the same house and he was her brother! 

So she had plenty of time to talk to him about it.

The group of humans and one chicken continued to walk in silence and soon they all arrived at the next town.

”Since everyone has been fighting continuously, you guys should disperse and rest awhile, clear your mental fatigue. ” 

”I also need a couple of hours here. ” Liam smiled politely.

The others quickly nodded and hurried away but not everyone did so. Alex, Mia, Shen Yue, and Mei Mei did not budge from their position.

Everybody saw this but they continued walking away as if they hadn ’t. In fact, some even walked faster without daring to turn back again.

”You all are not leaving? ” Liam chuckled, looking at the four women. 

Both Shen Yue and Mia immediately took the hint and nodded. It looked like he needed some privacy, so they also started walking away.

But Alex and Mei Mei still stood firmly.

Liam walked over and flicked Mei Mei ’s head. ”I have some work to do. Go play with your friends. ”

”Brother, where is Luna? ” Mei Mei asked.

Liam ’s expression changed a little but it quickly returned back to his normally cheerful face, at least the one he had when talking to her.

”She is fine. She is evolving, so she needs to rest for a bit. ”

”And Talon? ”

”Ah. I left him in the nether realm. ” 

Liam did not want someone to target his bird since he had become somewhat famous now so he did not bring the wind ripper with him this time.

”Ok. I will also leave then. ” The little girl reluctantly left, but not before giving Alex another stink eye.

Now only Alex and Liam were left. ”What? Do I have to give you a special invitation to get out? Or are you staying back to offer yourself yet again? ”

”Hey! ” Alex growled, her eyes twitching in anger. ”What is that chicken? Tell me everything. ”

Looking at the entitled arrogant redhead, Liam silently stared at her. He did not say anything and he also did not look away.

A predatory glint flashed past his eyes.

Alex couldn ’t help but feel uncomfortable. This silence was a bit scary and she did not know why.

Her usual arrogance quickly disappeared, replaced by a look of nervousness. The guy was still smiling but she felt very uneasy.

”I… I was… just asking because I got a tingling sensation… like it happens when an undead is present. ” 

She swallowed and spoke, this time more gently. ”So I wanted to know if that chicken is an undead. ”

Liam was not an unreasonable person so when she asked nicely he also answered her. ”Yes, it is a type of undead. ”

It was not surprising that she noticed this because she also had an S-ranked divine affinity, which was quite powerful against undeads and demons.

Alex waited for Liam to say something else but seeing that he was still standing in the same creepy pose with a creepy smile, she decided not to press him.

It was a gut feeling. ”Ah. Mia is calling me. I will leave. ” Alex looked away and quickly ran off. 

Liam let out a sigh and shook his head. He then headed to the outskirts of the town. 

There were a few newbie players here and there, hunting chickens, rabbits, and baby bears. 

”Time to try this again. ”

He casually walked over to the bunch of fresh blood who were all at Level 1 or 2 and when the next animal spawned, he grabbed a chicken and a rabbit.

One was for testing while the other was for…

”Hey! ” Someone shouted but watching the beasts being carried by him as if he was going to a butcher shop, they did not stop and fight with him.

They could only watch stupidly as Liam stole the animals right in front of them.

They even respectfully gave way for him and continued with their grind after he was gone.

Liam did not linger and after he got the animals he wanted, he quickly retreated back to an isolated location.

There he took out the chicken first. ”Come out. ” He said and the other chicken also came out, once again materializing out of thin air.

Unlike Luna and Talon, he was able to summon and dismiss the chicken at will. So it was extremely convenient.

However… as for the strength of the chicken…

”1… 2… 3… go! ”

Liam mumbled absent-mindedly and then squatted nearby to take a look. He did not have much expectation as the flapping bird did not look that strong, but…

Bak Bak Baka!

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