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Chapter 293 - Tricks Up His Sleeve

As soon as the bird heard Liam ’s command, it loudly screeched and dashed forward.

Bak Bak Baka 

”What the… ” Liam couldn ’t believe it.

Both the chickens were at Level 1 but one completely overpowered the other. 

The bird screeched like it was crazy and scratched the other bird with its claws until nothing remained.

And before Liam could bat an eye… the other chicken was completely torn apart. There was only flesh, blood, and feathers everywhere.

[Ding. Your follower has leveled up]

Now that it had successfully finished the task assigned to it, the chicken twisted its head to look at Liam as if it was waiting for the next command.

There was no tiredness or fatigue in its face.

But Liam fell back in shock. ”It actually leveled up? It can level up too? ” He said in disbelief staring at the bird.

From the beginning up until now, there was one thing that bothered him. He wanted to know just how powerful this ’Soulmancer ’ class was.

Was it the same class that Kouske previously had? Was it also equally astonishing?

The main weakness of the necromancer class was that even if he managed to create an army of undead it would be weak and useless against someone truly powerful.

They would probably need only a single spell to take care of everything, breaking apart the corpses into bone and dust.

But in his previous life, Kouske had somehow overcome this problem. 

His undead soldiers were not weak. They were powerful and could even hold ground against other humans.

But what about his class, ’Soulmancer ’?

Liam had hoped that the class would be a necromancer class with perhaps an additional ability to strengthen his minions using some soul spells and whatnot.

However, never did he expect that the undead he raised would now be able to level up just like him! They would actually possess souls?

If they had souls, were they still undead? They could perhaps learn and grow as well.

This means that if he created an army of undead, they would not be weak and destructible any longer. He could make them strong and powerful?

And moreover, they were souls. They were all made of souls. He could take them out into the real world along with him?

The possibilities were endless. Liam sat down gazing at the small chicken like it was a precious treasure.

”I did it? ” He almost couldn ’t believe it.

In the beginning, he did not think that he would be able to do this. He felt like a blind man searching for water in the desert.

But he kept working towards it because he had seen Kouske in his last life and yearned for strength and power like that.

However, he knew nothing about the inheritance and he had no knowledge about any events. 

Even for the small bits and pieces that he managed to scourge, he had to fight tooth and nail with the guy who was fated for it.

And he had almost lost everything. 

But in the end… somehow… here he was… with this dead chicken staring at him!

”You did well, ” Liam muttered, staring at the bird. It really had no fear and showed no tiredness. 

”Dismiss. ” He said and the chicken disappeared, small dust floating back to him.

”Come out. ” He repeated again, the chicken appearing in front of him once again. Liam fell back and chuckled loudly.

He finally had the strength and the means to stand his ground. He did not have to hide and flee. 

He could become strong enough to tackle anything that the future tossed his way. 

Moreover, he had only just scratched the surface of this mysterious class. Perhaps it contained something far more powerful.

Liam licked his lips in anticipation and let out a long breath of relief. It seemed as if he had been holding this breath in for a very long time.

He looked at the chicken and pointed to the group of baby bears spawning at a distance away from him. ”Go, run around and hunt those guys. ”

The chicken ’s dazed eyes that were simply looking around suddenly looked like they were alive and… zwing!

It strutted its wings and ran off in the direction of the bear cubs as if its tail was on fire.

Bak Bak Baka!

Bak Bak Baka!

The chicken started pecking away at the group of animals. It was just a single chicken and it was up against four bear cubs.

Yet, it fearlessly attacked everything in sight!

Liam was amazed. He was observing the thing from a distance and noticed every small detail.

The bear cubs clawed at the chicken but the bird gave more than what it received. More importantly, the cubs ’ movements weakened with injuries.

The more beating they got the weaker they became, but that was not the case for chicken. 

It didn ’t care how many hits it received, it fought back with the same ferocity. Also, the bird ’s defense seemed quite good.

The bear cubs attacks did not seem very effective against it. Was it because the chicken lacked a corporeal body?

Liam grinned and looked at the undead animal in awe. He wanted to see everything that the beast was capable of.

Also, he had only forged this chicken with his starting skills. What would happen if he actually managed to forge a powerful beast?

Just how much strength would it be able to display?

What if he used mana, nether, and demonic energy to forge a soul? Would that boost the stats and skills?

And what if he forges a human soul?

How many of these soul undeads would he be able to summon and command?

Would his own soul be able to withstand the pressure?

Liam gazed at the bird with a lot of unanswered questions in his mind. He needed to thoroughly investigate this.

He now had the ability to become someone strong. So he needed to master it to perfection and become someone unbeatable.

”Huu… Step by step. One thing at a time. ”

Liam grinned as his gaze shifted from the chicken to the rabbit in the cage.

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