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Chapter 294 - Black Mist

Inside the small town…

Alex and Mia were sipping a drink in a local tavern inside a private booth. They were only able to sit freely because of this.

Otherwise, their mere presence would have caused a huge stir and commotion in the small town.

”Have you calmed down now? ” Mia asked.

”Yes. Yes. I am fine. I am just a bit restless because… you know its already been 6 hours or 8 hours? ” 

”I don ’t know what we are doing in this shit ass town when we could be becoming stronger and searching for hints to help Rey. ”

Mia patted her. ”Don ’t worry. We know this guy more than anyone else. He is not someone to waste our time. ”

Ding. Ding. Ding.

”Talk about the devil. ” Alex ’s lips twitched. 

A message from Liam flashed in front of all the members of the group, calling for them to assemble again.

Everyone had had enough time to rest by now so as soon as the message flashed, no one wasted time and assembled in front of the small town.

But surprisingly, the person who had asked them to rest once again looked exhausted and pale as if he was about to collapse.

”Fuck! Again? ” Alex gritted her teeth.

”Brother, what did you do? ” 

Mei Mei and Shen Yue ran forward to help him up, but when the two girls reached closer, they suddenly stopped, yelping in shock.

Standing next to Liam were two ghosts? 

One was a chicken and the other was a rabbit and they both did not look cute or cuddly like normal pets. 

Instead, they looked vicious and deadly, ready to attack.

”Huh? ” Mei Mei immediately took a step back. These were nothing like Luna and petting them was the last thought in her mind.

Shen Yue, on the other hand, still continued to walk up to Liam to support him.

Liam did not refuse her help and leaned on her with a big happy smile on his face. Only he knew the reason for this smile.

With the second soul also forged to life, he now received another 5% boost in the inheritance completion, bringing it up to 25%.

He had almost finished one-quarter of the entire inheritance within days of getting it!

Though these were just small beginner beasts and probably did not possess a lot of potential for growth and development, this in itself was a huge feat.

Metal forging was nothing when compared to soul forging. 

The difficulty was exponentially higher. Nevertheless, he had managed to take the first step and get a foothold. This was enough for him.

With this, no matter what, he was determined to forge his way to the top!

”Shall we start? No more breaks. And Mia, can I trouble you to take out the tiger again. I wish to take a small nap. ”

Mia nodded and quickly assisted Liam. Standing next to her, Alex ’s jaw fell to the ground. 

Why did her sister get so much respect when she was treated so badly! Wasn ’t this just plain partiality? This person definitely had it out for her!

She eyed him and the two ghosts warily but kept quiet.

The group continued moving once again, clearing the few mobs in their path. This time also Liam did not participate and was resting like a King.

However, his two pets did not remain idle. 

When they spotted an enemy they could handle the pets dashed forward like starving hungry beasts and voraciously defeated the opponents.

Bak Bak Baka

Piu Piu Piuuu

The entire forest was filled with the screeching sounds of these two, attracting even more mobs than usual.

But no one complained. More the mobs, more the experience points received, and more the items dropped.

And since they did not have to put extra effort into searching for them, it saved them some time as well.

”Mia, what the hell are these two? Do you see? They are becoming stronger slowly! ” Alex exclaimed.

”Yes. I can see that. They should be some sort of pets. Maybe soul pets or special undead pets. ”

”Hmmm… ”

The two were discussing, when Alex casually opened the leaderboard to check her status as she had leveled up once, only to find Liam ’s level once again bumped up.

”What the hell? ” She went ahead and rubbed her eyes to take a look at the guy sleeping on the tiger. 

They were all in the same party and the experience points were evenly shared but as the levels progressed higher, the experience points required to reach the next level exponentially increased.

Going from Level 40 to 41 was a lot more difficult and time-consuming than going from Level 20 to 21. 

And yet this person had leveled up once while they also leveled up once? How could this be possible?

Alex was dumbfounded. She couldn ’t help but feel as if no matter what she thought about the person, she was always ending up underestimating him.

This hateful person definitely had a lot of tricks up his sleeve.

She snorted coldly and then continued to move forward along with the rest of the group.

And the chicken and the rabbit as well were slowly and steadily leveling up. 

They would have leveled up faster but they were currently in a high-leveled zone so it was taking a while.

A couple of hours passed by and the group arrived at the location Liam had shown them previously, a small village on the southern part of the Gresh Kingdom.

And the moment they stepped inside the forest, a horrid and pungent stench assaulted everyone.

Ah. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck. ” Mei Mei rubbed her nose with some flower she had previously picked up, hoping it would help the situation, but it was useless.

It was as if the air itself was heavier here, drenched completely in this horrendous scent.

Every single member of the group twisted their faces in disgust. Even the indifferent Mia had uneasy creased eyebrows.

However, the person happily taking a nap on the tiger alone, woke up with a smile on his face, stretching his limbs and yawning as if he was invigorated by the air around.


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