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Chapter 296 - Scythe Of Slaughter

Seeing that the entire group was about to descend into utter chaos and everybody ’s health was just seconds away from plummeting down, Liam sprang into action.

”MOVE! DODGE! ” He shouted.

He drew his sword out, blocking the arrows coming towards him. He did not have to see clearly for this. 

He only blocked the ones that were about to hit him and were neared closer, the arrows split apart the mist all on their own.

One needed to have strong reaction speed and agility to accomplish this and Liam was able to manage it.

However, he did not stop there. While blocking the arrows, he also simultaneously commanded the nether in the air to form a blanket of sorts.

And the mist or at least part of it bent according to his will.

Instantly, the intensity of the black mist reduced and the visibility improved. A thick pitch-black dome as well appeared over the group ’s heads.

It was basically a massive spread-out nether barrier similar to a mana barrier and he just did it casually with all but a thought.

How much mana was required to accomplish something like this? How much experience was required? Was this even a skill?

However, no one had the time to admire this feat. After the arrows, without giving anyone a break, other attacks started flying towards them.

Fireballs, ice spears, metal spears… there were also black arrows coming at them from all sides.

”Liam, we are going to be completely surrounded! ” Mia shouted.

”Yes, I see that, ” Liam replied, but there was no nervousness in his voice. He already recognized the enemies standing ahead of them.

As soon as the visibility improved, their lean and tall figures stood out amidst the black mist that enshrouded the area. 

They had muscular defined bodies and long ears with eyes that clearly reflected the cruelty and bloodthirstiness in their hearts.

”Dark elves! ” Alex exclaimed.

”They are all Level 50! Quick! Attack! We can ’t let them surround us. ”

Her voice rang loudly in the ominous environment and a clear bright day suddenly turned into a dark night. 

The light black fog and stench thickened and it looked as if it was the night at the moment.

”Attack! Tanks! Upfront! ” Alex directly jumped into the fray. 

She could see the situation they were in very clearly and it took her only one second to assess the same. 

Unlike the mobs they faced on the way here, this was going to be a tough battle!

Since she was standing closest to the elves followed by Mia, and Shin Soo, the three of them started fighting first, trying to hold back the few elves running towards the group.

The rest of the group also immediately started retaliating back. 

Everyone quickly got into the position that they were comfortable fighting from and started returning back the attacks of the elves.

The elves sneered coldly looking at the humans gathered in their hunting spot. 

They were just now finished with this village and more prey had willingly arrived!

Seeing how they were being pushed back, the elves also understood that the strength of these humans was not at the same tier as the strength of the villagers they had easily slaughtered and harvested.

A loud war call sounded and suddenly more dark elves started pouring out. The entire place was full of them. 

Where did there many even come from? No one was able to understand anything. For now, all they could do was fight and push on.


The fight started abruptly and became intense from the get-go. Liam ’s group was clearly outnumbered and from the looks of it also out-skilled.

The dark elves barraged a wide variety of attacks and every single one of them was a huge damage dealer.

Even if they managed to evade the eye of the attack, they still suffered from the spillovers. Such powerful elemental magic!

As if this was not enough, a group of elven warriors jumped forward to deal with the three tanks blocking the majority of the attack.

Alex and Mia, both gritted their teeth and held the bunch of them back. 

The dark element racial affinity of the elves and the two women ’s divine affinity worked against each other.

Alex and Mia sent out attacks that dealt severe damage to the dark elves but at the same time, they also received huge damages.

Each was vulnerable to the other person ’s attack.

The entire place became chaotic very quickly. From the looks of it, they were definitely getting pushed back.

When two elves in front fell, four more cropped up from behind. The black fog became thicker and thicker and no one was able to see clearly.

”How did this happen? How are there so many of them? How are elves even here in this Kingdom? Was this an all-out war? ”

At this rate, Mia was not sure even she would be able to handle the situation.

She flung divine arrows left and right, and banged the ground with her staff, sending a wave of divine energy to slow down the mob.

The dark elves momentarily slowed down but another wave of nether swept across the deserted village and the group quickly recovered.

Seven dark elves surrounded Mia and a similar group surrounded Alex and Shin Soo as well. 

More then began crossing the frontline, easily breaking apart the defense of the tank and then flooding over to the center and vanguard of the team.

Until now, the group had only faced mobs they could handle. 

Even if they were high leveled, their fighting abilities were not as superior as these elves.

But these elves were different. They were high-level skilled fighters.

So they were completely overwhelmed and struggling to fight back. The difference in the stats and the combat experience was staggering.

As each second passed, the situation grew worse and the conditions turned against them. Everyone ’s health was also dropping.

”This can ’t go on! We won ’t be able to hold on much longer! ” 

As the person acting as the healer, tank, and dps of the team, Mia had the best overall viewpoint. 

She knew that they needed to do something or it was only going to be a complete wipeout.

They needed to do something and they needed to do something right now, right this second!

Or rather… he needed to do something!

Mia let out another burst of [Divine Balance] reducing the agility and movement speed of everyone surrounding her and bought herself a couple of seconds to see what was happening with Liam.

And as soon as she did, she instantly wished that she hadn ’t done that!

The guy was simply standing at the back as if he was a school sports coach watching and analyzing the performance of the team.

Was this really the time to do that?!

Half the people here might not know the consequence of dying but Liam surely did and yet he was risking everyone ’s lives like this.

This time even Mia was angry and reflecting her anger, her powers also surged as if she had just now drunk a berserk potion.

But even if she was angry, there was nothing she could do. She could only struggle with the elves surrounding her.

There was no one coming to help, definitely not him. She could only rely on her own strength.

”Aaaaarrrgggghhhh! ” She growled and without realizing her spell casting became much smoother and sharper.

Every other spell, she actually started casting it out of her will and not by activating the system ’s command. 

The same thing happened with Alex as well. Her own combat abilities also tremendously improved.

Even Mei Mei, Shen Yue, Shin Soo, Kang Mina everyone experienced great improvements in their abilities.

The dark elves surrounding them completely overpowered them. 

It felt as if they were struggling endlessly to fight a losing battle and yet… they never did actually lose!

At critical moments, somehow there will be a chance and they were able to continue and press on.

Only after fighting a while, Mia and Alex realized that this was no coincidence. 

They once again glanced at the back to see the person who was seemingly simply standing, but was he really just standing?

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