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Chapter 297 - Elven Generals

Alex and Mia gaped in awe as they watched Liam stand in the back like a conductor and orchestrate the entire fight.

If someone was being pushed back he lent them a little hand and they immediately recovered.

If someone ’s mana had bottomed out, stamina had bottomed out, or if they were surrounded by too many enemies, every single time Liam silently stepped in.

As a battle healer, this was what Mia wanted to do, but her level was not there yet. However, this person… was already there…

Both Alex and Mia gritted their teeth and turned around to fight back even harder. 

They did not have much time to think and they did not want their own skills to lag behind this much. They needed to improve faster.

The two women once again focused on the enemy in front of them and continued plowing their way through the mess.

Slowly and steadily the group was gaining traction and they were taking back their upper hand. The number of dark elves also started to waver.

But at this critical juncture… all of a sudden… another loud warhorn resounded. 

Somehow an even more number of dark elves started pouring out! Where were they all coming from?

This time even Liam did not dare to take things lightly. ”Alright. It looks like the training session is now over. ”

Hiyup. He pushed the mana coiling in his body down to his legs and bent down pressing his knees to push himself.

He then leaped forward to directly land in front of Mia and Alex. It only took him one move to reach the front lines.

The next instant, the purple sword in his hand flashed and heads started rolling down one after the other.

Liam specifically targeted every dark elf that was already injured to an extent by struggling with Mia, Alex, and Shin Soo and he began finishing these guys off quickly.

At this time, their numbers were the biggest threat so he wanted to tackle that first. 

They also seemed to have some healers on their side who were quickly healing the injured if they were not dealt with as soon as possible.

His sword flashed in the darkness of the black mist as he exchanged blows with these elves on the frontlines, sometimes using them as a cover when other attacks targeted him.

He also kept moving his position so that targeting him was not an easy task. However, his speed was still slow.

After all, these elves were not rabbits and chickens that he could slaughter at will. They were strong warriors, from the looks of it, seasoned as well.

So Liam inadvertently ended up spending quite a few seconds dealing with them before he found himself overwhelmed with their numbers as well.

[Mana Net] [Frozen Earth] [Trapping vines]

He used all of his control skills but when fighting against a huge number of enemies these were not as effective.

He needed a stronger spell! He needed to deal with multiple elves at the same time.

[Lava Rain] [Fire bullets]

Liam cast these two spells but they were not as strong and effective. They only did dot damage and the effect did not last long.

A couple of seconds later, it was almost as if he had never cast any spell in the first place.

”No, this won ’t do. I need something with far more impact. ” Liam looked around and then grinned. 

He did not have to think long for a solution as it was all around him, the black mist. 

The black mist was not completely nether but he was able to control parts of it that were nether.

With just a thought in his mind, silently willing the air around him, the nether in the area started coalescing and Liam ’s grin widened. 

The mist thinned out further and a few elves stared at this dumbly, when suddenly the nether that was coalescing shrunk into a big ball and then expanded explosively to form a shape.

A huge scythe appeared in the sky above everyone ’s heads!

It looked ominous and the very sight of it was terrifying as black wisps danced around the edges of the scythe as if it was on fire and black flames engulfed the weapon.

Everyone instantly trembled. Mia, Alex, Shen Yue, all looked up in shock. 

They were already up to their neck just fighting against these weaker dark elves. So who was the one conjuring this massive scythe?

Had a new powerful enemy arrived? How were they going to deal with this massive attack?

It was going to be an instant wipe-out! 

Even Mia would be helpless to heal the necks this scythe cleaved!

At this time, everyone only had regrets in their heart. They were far too weak!

On the other end, the dark elves started rejoicing. 

They also did not know who conjured this massive scythe but they knew it had to be someone on their side.

No human could possibly possess such a great affinity to the dark element! 

So they started attacking even more ferociously invigorated by the massive scythe hanging in the air, waiting to strike down and sweep everyone in its path.

They could already taste the victory in this battle.

However… the next moment… the scythe finally swung down… but unexpectedly, it did not swing down on the side of the humans.

Instead, it came down on the dark elves.


A dozen elves died in an instant, cut down into halves by the single overwhelming attack. Many were severely maimed and injured.

They couldn ’t react at all. No one saw it coming. 

But even if they did see it coming, what could they have done against this massive scythe?

The dark elves could only dumbly stare at the massive weapon that swung down and sliced everyone in its path, finally dispersing into nothingness.

How is this possible? Who could possibly summon something like this?

Their dead lifeless eyes still stared at the sky wondering what just happened.

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