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Chapter 298 - Forced Retreat

On the other side, Alex, Mia, and everyone else was equally trembling in fear and shock.

They thought that their lives had ended but they were still alive? So the scythe was conjured by someone in their team?

Who could have done it?

Even though this thought heavily occupied everyone ’s minds, they did not dare stop fighting. This was their chance!

Using this moment of surprise to her advantage, Mia blasted the dark elves surrounding her with waves of divine energy. 

Alex also spun her shield, slicing the four elves on her right.

Only then, the two of them could clearly see the pile of corpses littered in front of them. 

A river of blood was flowing right down the battlefield and flesh and bones were strewn about everywhere. 

These bodies eventually became dust and dispersed, but even for the few seconds they lingered, it was a terrible horrifying sight, the sight of an actual battle.

And the person who was causing all of this, culling the army of elves coming for them was… of course, the same person who had brought all of them here.

”He… he conjured that scythe… ” 

Alex took a step back, a strange expression flashing past her face. Strangely, it was one of admiration and awe.

”Just how much strength does he possess? ”

Liam ’s movements were absolutely dazzling. 

For someone who had just now cast a brilliant powerful spell, he did not seem to be tired or out of breath at all. 

It was as if he could go on like this all night long.

His lean figure danced amidst the sea of dark elves, blood and flesh splattering where ever he went.

In between, he also switched to casting, sending a flurry of attacks on the enemy ’s frontline, pushing them back by quite a bit.

It was brilliant. His techniques and his perceptivity were outstanding. 

Even in situations where a single flaw could cause the loss of momentum, he was performing outstandingly.

Something like this could not be obtained just because someone was lucky. It had to be earned through battles, countless battles.

Just strong was this person? She couldn ’t gauge his strength at all. Even when she tried not to underestimate him, she had still done it apparently.

Ah! Alex became bright red, suddenly realizing that she was standing simply in the middle of a battleground, staring at someone else like a lovesick teenager.

She saw the few elves approaching Liam ’s back and quickly dashed forward to relieve some of his load.

The burden on everybody else also considerably lessened. 

With Liam, Alex, and Shin Soo now holding the frontlines, the pressure on everybody else lessened and they were able to make a comeback.

Mia as well took a step back from tanking and damage dealing and focussed solely on healing to bring everyone ’s health back up slowly, bit by bit.

By now, everyone ’s potions had probably run out and she didn ’t want to take risks, allowing things to take a turn for the worse. 

So seeing that the situation called for it, Mia quickly jumped into healing without anyone else ’s say-so.

And just like that, the condition of the entire team also stabilized in an instant.

Liam observed this and smiled. 

This was precisely why he decided to change his original plans and take time to bring this woman to his team no matter what he had to do.

She was a gem among diamonds.

While Liam was assessing everyone ’s abilities, the other new members were simultaneously assessing his abilities as well.

Half the team was already very familiar with Liam, so they were not surprised by this. 

In fact, even when things became sticky, they never doubted for a second that they were going to lose this fight.

They just knew that Liam would do something and they would somehow recover. It was their blind faith in Liam ’s capabilities.

But the other half, the ones that came along with Mia and Alex were left stupified. 

This was the first time they were seeing Liam fight and this was enough to clear all their doubts. 

Every single person who was concerned about Liam ’s abilities was now inspired by his strength. 

Now they understood why Mia and Alex were showing him respect and listening to his words. 

Heck, they could not even recognize the spells he was casting.

Were they even playing the same game? How could someone be so powerful? Just the difference in 10 levels can explain something like this?

What the hell was this class even? Not to mention the weird chicken and rabbit who were nowhere to be found now.

Liam had already dismissed them because this fight was way above their level. 

Besides, things were back under control, so he did not have to go all out. 

They had smoothly cleared the few elves who had managed to get to their rear to attack the long-ranged fighters and healers and the front line was under control.

Experience points were piling up and the number of elves was also considerably reduced. 

However, just when things were beginning to clear up, suddenly another war horn sounded and this time, Liam had a bad premonition.

Do they still have more backup?

Now he did not hesitate and took out two metal balls from his inventory, tossing them out on the ground in front of him. 

The next second, two huge golems suddenly appeared in the midst of the chaotic battleground.

Everyone gasped in surprise. This person still had more things left! They had almost forgotten about these two giants! 

Liam ’s two golems were not exactly unknown. Rather they were widely popular and heavily criticized.

Every single guild wanted to obtain knowledge about this cheat method but unfortunately, no information was available about them, except that they occasionally popped up and rained down devastation.

And now everyone got to witness these two giants slaughter everything around them in person!

But… before the golems could act… Almost exactly at the same time they were summoned, five dark elves also appeared.

Each of these thicker, bulkier, and regent-looking elf was riding a dark tiger. The tiger was huge, several times the size of Mia ’s white tiger.

These were full-grown ruthless prowlers, but those were not the maxim threat at the moment. It was the dark elves riding these beasts.

Level 55 Elite Dark General

Level 53 Elite Dark General

Level 51 Elite Dark General

Level 55 Elite Dark General

Level 60 Elite Dark General

”Not good. ” Liam tightened his grasp on the sword hilt. 

”Mia, I will handle the 60 and another 55. Alex, deal with the 55. Shen Yue can you try to charm one general? ” 

Liam ’s figure blurred as his voice rang loudly amidst the confusion and chaos. 

In this entire fight, this was the first time he was giving out instructions, but his movements never stopped. 

They were as precise and as decisive as always.

”The REST OF YOU! Form groups of three and fight against the Generals. Try and see if you can lure the General to the attack golem. ”

”If your health falls down, run quickly and take cover under the defense golem. ”

”DO NOT underestimate these enemies. I repeat DO NOT underestimate them.. Anyone past Level 50 is not somebody that can be handled easily. ”

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