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Chapter 30 - I Have Been Waiting For You~

”Fuck! What the hell am I supposed to do now? ” Liam had sent everyone else out but now he had no idea what to do in this situation.

It was not as if he was a cheat character reborn with maxed out stats. No, he was just a cheat character reborn with normal stats.

So he was no closer to dealing with this insane fucking scenario than he was 2 seconds ago and he didn ’t have very much time left. He would inevitably be pecked to death in about another 5 seconds.

He gritted his teeth and watched as the black ominous ravens with crimson red eyes started descending from the sky one after the other. The massive swirling tornado was going to swallow him whole.

Liam looked around here and there and realized that there was only one thing he could do right now. ”Damn it. I have no other choice. Let me just run for now and then figure out a solution later. ”

He waited for the ravens to get close enough to him and then before the first bird could touch him, he moved.

His feet touched the ground lightly and the next second, he shot out of the mound with an explosive speed.

Squawk! Squawk! Squawk!

The ravens screeched with murderous intent and then unexpectedly began following him. ”I knew it. ” Liam grinned.

It was impossible for anyone to defeat these many ravens while standing atop the singular mound with nowhere to hide.

So he had a feeling that no matter where he was in the entire dungeon, he would still hold the attention of the mob and not lose them.

Of course, this was a big risk because if he had been wrong, he would have lost everything including this special scenario and the bonus things that were popping out of the dungeon.

But still, it was better to take this risk and lose rather than to simply die or exit the dungeon.

Liam maintained his steady breathing and ran down from the mound as fast as he could. He wasn ’t really running in any particular direction. He was just randomly running from one end of the forest to the other.

The sight of a lone man being chased by an entire swarm of ravens was simply too comical and irrational and yet he did just that.

”OK. Think. Think. I should only have about 3 minutes. How can I deal with this? ” Liam racked his brain. ”Damn it, there isn ’t enough time to think. ”

If anyone else had heard him say this, they would have surely coughed up blood as the speed with which he was running right now was at least five times what his level players were capable of.

And to do this, Liam also wasn ’t using any special skills.

There were myriad mysterious movement skills available and he even knew one of the bad ones and the location of some of the good ones, but he wasn ’t capable of executing any of those at his current level.

All he could do now was simply run as fast as he could and of course, Liam added in a little bit of extra to that. Otherwise, he wouldn ’t be able to successfully outrun the ravens while expending as little energy as possible.

He circulated the mana flowing freely through his body and then taking a deep breath he pushed all of it to his feet.


Dust and wind swirled at the places where his feet touched and he sprang forth, running around the nook and cranny of the forest.

”Damn it. ” Liam cursed. There wasn ’t a single thing in the wide-open forest that could possibly help him. There were only trees scattered around here and there.

”No. it cannot be. There should be a way. ” He gritted his teeth and continued running, taking the flock of ravens along with him, zigging and zagging behind him.

The bunch of them had almost covered the entirety of the dungeon ’s forest when Liam suddenly stopped, a few birds catching up to him. However, he ignored their attacks now ran perpendicularly towards two big trees.

There was nothing special about these two trees except that they were thick, sturdy, and tall, and the lower half of the trees were covered in thick brambles.

Liam grinned and then the next second, he directly sprinted towards this pair of trees, jumping right in between them. ”Come at me NOW! ” He shouted, adrenaline coursing through his body.

The raven birds were only an issue when they could all attack him at the same time, but now, they would at most be able to come at him four or five at a time.

And that was a number he had no problem managing.

Liam grinned wildly with a devilish madness on his face and swung his sword casually to his left and his right.

Slash! Slash! Slash!

Blood spurted everywhere.. Chunks of flesh and feathers scattered all around and finally, the black ravens started dropping dead one after the other.

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