Re: Evolution Online

Chapter 300: Preparations

Chapter 299: It is not so simple

”What… what just happened? Alex! ” Mia screamed in shock. This was the first time, she had shown emotions on her face.

She was standing on the back so she hadn ’t seen the whole thing until it actually happened.

Not only she but also everyone else could only gaze blankly at the spot where Alex was standing. 

She was just there a second ago and now she was no longer there. It had all happened so fast!

”What happened sis? ” Mei Mei asked Shen Yue. She still did not understand what all the ruckus was about.

”One of the elves kidnapped Alex. ” Shen Yue indifferently replied. Hearing her words, Mei Mei also did not look that panicked.

In fact, no one except for one person showed any reaction at all. Only Mia was clearly grief-stricken.

”Liam! I am not able to contact her. ”

”I am not able to send any messages to her. ”

”What is this? ”

”Why did he take her? Is he planning to kill her? ”

”If so… Why is she not dead already and resurrected? I will go and check the nearby graveyard! ”

Mia started to leave when finally Liam spoke up. ”Stop. She won ’t be there. ”

”Even if you go there, you would just be wasting time. ” 

”If she was already dead and ressurected, she would have been able to receive your messages. ”

”First calm down and think things properly. ”

Hearing his words, Mia also stopped moving. Her eyes widened and she started back at Liam angrily.

Everything he said made sense, but it was the way he had said it that made her feel agitated. It was as if he did not care at all.

Whether she lived or died or what happened to her, it seemed like he couldn ’t care less.

”Ok. She is not dead. So how do we bring her back? Liam, I cannot lose her and Rey. ” Mia trembled. 

Her gaze was on the ground, but her entire body was shaking from top to bottom. ”Please. Can we follow them and rescue her? ”

There was no arrogance or anger in her tone. Rather her voice cracked and she spoke as if she was begging him.

However, contrary to her actions, Liam still looked cold and indifferent. 

He remained silent staring into the distance, throught the black mist that was slowly clearing now.

Even Mei Mei, Shen Yue and several others now looked worried, their feelings changing after seeing how despondent Mia sounded.

But Liam remained unmoved. He stood simply deeply engrossed in his thoughts.

”Say something, Liam. Please. ” Mia begged, her voice barely audible. ”If you don ’t want to risk, then I… ”

”Stop. ” Liam sighed. ”This is not so simple. This matter won ’t be settled easily. ”

”Why do you say that? ” Mia clenched her fists tightly, her nails digging in her palm.

”Think about it. ”

”You too saw the number of dark elves right? ”

”How could so many of them suddenly enter our Kingdom without the knowledge of the royal family?

”What are you saying? ” Mia ’s eyes widened in shock. She already understood the implications but she wanted to know what Liam thought.

”I think one of our neighbouring kingdoms is trying to take advantage of the demon raids. ”

”While the demon forces are invading our lands and all our concentration is on them, someone is sneaking by these dark elves, probably their allies into our Kingdom, thereby weakening us from inside out. ”

”Do you see the number of villages affected? This is like a spreading rot. After affecting the boundaries, it will slowly start coming towards the center. ”

”Do you understand now? ” Liam asked and Mia blankly nodded.

”So you do also understand how difficult it is to rescue Alex right now? Chasing after them and trying to get her out is simply a futile action. ”

”But… ” Mia shook her head. Tears formed in her eyes. 

She knew that if Alex couldn ’t be contacted through messages, if she can ’t die, then she also wouldn ’t be able to log out. 

This was the same thing they had experienced in prison as well. Except that, now she would probably be tortured or more.

Just the very thought of it made her feel terrified. She shook her head as if she did not want to think about these things any longer.

”Liam, please. I know all that. I know all that. I understand the position we are in. But we need to do something, please. She is all I have. ” Mia pleaded.

At this time, the others were a little confused. This was just a quest, right? 

Sure, the pain and death were a bit too realistic and that was the biggest drawback of the game, but by now, many people were used to it.

When you already know what to expect, it became a little less scary though it was still quite painful.

So even with this quest, either Alex would be killed or perhaps die of starvation or something. 

She could also try and commit suicide and escape the predicament she was in. Compared to how Mia was reacting, the situation did not look serious at all.

But they did not know that Mia knew something which they were unaware of. 

They didn ’t know that she could be tortured and her soul could be permanently erased. 

They also did not know that every time they are entering the game, they are risking their very lives.

So everyone continued to stare at Mia as if she was an emotional woman on her PMS, making a big deal out of nothing.

No wonder Liam was always being harsh on these two!

But unexpectedly, the next second, Liam as well nodded. ”Don ’t worry. I will get her back safely. ” He replied.

”I tried my best not to underestimate this Kingdom quest but it looks like I have still done it anyway. ”

”But don ’t worry, I know exactly what to do and how to get her back. ”

”It won ’t be easy, but I know what to do. ” 

Liam gazed at the black mist which had now almost completely disappeared, along with the group of dark elves who had attacked them.

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