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Chapter 301: They are here?

Chapter 300: Preparations

Letting everyone first rest a bit, Liam then stood up, preparing to leave. ”You guys should retreat even further. Better to be safe. Go to the firefly town we crossed a while back. ”

”Liam, where are you leaving? What is the plan? ” Mia hurriedly asked.

”I think I will first return back to the Kingdom and report it to that bastard. I think I can make him lend the royal army or at least part of it to deal with these guys. ”

”After that, I will let you know based on how things go on my end, ” Liam explained.

”Wait. ” Mia stopped him again.

”Hmmm? ” Liam turned to look at her.

”How are you planning to return back to the city? ” She asked.

”Oh. Yes. About that. Can I borrow your tiger again? ” Liam scratched his head. Now he regretted not bringing Talon along.

He was worried that players would recognize him because of the bird and it would make his life difficult if they decided to ambush him, but without the bird also many things were inconvenient.

But Mia shook her head.

”You don ’t want to give me your tiger? ” Liam knitted his brows. He watched her reach into her inventory space and take out a crystal instead. 

”This is a return inscription crystal? ” Liam was surprised. Each of these cost around 50 gold and they were also rare to obtain.

Even if he wanted to buy them, he wouldn ’t know where to get them, but clearly, this group did.

”Ok. I will use this then. ” Liam did not hesitate and accepted the crystal. 

”You guys should also start moving. They should not attack again so soon but just in case… ”

He crushed the crystal and a portal appeared just like the nether realm portal, albeit white in color and then he disappeared into it.

The next second, Liam then directly reappeared outside the royal city. He quickly walked over to the inner square and to the royal castle.

But just as he was about to enter the castle, a group of royal guards blocked his path. 

”The King is busy at the moment. He is unable to meet with you, my Lord. ”

”Hmmm? ” Liam did not move and firmly stood his ground.

”No. This is a matter of utmost importance. This concerns the safety of the Kingdom. I need to see him right now. ”

He showed his insignia as a Duke of the Kingdom. The guards now looked hesitant, no longer blatantly chasing him away.

Seeing this Liam once again requested them, ”Please show this insignia to his majesty and convey my message to him. ” 

”I need to talk to him about the villages in the south. If you tell him this, he will understand the seriousness of the issue. ”

The guards nodded and then quickly scurried away. 

They had their instructions but this sounded like an emergency so one of them went inside the resting chamber of the King.

Even the guard did not go in and simply knocked on the door from outside when another servant appeared and irately asked. 

”Why are you knocking at this time? Don ’t you know that the King doesn ’t see anyone after dusk? ”

”Ah… this is an emergency. ” The guard awkwardly mumbled and conveyed the message. 

Liam watched all of this from a distance and couldn ’t help but be shocked. ”This person doesn ’t see anyone after dusk? That ’s unusual. ”

But right now he had bigger fishes to fry. So he ignored that and looked at the guard who appeared once again a few minutes later.

”The King wishes to see you now, my Lord. ”

Liam nodded and followed him. He was inwardly thinking about how to make this work. 

He needed more manpower for this quest. He needed to somehow talk this guy into agreeing for that.

Mulling over this issue, he walked into the room, only to find the guy casually leaning back and resting comfortably on a huge chair.

”You wanted to see me? ”

This bitch… Liam let out a long breath and quickly explained what they had come across. 

At least the other party patiently listened to him from beginning to end. So he was happy about that.

And surprisngly, at the end of the explantion, he also received another notification.

[Ding. Quest Completed]

[Ding. You are now eligible to set up your estate within the Kingdom]

”The quest is already complete? ” Liam did not expect it. Nevertheless, he kept going. 

”This is the gist of it, your highness. I am now awaiting your orders. ” Liam humbly bowed and waited for the man to speak.

The King looked as delicate and as beautiful as Shen Yue. He batted his long eye lashes and looked at Liam as if he was confused about something.

Liam also noticed this and then suddenly realized. Do I have to explain everything to this guy? Just how naive and inexperienced is he?

”Your highness, I urgently need some troops to get rid of these dark elves terrorizing our villages. Otherwise, things could become very bad. ” Liam urged him.

”Your highness- ” He started again when the man finally opened his mouth, interrupting him. ”Do not patronize me. Of course, I know that you need troops. ”

His star like eyes twinkled as he looked at Liam unflinchingly and replied. ”I am just not sure if I could spare some at the moment. ”

”But your highness, with the demon invasions- ” Liam was furious. 

He had clearly spelled out the seriousness of the situation and yet the person in front of him was twirling his hair strands and gazing into the distance.

The man ’s mind was on something else. ”Yes, yes, the demon invasions. That ’s precisely why I am not able to lend you sufficient help. ”

”I cannot look weak in front of the other Kingdoms. At all costs, we need to show our strength in these invasions. ” 

”I don ’t expect you to understand. You are talking about a few villages while I am talking about the entire Kingdom. ”

”I can only lend you one squad and that is final. You have to make do with just that. ” The King spoke non-chalantly and then stood up to walk away.

”Nowadays adventurers are absolutely useless it seems… no one is able to take care of things… ”

”Damn it. ” Liam rolled his eyes at the bastard, but did not say anything. 

This time around the treatment he received was different and the King did not even give him a quest. 

He looked like he was pre-occupied with a lot of other things and couldn ’t give two shits about a few villages getting destroyed.

But fortunately, Liam had already planned for this. He knew that something like this might happen, so he had a backup prepared beforehand.

The only issue was… would this backup plan work?

Not to mention, he had to go back to the nether realm for this… and the last time he had left the place…

The image of two voluptuous seductive demons flashed across his mind.

”No… Impossible… ” Liam shook his head. ”They should have by now moved on to someone else. ”

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