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Chapter 301: They are here?

th to wait for me? ” 

Liam gave up trying to pry them off of him and instead tried talking to them. 

His voice came out muffled as he was buried in cleavage at the moment, but at least, it finally made the two loosen their grasp on him.

Liam did not let this chance slip and he quickly got out from under them, finally stabilizing himself on solid ground.

Huff… He took a breath and gazed at the two non-repentant nymphs standing in front of him, smiling coyly and looking at him as if they couldn ’t wait to devour him.

”Tee Hee~~ ” One giggled.

”We got tired of waiting for you~~ husband~~ ” The other one pouted as if Liam had wronged her terribly.

However, Liam did not see her reaction. He was rather stuck at the earlier moment where he had heard a strange word.

’Husband? What the heck is this new development? ’ Liam stared at the mother and the daughter incredulously.

He had no idea what was happening and the timing was…

”What about your other husband? The city Lord? ” Liam asked with a bitter smile. ”I am sure he must be searching for you? Or rather me… ”

”Mmm… Don ’t worry, husband. We will protect you. ” The mother puckered her lips and took a step closer.

”He doesn ’t even know that we are gone. ” The daughter giggled. Not wanting to lose out, she also took a step forward.

Seeing their actions, Liam had a vague premonition that the earlier scene was going to repeat itself and he quickly backed away more than a step, just to be safe.

He stared blankly at the two, his brain as well drawing a blank. What was he even supposed to do now? Fuck them both?

He then shook his head and decided to go with the flow.

”Ok. It ’s good that you both are here. I would have missed you two otherwise. ” He shamelessly lied. ”Let ’s go inside and talk. ”

”But first, can you two please arrange your clothes a bit… ”

In their short encounter, various things were revealed and their fair-skinned rosy flesh would no doubt attract attention.

And as it is, things were already twisted into a complex knot. So Liam did not want anything to become worse.

Thankfully, the two crazy stalkers at least listened to him and behaved themselves. 

After a minute, the three of them walked inside the tower, acting normal as if nothing had just happened.

The two covered themselves in huge robes, and their faces were hidden so no one would be able to recognize them.

Liam was not sure how long these two had been here and if they bothered to cover themselves all the time, but at least for now they behaved.

He also did not have the time to think about this right now. He needed to return back as soon as possible. 

Liam clenched his fist tightly thinking about the Kingdom quest that was yet to be finished and the powerful dark elf generals.

Unlike the people whom he had faced before, these guys were actual powerhouses. 

Against them, simply having the potential to become powerful in the future was not enough.

There were too many people with such potential, but not everyone would get the chance to see their fate through.

Also, he was a little tired of losing. This was his second chance after all. 

If he still allowed others to beat him up and run over him as they pleased, then there was nothing more embarrassing than that.

If he failed and faltered now, then there was no hope in the future where surely things were bound to be more troublesome.

And not to mention… Alex…

He might not care for her as he cared for his sister but that didn ’t mean he would let her suffer unfairly.

”Why did the dark elf take her? ” Liam pondered again. That behavior was very unusual.

Was it a means to obtain more information? Was it a ploy to bait them into attacking? Or perhaps…

Liam clenched his fists tightly. He did not have to guess what she was going through right now. He needed to act fast.

He came here for something specific and he still did not know if everything would work out. He also didn ’t receive much help from that damned King.

So this was really his last resort, but will it work? If it does then… 

He climbed the stairs of the red brick garrison tower, fully engrossed in thoughts when suddenly a softness hugged him from behind and another one hugged him from the side.

The next second numerous kisses rained on him from all sides. 

”Husband is looking a little anxious ah~~~ ” 

Liam smiled bitterly, not even bothering to push them away this time. 

Seriously, just why the hell did these two follow him all the way from one city to another? 

What was so special about him to get not one but both of them hooked?

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