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Chapter 303: Stop all the invasion missions

Chapter 302: Thats more than enough

After climbing the stairs, Liam reached the main hall, with of course the two women still clinging onto him on either side.

But surprisingly, no demon seemed to care about this and just simply greeted him as if this was the norm.

”Hmmm? ” Liam also didn ’t care and walked over to sit on his chair. The two nymphs walked alongside him and stood by him on either side.

Liam gave them a sideways glance and then rubbed his temples. They stood there as if they were extremely comfortable and felt right at home.

He let out a small sigh and without bothering about the crazies any longer, he directly got to the point.

”Who can tell me more about the invasion scrolls and invasion crystals? ”

Murmur Murmur Whisper Whisper

The demons inside the hall immediately started discussing amongst themselves. 

It looked like they were confused and did not understand his question.

Liam narrowed his eyes and decided to elaborate or rather ask more specifically, ”I mean, what are the different types of these invasion scrolls? ”

”Is there any way we can target a specific place? ”

The demons once again began murmuring and discussing amongst themselves. No one had a good answer for Liam.

But at this moment, suddenly the two women standing near him grinned mischievously.

”Tee Hee~~ Husband! Why are you asking those idiots this easy question? I can tell you the answer right now. ” The mother, Yuki, paused and then added. ”For a price… ”

All the demons looked at this scene with their faces twitching. 

The woman just called them stupid but they couldn ’t do anything as she also called their leader husband.

And just as this one finished talking, the other one also leaned over whispering something in Liam ’s ear. 

Wait, was she licking? No one could see clearly as the two had covered their faces.

But Liam ’s eyes visibly widened after that interaction.

”Cough. Cough. I am now transferring more funds to the garrison. So start giving out the next batch of rewards. ”

”Just like last time, segregate the loot and arrange it in big sacks. You may all leave to do your work now. Dismiss. ” 

The next second, he cleared his throat, kicking out everyone from the hall. 

Some of the demons exchanged knowing glances but no one said anything and quickly walked out.

Almost instantly, the two women jumped on Liam as if they were desperately waiting for this and before he had a chance to deal with this… another problem surfaced.

The mother and daughter duo who were in complete harmony up until now suddenly started staring daggers at each other.

”I will help him, mother. You can take a walk. ” Misa gritted her teeth.

”I am more experienced. Husband doesn ’t need a slut like you. ” Yuki ’s lips twisted.

The two glanced at each other as if they were long time bitter rivals, lightning crackling in their gazes.

At this point, Liam was not even surprised. These two were downright volatile. It was as if no one could guess what could happen the next instant.

But still… they said they could help with that?

Liam looked at the two who were about to burst into flames and battle with each other and he sighed and cleared his throat.

”Yuki, how about you help me with this? ”

”Ahhh… ” The mother instantly looked ecstatic flashing a grin of victory to the loser. Misa bit her lips in frustration.

However, before things could explode, Liam quickly turned to her as well. 

”I am not done. Misa, how about you prepare something for me to eat. I am famished. ”

He hoped that this could work and luckily it did. 

Both of them looked very happy to serve him and Misa darted away from the hall at lightning speed to do his bidding.

Now only Yuki and Liam were left in the hall and the mother immediately used this chance to jump on Liam.

Liam as well did not bother resisting her and allowed her to sit on his lap and rub up and down on him.

”Mmm… so tell me… how do I target these invasion scrolls? All the scrolls I used so far only seem to take me to random places? ”

”Mwahhh… that ’s no big deal husband… you just have to have a strong will… ” The nymph licked Liam ’s chest removing his armor and pushing away his clothes.

”Will? So I just think about the place? ”

”Mmm… ” The nymph continued running her hands all over him. ”But for you, it might be difficult. Your level is a bit too low husband. Tee Hee~~ ”

”But no worries, Yuki will do it for you. I will also take care of your enemies for you. I will kill all of them for you. I will~~ ”

The nymph went on a rant but suddenly stopped speaking. 

”Ah! Oh no! I forgot! With these invasion scrolls, powerful demons like me can ’t cross the realm borders! ”

”Oh. Then what about Misa? ” Liam stroked the woman ’s head and asked.

Yuki ’s face changed and she bit her lips angrily. However, she still answered him. 

”That slut ’s level is also high, husband. She is weak compared to me but not weak enough for the invasion scroll. ”

”Hmmm. In that case, will you still be able to activate the invasion scroll even if you are not participating in it? ”

Yuki quickly brightened up and nodded hurriedly. ”Yes, Yes. ”

”Then… that ’s enough. That ’s more than enough. ” 

Liam gazed at the wall in front of him, roughly formulating a plan, while the woman in his lap, lay contently, her head resting on his shoulder and her body pressed up against him.

Now he knew what to do… in fact, if things worked out… he could do so much more!

Liam grinned. This time, the Kingdom quest was immensely difficult, but the thing was… the harder something was… the greater the reward.

The next few days were going to be busy and he was going to make the most of it no matter what.

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