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Chapter 304: Signs of trouble

Chapter 303: Stop all the invasion missions

It was going to take a few hours for the various preparations to be completed.

He wanted to hurry if not for the sake of Alex, then at least for the sake of Mia. However, he really couldn ’t rush this part.

If he did, then it might only turn out to be counterproductive. 

Rather Liam decided to use this chance to step out of the city to work on the other problem at hand.

And right beside him, three different beings walked casually.

One was Talon while the other two were a unique ghost chicken and a ghost rabbit.

The three followers looked around curiously, taking in the sights of the demon city, and followed after Liam obediently.

Of course, behind Liam and this small group of three, there was also another duo following him not so obediently.

The mother and daughter pair stared daggers at each other occasionally and exchanged a few non-pleasant words, all the while never losing sight of Liam.

And they seemed to have some sort of superior stalking talents, so Liam as well did not sense their presence.

He had asked them both to wait for him once again and gave them the slip, but this time it did not work so well.

They nodded obediently in front of him and then started stalking him after he left the garrison tower.

Liam had actually expected this but right now he couldn ’t give too much attention to these two crazies so he let them be.

He walked straight out of Thol city without turning back with another crate in his hand. It had a few more chickens and rabbits.

Liam carried this to a distant small hill and then settled at the foot of the hill where it was relatively isolated from the surroundings.

He took a few breaths preparing his mind first. ”Nether does feel much better than mana. ” 

He stretched his limbs, picked up a chicken by its neck, and then wrung it dead the next second.

”The same technique I used for hammering the soul with mana should work for nether also right? ”

Liam cracked his joints and then visualized a giant hammer made of nether. ”No. This won ’t do. ”

He stopped it and quickly turned to his left to send out five giant massive fireballs onto a huge rock, the second of which blasted the rock apart into smithereens.

And the fifth of which emptied out his mana reserves.

”Now, I am ready. ” Liam then sucked in a big breath of air and this time tried materializing five hammers all at once.

The next second, instantly five hammers appeared, and manipulating nether was as easy as always.

He could also manipulate mana decently, the issues only cropping up when he needed to manipulate both nether and mana together.

But this was something he decided to address a little later. Right now, he wanted some power to begin with… 

Liam stared pensively at the small soul-bead in front of him and the five nether hammers he had summoned banging it away wildly.

”No. This is not enough. ” He was not satisfied.

He narrowed his eyes and looked at the bead, the veins on his forehead, and the rest of his body, popping as if he was straining himself.

The next second unexpectedly the five giant hammers disappeared and a hundred small tiny nether hammers materialized instead.

And each one of the hammers thrummed alive, banging down on the soul-bead, that too not randomly but with a definite rhythm.

Blood trickled out of Liam ’s nose and sweat drenched his body from top to bottom. 

However, he continued to persist, somehow withstanding the enormous mental pressure and strain this process had on him.


A cluster of muffled sounds echoed.

He was hammering a soul not a piece of metal and yet these sounds echoed as if he was really forging an ore amalgam.

Such a thing was extremely unusual and the two nymphs who were still gazing at him from a distance observed this key point and licked their lips.

A mixture of lust and admiration could be seen on their faces.

”Husband is too great. ” Unable to control herself, Yuki trembled, her body feeling hot and restless.

”Who are you calling, husband, you old shrew. ” Misa as well was in a similar state. 

The two demons were clearly in heat and this was torture to them and yet they continued to observe Liam.

They did not let their eyes off of him even for a moment. A short while later, the two started pleasuring themselves and moaning loudly.

Luckily for them, there was no one around except for Talon and the ghost chicken and ghost rabbit who were busy running around and hunting the small beasts.

Liam had given Talon the responsibility to power level these guys and supervise them and the bird was doing an excellent job of it.

It brought the two undeads only to places with weaker mobs and helped them out whenever things became too difficult to handle.

In this way, the three of them were leveling up bit by bit, but they also did not wander away too far from Liam.

Meanwhile… inside Thol city, something entirely unbelievable was happening.

Distribution of invasion scrolls and crystals was temporarily ceased because of the new garrison leader ’s orders!

Especially now that it was wartime, such an action was completely unexpected.

All the squad leaders and platoon leaders were dumbfounded by this peculiar self-destructive decision.

First, it was the generous lavish gold coin rewards and now, it was this. However, this time around, they were so quick to judge him and his actions.

Since he had delivered on the promise of rewards, they had a bit more trust in him or at least just for the heck of it, they wanted to wait and watch what this big fuss was about.

Because even without a single day ’s revenue of running invasion missions constantly, everything would fall behind and their city would be in trouble.

So this decision of the new garrison leader was really not a simple one and could have an exponential impact on everything and everyone in the city.

So why did he do such a thing? 

Why did he suddenly stop everyone ’s missions and order the troops to take rest and assemble for further orders?

No one knew the answer to these questions. 

All they knew was that the new garrison leader really had a knack for kicking up a shit storm and getting himself into trouble.

Just what the hell was happening with the invasion missions today?

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