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Chapter 306: Demons Vs Dark Elves

Chapter 305: Who were on whose side?

”Miss… Madam… Ah… leader Mia… where did these demons come from? What should we do now? ” Shin Soo asked.

”If we stay here any longer, then chances are that the demons might sense us and start attacking us as well? ”

”Should we leave? ” Someone else suggested.

”Maybe we should wait a while and then circle around the two groups to pick off the weaker ones? ” Shen Yue suggested.

”I think that ’s a good plan. We can get a lot of experience points this way. ” Mei Mei clapped her hands.

A few others also agreed with them.

Everyone was about to reach a decision when Mia raised her hand and stopped the group. 

”It won ’t be that simple. Just look at the number of demons. These few dark elves won ’t be able to manage them. ”

”They will definitely come after us after dealing with them. In fact, all the neighboring villages are in danger. ”

Mia ’s words made everyone stiffen up as they couldn ’t ignore the sheer number of these demons. 

They also couldn ’t get a good grasp of the situation because of the black mist that was obstructing their view.

So if they end up underestimating the enemy, they would get themselves in big trouble, dying at least once or twice or perhaps more times.

This could even be a special event that gives out massive rewards. 

Such events would naturally be sought after by all the players and the various guilds as they had the chance to be extremely lucrative.

But the difficulty would be equally high. Their small group was not even able to handle the dark elves.

Then how could they possibly handle the demons who took care of the dark elves?

While everyone was stewing in this dilemma, suddenly another message flashed in their group chat.

”Are you guys still not attacking? Target the dark elves and finish the battle soon before more reinforcements come their way. ”

Liam had sent a second message!

Now they did not have any more reasons to wait and quickly jumped into the fray.

Or rather they stood at the sides and started to pick off one dark elf after another, by ganking the unsuspecting dark elves that even slightly wandered away from the main group.

At first, they tried to be as careful as possible, but it was impossible to be completely invisible on such a massive battlefield.

Eventually, a few demons spotted these new intruders.

But the weird part was that… not one of these demons even gave them a second look. They might as well be on the same team!

Seeing this, Mia narrowed her eyes and the next second did something bold. 

She cast a protection spell on one of the demons that was about to die from a dark elf attack.

But thanks to her timely healing, this situation changed at the last moment. 

The demon suddenly recovered and swung its mace with gusto on the charging dark elf, even landing the other party a killing blow.

GRUUUU! The demon then loudly grunted, nodding at Mia, and strangely went off to fight another dark elf, once again ignoring her.

”This… this is… ” Mia looked dazed with her lips parted. She was visibly shocked at this occurrence. 

Shouldn ’t the demon have attacked them just now? 

What she did was crazy and could have pulled a lot of aggro and brought about everyone ’s death in an instant.

She would have normall never done such a thing, but something told her that the demons were purposefully ignoring them as if they had been ordered to.

This was impossible and yet, this was happening right in front of them…

But how? Why?

As she was absent-mindedly continuing to cast her spells, suddenly a frightening thought popped into her mind.

These many demons… what if these many demons were all somehow controlled by that one person…

”No. That ’s impossible. ” Mia muttered to herself, shaking her head resolutely. ”It is impossible for anyone to possess that much power. ”

It looked like a few others also had similar thoughts as they stared at the demons in front of them just like Mia, unable to make up their minds.

So except for Shen Yue and Mei Mei and the Korean players who had almost an unshakeable faith in Liam, the others were not giving the fight their all.

They looked confused and dazed as if their minds were on something else. Their full concentration was definitely not on the fight.

And in the midst of this chaos and confusion, adding fuel to the fire, another figure came into everyone ’s view.

Actually, not one but many.

However, everyone present was very familiar with these figures… because they were all ghosts and that too of chickens and rabbits.


These chickens and rabbits… it couldn ’t be, right?

They were ghost-like. They were fighting their asses off and they were fighting alongside the demons!

But how could this be possible?

A few hours earlier, Liam had only a couple of these ghosts. And now they somehow multiplied?

More importantly, what were they doing fighting alongside the demons?

These ghost chickens and rabbits were clearly not as strong as the rest of the demons. However, they were like ants, irritating the dark elves left and right.

They only targeted the elves who were busily handling a few demons at once and pecked their feet relentlessly.

Because of this, the dark elf fighting with the demons got distracted, and using this chance the demons quickly finished the fight off.

There was also one particular chicken and one specific rabbit that was bigger than others and had a blue hue to their spectral body.

This duo even dealt a lot more damage and couldn ’t simply be considered a nuisance any longer. Their chip damage took care of at least two dark elves.

In this manner, the few ghost chickens and rabbits worked in harmony with the demons and were overpowering the dark elves from one side.

On the other side, there were even more demons, three or four jumping onto a dark elf at the same time.

Their levels were not as high as the dark elves but they had an insurmountable advantage in numbers that they were using very well.

They did not target the strong ones first and rather targeted the weak ones first and overpowered them quickly before moving on to the strong ones.

Though everything looked haphazard and chaotic, there was also an order to this chaos.

At first glance, everything might seem random, but if one looked closely then one could see that someone capable was orchestrating the whole thing.

The proof was undeniable. But who was commanding and leading these demons? What about the ghost chickens and ghost rabbits?

Surely, Liam had something to do with that but he also couldn ’t possibly be responsible for leading this massive army?

Others couldn ’t understand and they did not dare believe what was happening and what they were seeing but this was proof enough for Mia.

She knew it! She somehow knew it!

There was only one person behind everything and it was most definitely Liam!

Liam was controlling these demons! He was somehow commanding an entire massive army of demons!

Now she understood why he had asked everyone to wait and why he had not acted immediately. It was because he had this plan in mind.

With such an army at his command, it would be far safer to rescue Alex and take care of the dark elves without running around by themselves and getting caught by unexpected traps and surprises.

Mia clenched her fists, not able to contain her excitement. 

She thought that the person did not care or respect them enough to take drastic actions but it turns out that she was completely wrong.

Even though he took his time, this single move was enough to guarantee their victory!

It was not that he did not care, it was just that every single thing he did had a deep thought behind it!

Every move he made was already after considering several steps ahead, that others would never even think of in their wildest dreams!

”STOP DAYDREAMING AND ATTACK! ” Mia shouted and started leading by example with a renewed vigor on her face.

Her orders were like a wake-up call for others and everyone started fighting with their full power.

They still did not understand everything completely but for now, they fought with e everything they had.

They no longer dared to think of anything else and started taking down more and more dark elves.

Arrows, fireballs, frost bombs, everything landed on the already bleeding and injured elves and especially targetting and taking down the ones who were standing on their last leg.

The demons who already had an upper hand, now suddenly seemed to be even more overpowering than before, with the dark elves being pushed back constantly.

At this time, right in front of everyone else, another figure jumped into the center of the battlefield.

He had a lean muscular stature and was wearing a pitch-black mask that covered his face.

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