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Chapter 307: Using the opponent“s advantage against them

Chapter 306: Demons Vs Dark Elves

Seeing the famous black mask and the person wearing it, everyone became shocked.

Before this point, everything was simply a conjecture but this black mask was something that was both famous and infamous at the same time.

Others might not know who this was but Mia ’s guild knew very well and Shen Yue and Mei Mei as well knew about this.

”Hey! Isn ’t that brother? ” Mei Mei was the first one to shout, breaking the silence. ”Oh my gosh, brother brought all of these demons over? ”

”Sis Yue, look! Brother is too awesome! ” Her eyes were twinkling brightly like the stars in the sky.

Shen Yue saw this and smiled in amusement.

But Mei Mei did not stop there, she quickly turned to look around in the group. ”Where is that person? Who said my brother is not a good leader? ”

”Step out! Step out! ”

”Who said that my brother is not capable? ”

”Can you see now? ”

Shen Yue quickly stopped laughing and pulled the rowdy girl aside. ”Stop, Mei Mei. We should not tease our own teammates like this. ”

”And we are in the middle of fighting! ”

She pinched her cheeks and flicked her forehead just like Liam usually did and the two giggled, looking at each other.

The rest of the group did not dare say anything else and silently looked away, everyone busying themselves with the task at hand.

Now that they were fully aware of what was happening, at least to some extent, everyone was very confident in their moves.

They ignored the demons completely and started hacking away at the dark elves. 

The melee players and the tanks focussed on those elves at the boundaries. 

And the long-range attackers and mages focussed on those at the back and in the center, reducing the last bits of health.

This way they one-sidedly coordinated with the demons to some extent, but more importantly, they focused on reducing the numbers or kill stealing to be more specific.

While three to four demons struggled and brought down the health of a dark elf, one member of the group quickly took the chance and sent the last hit in.

Thus, ending the fight and also taking the corresponding experience points.

Moreover, chances like this were not few and far between, only at a few spots. Rather they were everywhere!

Everywhere they looked there were three or four demons taking down a dark elf and the elf was also in its last leg as if it was waiting for them like a gift.

Doom! Doom! Doom! Doom!

Spells and arrows and spears were tossed left and right, kill stealing from the demons without holding back.

They thought that they had wasted so much time resting their minds and bodies, but now with this insane leveling speed, they were steadily catching up.

And since everyone had rested, they were also able to think clearly and act in the best possible way, snatching all the ripe gifts in front of them.

Everyone at least leveled up once or twice, just in this short period of time.

And soon the dark elves sounded the first horn. 

The last time they had only managed to barely make a dent in the forces when the first horn sounded but this time things were different. 

It looked like the battle just started, but in the blink of an eye, almost half the forces of the dark elves had surprisingly dwindled.

The carnage this time and the carnage last time were on completely different levels. 

The entire elven army was laid waste being attacked from various angles.

The losses on the demon side were also so few when compared to the losses on the dark elf side.

Of course, Liam was working very hard to make sure that this stayed this way. 

After all, these demons were his free experience points, and he did not want to lose them all in one battle with the dark elves.

So immediately after the first horn sounded, Liam immediately gave out new orders to regroup his troops.

He brought the weaker and injured demons to the back of the line and put only the stronger ones at front and center.

At this point, he also called over Mia and the other two healers and they were healing the demons instead of their group.

The two group gradually merged and now the bunch of players were fighting alongside the demons.

With the new reinforcements arriving after the horn, the players also moved to the front to tackle the fresh wave of dark elves.

However, the next instant something strange happened. 

Instead of just more dark elves as reinforcement, a group of dark elves and humans arrived!

These humans were all dressed in golden armor and helmet and had dazzling brilliant shields and weapons. 

They also carried the royal family ’s insignia but not the one of the Gresh Kingdom. Rather they carried the insignia of the Kerrol Kingdom.

Liam observed this and grinned. Now he knew how the elves had come here all the way from the distant lands of the Xion realm.

If he returned back to the royal palace and reported this information to that peculiar King, he knew that he would definitely get massive rewards and perhaps even another part of this chain quest.

But all that had to wait. He first needed to take care of these newcomers. 

”Liam, what should we do now? ” Mia asked. She had also observed their new opponents. 

”These NPCs are not simple. Each and every single one of them are heavy hitters. They are a class above the demons. ”

”Even if four or five of the demons join together and attack it won ’t be easy to take out these NPCs. What should we do now? ”

Just as Mia was talking to Liam, suddenly another horn sounded and this time ten black tigers majestically strolled forward, stepping out of the black mist.

And on top of each of these huge black tigers, there was a dark elf seated!

The dark elf Generals had arrived!

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