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Chapter 308: My poisons will break you!

Chapter 307: Using the opponent“s advantage against them

Mia was just about to ask Liam how to deal with the NPC knights when she saw that their troubles were only just beginning.

”How… How are these elves already here? ” 

She stammered, looking at the strong and powerful dark elf generals with a violent blood-thirsty aura surging around them.

As if the problems they already had weren ’t enough, more reinforcements had arrived promptly and these Generals arrived far sooner than they had expected.

It looked like this time the elves were better prepared and took actions more decisively, rather than rolling everything out slowly and one by one.

Mia was already aware of the strength of these elven generals and to have to deal with the NPCs on top of these dark elven generals?

Even after Liam pulled a miracle out of his ass, bringing over an army of demons out of nowhere… it was still not enough?

Just how difficult was this kingdom quest?

”Alex… please wait a bit more… ” She muttered, while looking at the scary sight in front of her. 

She had absolutely no idea how they were going to cross this hurdle in front of them.

She couldn ’t help but look towards Liam, but even if it was him… she doubted that he had a solution for this…

This was an impossible situation. There was no way out.

The only solution was…

She saw that Liam was still staring at the black tigers and the elven generals sitting atop them. 

He seemed as calm and composed as always, but she doubted that was how he was feeling on the inside as well.

This demon army was probably a huge investment on his side. Even for him, the losses would be too much to handle?

But all that can wait because even in this disaster, there was still something left to be gained. 

Mia clenched her fists, looking at the chaos in front of her with determination in her eyes.

She then hurriedly spoke out her mind, ”Liam, everyone is here. They are going all out. We cannot get out of this situation victoriously. ”

”It ’s just impossible. But also… from the looks of things, there is no way that there are more dark elves back at their base. ”

”They are fighting us here with their full force. ”

”So while they are busy here, we can rescue Alex from wherever they are holding her. ” Mia hurriedly urged him.

This was the only silver lining they had. They absolutely had to take it.

However, even after hearing her words, Liam did not seem like he had any plans of acting any time soon.

”Hmmm… ” He simply stood still, observing everything in front of him.

But Mia couldn ’t be as calm as him. 

”Liam, I am sorry for being selfish here. You have to do something. Otherwise, I would have to do something on my own. ” She said firmly.

”Tsk. Tsk. I think your sister ’s impatience has rubbed off on you as well. ” Liam finally turned to look at the frustrated woman and smiled.

”First of all, why do you think that this is a losing situation? Let me correct you. It ’s not. We still haven ’t revealed all the cards in our hand. ”

”Wait for a few more seconds. And in the meantime, fight. ”

Liam gave her another compassionate smile as if he was buddha ’s incarnate and then dashed forward to hack and slash at the dark elves.

He did not engage the generals just yet but after slaughtering a couple of elves who were on the verge of dying, he stopped advancing through the crowd and stood rooted to a spot.

He then waved his hand, commanding casually a portion of the black mist. 

This might not be effective against the dark elves but against these human guards…

Liam grinned. He was not nervous in the least pushed up against these extra numbers.

He fashioned dozens of nether bullets out of the black mist and sent it towards the fast approaching human soldiers and their steeds.

Seeing this, shocked expressions appeared on their faces.

However, no bullet actually managed to do any damage.

Almost instantly, a translucent barrier made of mana went up around each soldier, protecting them from these bullets.

”Hmmm… ” Liam gazed silently at this unbelievable sight and then without stopping or hesitating, he lobbed over another set of nether bullets.

”It is impossible for these many soldiers to be mages. If such high-tier NPC ’s moved out of the Kingdom, they wouldn ’t go unnoticed. ”

”These should only be low-tier NPCs, albeit very well-equipped. But still how on earth did they manage to pull this off? ”

”Or why now suddenly? Is there going to be some sort of power struggle? ” 

Various thoughts passed through Liam ’s mind as he calmly sent out waves of nether bullets one after the other at the approaching army.

Sure, the first few were blocked by the mana barrier set up from probably the item effect, but the next few definitely went through.


Heavy damage numbers floated atop the group of soldiers even before they could properly arrive at the battleground and take their stand.

But Liam was not planning to give them this time to settle conveniently and start counterattacking.

He used the same weapon the dark elves used to strengthen themselves and kept repeatedly attacking the soldier with the nether from the black mist.

Watching this Mia could only smile bitterly. Is this what he was talking about when he said that they hadn ’t revealed all their cards yet?

How could she have forgotten! 

Even when facing an army like this, this man himself was enough to deal damage equivalent to the entire lot of them!

The NPC guards at least held on for a bit but the steeds they were traveling on were not as strong as them.

Unable to withstand Liam ’s barrages,  they buckled and keeled in just a couple of attacks, making their entrance a complete mess.

Using this as a chance, several others lobbed long-range attacks at this disorganized army and tried to gain an advantage before they recovered from this small setback.

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