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Chapter 310: They are here

Chapter 309: Not enough

Meanwhile back at the battlefield…


Liam sent waves after waves of nether bullets at the incoming NPC soldiers. 

The bullets sliced through the air traveling several times the speed of sound leaving behind loud whirring noises as if they were alive.

The NPCs as well were unable to block them properly and took several hits, particularly their mounts that were completely helpless. 

Everyone who was just a second ago panicked about these strong and sturdy NPCs, saw this, and immediately rejoiced. 

Whom they thought were unbeatable opponents now did not look very scary. 

”Boss, shall I jump in? ” Shin Shoo waved his huge ax and asked in anticipation.

”Liam, I am going to go after one of the Generals. ” Shen Yue exclaimed.

”The last time I was able to charm one, so I should be able to charm one this time as well. I am positive. ”

”Brother, shall I go in from the sides? ” Mei Mei asked. 

They were itching to now jump into the action. Everyone started excitedly discussing the next strategies and weirdly Liam remained silent. 

The others might not know but he knew very well that the NPCs could never be defeated so easily. 

The nether bullets were an unexpected surprise to the NPC soldiers and because of this, they fumbled quite a bit.

But soon, in a just few seconds, they quickly stabilized their conditions and got back into their battle formation.

Liam had at most only chipped away a quarter of their health and stopped their momentum by attacking their mounts.

But this was not enough to make a dent in their actual numbers. 

They simply jumped off of the horses and started marching forward with thundering steps, ready to attack anyone who stood opposite to them. 

Their synchronized steps together sounded like monsters rampaging and struck fear among everyone. 

And it had only taken them a few seconds to recover!

Seeing this, all the excitement immediately died down and everyone gripped their weapons nervously.

But Liam still did not stop. 

He kept sending the nether bullets towards the NPCs. 

The nether bullets were definitely carving out the health of these soldiers so he kept attacking them.

He repeatedly sent in waves after waves of different nether attacks by manipulating the black mist that was sprawled around.

It was astounding to see one person single-handedly doing so much damage and he did not look tired in the least.

Of course, the dark elves as well noticed this and their eyes glowered in anger. This person was using their own weapon against them!

It was clear that if things continued this way, they would suffer a huge loss! They might even lose every single fighter on their side!

No, this cannot go on!

All the ten dark elf Generals immediately eyed Liam, their faces twisted with anger and hatred. 

They exchanged silent glances with each other and three of them started walking towards Liam together.

”Fuck, boss! They are coming towards you! ” Shin Soo dashed fast as he could, reaching the area next to Liam. 

Now that Alex was not there to assist, the pressure on him as a tank-type player had exponentially increased. 

So naturally, he rushed forward to assist Liam.

Not one. Not two. But three dark elf generals were walking over to him. 

Even if it was Liam, it was impossible to handle three of them at the same time.

So Shin Soo did not dare delay and rushed ahead, though he also had no idea how he was going to tank these huge powerhouses.

Not only that but they also had to deal with the newly arrived NPC soldiers. 

Their only saving grace was that the number of dark elves was considerably less this time around as most of them had been dealt with by the demon army.

However, right at this moment, that did not matter much. Every single one of these powerhouses was equivalent to an army by themselves.

It was as if they were dealing with Level 60 dungeon bosses. One or two players couldn ’t possibly defeat these guys. 

They needed a raid team for this and more importantly capable tanks!

If only Alex was there at the moment!

Even though she was brash and acted without thinking when it came to tanking her skills were undeniable.

So everyone couldn ’t help but feel her absence at the moment. 

And when they did, they also remembered that she was probably in her own personal hell right now and they fought back with the dark elves fiercely.

The more people played this game, the more they realized that everything around them was not as it seemed.

But more importantly, how were they going to get out of their current predicament! Nothing had really changed between last time and this time!

They were still out of their league and were completely unprepared to face the dark elves or for that matter this battle!

They should have never engaged the dark elves again!

If they had simply attacked from the sides, farmed the experience points, and searched for Alex in the nearby surroundings, that would have been a far more viable plan.

What they were doing now was simply over-reaching! Is this was what a competent leader ’s decision looked like?

At this moment, even Shin Shoo and the others couldn ’t help but doubt Liam ’s actions. Why was he leading them to a situation of sure-shot death?

The issue was that if everyone was at his level, they could have probably handled this but they were not the same.

They could not fight like him. So this time maybe he had really made a grave calculation error? He had over-reached just a tad bit?

But even so… it was just a matter of a single death so no one cared too much, except for Mia.

Her beautiful snow white face was covered with blood, soil, and a million worry lines. 

”Liam. Huff. Huff. We… made a mistake. This is not enough. We are going to lose. ”


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