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Chapter 311: The last member of the group has arrived

Chapter 310: They are here

”Liam. Huff. Huff. We… made a mistake. This is not enough. We are going to lose. ” 

Mia hurried over to Liam to help him deal with the three dark elf generals. 

”We can take care of these three but what about the other seven? Liam, we need to move out and find Alex. ” She urged him.

”These demons will be enough to distract them for a while. Otherwise, we will not get another chance. I am begging you, please. ”

However, it was painfully clear that her words were falling on deaf ears as Mia saw that the person was only continuing to lob nether bullets one wave after another.

He did not respond to her and simply continued attacking without taking a break or even stopping for a second.

Liam looked determined to deal the maximum damage that he possibly could.

Seeing him completely unperturbed by her fervent appeals and unsightly begging only made Mia even more frustrated. 

She immediately dashed towards the dark elves nearby and took out all her anger on them. She sliced and diced them with her staff ’s pointed end.

But this was far from enough to appease her. She wanted to vent out and decided to use the skill that she had been saving for a while now.

[Divine Punishment] She shouted out loud and a hundred brilliant dazzling tridents suddenly appeared above the battlefield without any warning. 

The tridents seem to clear away the black mist around them or rather black mist could not approach the trident. 

They gave out a pure unearthly divine aura that was both terrifying and calming at the same time.

These divine tridents lingered in the air for a second but the next moment, they abruptly descended down without any warning.

They plunged into the bodies of all the people standing on the battlefield both friend and foe alike.

Aggrrrhhh! Aggghrr! Roooaaar!

Several shrieks instantly echoed loudly in the vicinity as both the demons and the dark elves were highly susceptible to divine attacks.

In her haste and frustration, Mia had forgotten about this important aspect and only realized it after unleashing the attack.

She immediately regretted her actions as she had brought damages to her own team and this was the worst thing that she could have done.

However, when she looked around to see if she could heal anyone, weirdly enough the demons did not seem to have suffered too badly.

Only the dark elves ’ side had suffered terrible consequences. 

She turned to look at Liam instinctively, not knowing how to explain but Liam was still calmly smiling. ”I blocked it. Don ’t worry about it. ”

At the last minute, he had used the nether enveloping the other areas and created a barrier that extended only above the heads of the demons.

And since most of the demons were still standing on the same side and hadn ’t mingled with the dark elves, stepping into their territory, this was easily accomplished.

Mia was grateful for this. Her attack did not cause any mishap but it was the way he answered her… it made her furious!

This guy! Now she understood Alex even more! This person was truly infuriating! 

Even someone calm and composed like her was this close to losing her marbles!

Liam noticed Mia again staring at him with a twisted face about to pop a vein on her forehead. 

”Why are you staring at me like this? Look around first! ” Liam chuckled. 

Of course, he could read her mind like an open book and also knew the reason why she was staring at him dumbly.

Mia nodded in a daze and looked around. ”Did he want me to see the damage I caused with my own eyes? ”

She was nervous as she tried to gauge the situation again. 

She also prepared herself to heal a few demons if she could help it, though her mana right now was completely depleted after the Trident attack and she also felt drained.

She gulped in a bottle of mana potion and looked around.

Especially with the dark elves ’ numbers now abysmally down, there were only demons and demons everywhere.

”We don ’t have much time. Prepare yourself. They are here! ” Liam looked at the expression the ice goddess was making at the moment and chuckled.

Though she was still confused and angry, Mia immediately downed another mana potion and prepared herself. 

Now that she had killed a lot of dark elves at the same time, she had essentially cleared the path for the dark elf Generals to reach them faster and they were here already!

At this crucial time, even one second of preparation could make the difference between life and death but because of her attack, they lost that.

She had made a huge blunder this time around.

She was not someone to act like this but perhaps because she was continuously fighting for a while now and at the same time healing, while also stressing about Alex, she had reached her mental limit.

She was also human after all and she had a breaking point.

”I am sorry, Liam. I… I will- ” 

However, unexpectedly Liam interrupted her. ”I am not talking about these guys, I am talking about our reinforcements. Look over there. ”

”Reinforcements? ” Mia was sure that she heard him wrong. 

She saw the huge demon army who were still slaughtering the remaining few dark elves on the battleground and then looked back at Liam in disbelief.

”More reinforcements? ” She asked him again.

But Liam had already moved forward to tackle the three dark elf generals who were now almost in front of them.

She took a deep breath to regain her composure somewhat and then followed him to fight with the three.

She might have made a big blunder just now but if she allowed herself to dwell on it and wallow in regret, she would be making an even bigger blunder. 

She needed to get back ASAP to her peak battle capability. 

So she hurriedly put away all the swirling thoughts and cleared her mind to assist Liam. 

She did not even think about his weird mention of more reinforcements and raised her hand to cast a [Divine protection] on Liam.

But weirdly, Liam shook his head as if she had made a blunder again. ”Stop! Not on me! On our tank! ” He shouted, charging forward.

”Huh? ” Mia looked around again and saw that somehow there were suddenly more human soldiers than before.

And they now seemed to be fighting against each other?

This confused her and also the other members of the team when everyone finally saw the insignia on the newly arrived soldiers. 

It was the Gresh Kingdom ’s insignia, a pair of swords on a shield.

”You got more reinforcements from the King? ” 


Golden Ticket Bonus chapter 2~~

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