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Chapter 312: Taking down the bigshots

Chapter 311: The last member of the group has arrived

”Not just reinforcements… ” Liam grinned.

”Oh. What else? ” Mia turned to pay attention to Liam when she finally noticed the other newly arrived reinforcement, their ’tank ’!

Standing next to Liam was a tall, thick and muscular man. 

She could tell that his body proportions itself were as such and the look was not simply because of the items he had currently equipped.

And about the items he had currently equipped, the person was wearing a unique dark blackish purple chest guard, gauntlets, head helmet and on top of that his shield and axe was also the same rich purple color.

It was almost as if he was wearing a set equipment that dropped from a dungeon after running the same dungeon several times over.

But the only issue was that, she was already overly familiar with this set of equipments!

Because they looked extremely similar to the sword Liam was using and she knew for a fact that the sword was at least an Unique-item if not more.

Alex ’s theory was that the sword was a personally forged Epic item. 

Her exact words were, ”This hateful fellow knows how to forge an Epic item. I am sure of it, but he still won ’t make us one. Did we sign the contract or not? Where is my joining bonus? ”

Mia smiled loving thinking about the idiot. At that time, she had stopped her train of thoughts and asked her not to get paranoid and greedy.

But now she couldn ’t ignore her theory, especially since the proof was right in front of her.

These equipment the two of them were not simple at all! And when Liam only had a sword, the other person had an entire set!

Just how effective were these and who was this new person?

Mia did not let her thoughts wander too much and focussed on the battle in front of her. 

Now was not the time to think about these things. Everything could be discussed later. Now she had to fight. 

She needed to fight and take down these monstrosities in front of her. Alex had to be here somewhere so she had to bring her back.

Just as she was about to cast another protection on the newly arrived tank, a series of messages rang out in their group chat.

Like Mia, others had also noticed the newly arrived group.

”Brother! The King is helping us! More troops are here! ” Mei Mei sent a message.

”He He. The King is not that kind. I got them to help us. ” Liam replied back. ”And also, the last member of our group is here. ”

”Everyone welcome Derek! ”

Liam did not introduce him any further and it was also not needed. For a short while, Derek ’s name was even more popular than Liam.

Or rather while Liam was infamous for doing all sorts of nasty and underhanded things like the slave contract, Derek was famous for his strength andd battle prowess that he displayed for everyone to see.

He was like a sun shining brightly and moreover, his former teammates spread his backstory and even the Stormtroopers guild couldn ’t keep that from leaking out.

His humble beginnings, the way he was treated back at the Stormtroopers guild and how he was bullied and humiliated constantly, all these stories had made him a complete hero, a knight in shining armor.

His popularity would have shot up even further but unexpectedly he had disappeared from the public eye a while back.

No one knew what happened to him or where he event. He had just silently disappeared. 

Reports of him reappearing in the PVP tower every now and then surfaced but not many people personally saw those as the crowd started thinning down the higher one climbed the tower.

So even those reports were simply deemed as false and he had completely remained away from the public eye for a few days.

But now, this person had suddenly appeared in their group???

Only Mei Mei and Shen Yue knew about this beforehand, so everyone else except them, even Mia was utterly shocked.

They had not personally witnessed Derek ’s fighting abilities but just his tales alone were enough to give them more hope.

With him here and the newly arrived NPC soldiers fighting on the side, everyone could once again be relieved.

Now the task in front of them seemed somewhat doable. The demon army was taking care of the dark elf soliders.

Their Kingdom NPC soldiers were dealing with the other Kingdom ’s NPC soldiers and the only thing they really had to take care of was the ten dark elf Generals.

Huuuu… Everyone let out a long breath as they made this mental calculation.

There now only ten dark elf Generals left but each of these guys were equivalent to a damned dungeon boss!

They had really only crossed half the lake!

And promptly, Liam ’s instructions arrived as well. ”Form three groups and split. Each group will be responsible for 3 dark elf Generals. ”

After reading this, everyone broke into a cold sweat and went silent. Especially Shin Soo who was sweating buckets. 

If Liam tanked for one group and Derek tanked another, then he was expected to tank the last group of 3 Generals?

This was… this was not going to end well!

While everyone tried to digest these instructions, Mei Mei suddenly asked the obvious question that others did not want to think about.

”Brother, what about the last tenth dark elf General? ”

Everyone silently admired this girl ’s courage to ask this question at a time like this. However, the next instant, the reply chimed in immediately.

”Shen Yue, I am counting on you to take care of the last General. Charm him and use him to tank for the last group. Can you do it? ”

Liam did not stop with just giving the instruction. 

He hurriedly kited the three dark elf Generals whose eyes were only on him and brought them over to Shen Yue ’s side.

”Do it now. ” He shouted loudly, now that he was in her close proximity.

Shen Yue clenched her fists, both excitement and nervousness coursing through her at the moment. 

She had never fought standing side by side alongside Liam and she did not want to let him down or appear weak in front of him.

She executed her self-learnt skill [Enchanting Steps] and appeared next to one of the three dark elf Generals the next moment.

At this time, the charm Shen Yue exuded was completely different from her normal self. 

Her aura visibly changed as even Liam couldn ’t avert his eyes from the woman. 

She had been honing this particular skill all throught her battles from the PVP tower and as a dancer, she was able to master it easily.

Just like Liam, for an instant, the three dark elf Generals near them let their guards down and were staring at Shen Yue, not even able to blink.

Her light robe fluttered and her delicate and enchanting figure swayed amidst the darkness of the night and the black mist that was sprawled over everything.

She looked like the alluring moon in this dark bleak night, mesmerizing everyone around her and before any of the dark elf Generals could realize, they had already fallen into her trap.


Golden Ticket Bonus chapter 3~~

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