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Chapter 313: Inferior techniques

Chapter 312: Taking down the bigshots

Liam saw the powerful terror-inducing dark elf general looking at Shen Yue as if he was a puppy dog panting at her with his tongue falling out.

In fact, not just one but all three who were near them were momentarily distracted by her movements and were ogling at her.

They were staring at her unblinkingly with big round eyes as if they were her slaves and she was their puppet master.

A chill ran down Liam ’s spine.

This scene was just a bit too difficult to digest even though he knew that it would probably last only for a fraction of a second.

This skill was indeed truly frightening!

How on earth was one supposed to develop a resistance towards these types of attacks?!

Liam let out a small sigh and then proceeded to attack some of the NPC soldiers while Shen Yue fully took control of one of the dark elf Generals.

She might be able to charm all three of them momentarily with her movements but it was impossible for her to continue having a hold on all of them.

So she quickly cast the next spell [Beguile].

[Beguile – Charm an enemy to fight for you for 10 seconds; Cooldown 5 seconds; Limited to one target at a time]

However, apart from this, there was also another invisible rule that Shen Yue had learned after using this particular skill several times repeatedly.

The same skill cannot be used too many times on the same target. The target eventually became immune to the effects of the charm.

Especially when the said targets were high-leveled strong opponents, she could tell that she probably had only a couple chances left or at the most three chances before the effects wear off.

It held the maximum effects against new opponents.

So Shen Yue knew that she had to play this out properly.

The moment she cast this spell, it was as if she had toppled an invisible hourglass and their time was running out.

”LIAM NOW! ” She shouted.

Liam was also ready. 

He watched the two remaining dark elf generals recover from their stupor and he quickly sent the next wave of nether bullets at them instead. 

Since the moment they had caught up to Liam they were in a stupor so they did not have the chance to attack.

But now that they were finally free, they did not hold back. They were even more furious than before and started fighting back with a frenzy. 

They could not believe that they would fall under the charm of a lowly human of such low level.

The two Generals jumped out of their black tigers while simultaneously chanting something. 

Liam had already experienced this move so he instantly reacted by deciding to face the attacks head-on.

The two Generals thrusted their spears forward producing a huge vortex of dark energy with a fire attribute, resulting in roaring black flames. 

The flames immediately raised the temperature of the atmosphere by several degrees and the menacing dark energy looked like it was ready to devour all life.

For a minute, it looked as if Liam was wholly enveloped by these black flames, but if one observed closely, one could see that the person standing in the middle of these flames was completely untouched. 

The roaring black vortex seemed to be unable to touch him. 

While the nether in the air might not be able to do much damage to his enemies, Liam still had other uses for it.

He commanded the nether in the black mist around him and it encased him, forming a strong impenetrable shield.

The black flames crashed against this shield and both the shield and the flames dissipated.

Meanwhile, the other dark elf General who was under Shen Yue ’s control jammed his spear forward breaking the spell casting of the duo.

Liam also joined him and slashed his sword down at the two dark elves.

The three dark elf generals were absolutely furious at this mosquito who for some reason was able to use their black mist against them and suddenly became a formidable opponent.

As long as the dark elves were using the black mist, their magic spells were completely useless and it had no effect on Liam.

So essentially the fight boiled down to brute strength and sword moves. Moreover, Liam could still use nether to defend against the physical attacks as well.

And on top of that, he was not alone!

Mei Mei, Kim Hyun, and another member of Mia ’s team together started doing burst damage, aiming at one of the two generals.

Liam did not have to spell it out for them. Since they had coordinated with Shen Yue for a while they already knew the drill.

Their aim right now was to blitz attack on one of the two dark elf Generals and bring down his health to as low as possible before the charm skill wore off.

So all three groups, Liam, the dark elf under Shen Yue ’s control, and the DPS team all focused their attacks on the elf on the right.

And when the skill eventually did wear off… they immediately switched!

It was easy to bring a weaker dark elf under her charm so Shen Yue next cast the spell [Beguile] on the dark elf general whom they had been attacking furiously just now.

The next general instantly went into a stupor falling under her control and started attacking his neighbor.

”You vile humans! ” 

The other dark elf general shouted in anger and the one that had only now recovered from the intoxicated state looked around in confusion. 

They were completely unaware of their actions during the charm effect.

It took the elf a second to get a hold of reality.

But without giving him a chance to fully grasp everything around him, Liam hurriedly sent in two massive fireballs his way and slashed down at the elf ’s vital points.

The other dark elf general saw this and quickly blocked Liam ’s attack. 

His moves were faster and his body was agile like a cheetah. The dark elf wanted to show how inferior were Liam ’s attacks. 

True to his higher stats and probably also higher combat experience, the dark elf ’s body spun around and he blocked all three of Liam ’s attacks in time.

”Is this all you have? ” The elf sneered, looking down on Liam when unexpectedly a spear impaled him from the back.

KUHAK! The dark elf spat out a big mouthful of blood and looked down to see the familiar spear piercing him in his chest.

He recognized this spear. This was the weapon of his comrade. Only now did he realize the mistake he had made!


Golden Ticket Bonus chapter 4~~

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