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Chapter 314: Battle finally over?

Chapter 313: Inferior techniques

In his hurry to block all of Liam ’s attacks, for a moment the dark elf had completely forgotten about the other dark elf who was now under the enemy ’s control.

And Shen Yue noticed this. 

She did not let this chance slip by and immediately commanded the elf to stab him from behind.

Since it was a well-placed move that was executed with strength, power, and vigor, targeting a vital part of the body, this single attack was enough to make the dark elf falter.

Blood dripped out of his wound and he lost half of his health in a second with the single spear attack. 

And not just that… his comrade did not stop there with just one stabbing of the spear. 

Without giving him a chance to retaliate, he continued stabbing the dark elf with the spear again and again.

How could Liam and the others let go of this rare situation? 

They as well joined in on this thrashing and continued doing as much damage as they could, finally reducing the first of the ten dark elf general ’s health down to 0!

A big notification popped up and experience points showered on everyone. 

This was not much as Liam alone took half the experience points and his own points were shared with his demon army.

So when the rest was split among the group, in the end, it did not amount to much but that did not matter at the moment.

They had finally taken down the first dark elf general and everyone was in extremely high spirits!


Everyone shouted together, further increasing their battle resolve!

And not long after the first dark elf general fell to the ground, the second one also fell. 

This was the elf whom Shen Yue had controlled the second time and whose health was already teetering on the border.

So when the first one died, everyone immediately targeted their burst damage on this second one and killed this dark elf as well.

Now only one among the group of three remained standing and loud thunderous celebratory shouts echoed in the battleground.

As it was… the demons tended to shout for no good reason so when they joined in on this, the whole place fell into chaos.

”This atmosphere is not too bad. ” Liam grinned, giving Shen Yue an encouraging smile. 

He then dashed forward to face the last dark elf who was struggling like a fish out of water. 

It looked like Liam did not have to waste much time with this guy. 

He quickly took out the two metal balls from his inventory and summoned the giant golems. 

The continuous barrage of hits by the golems and the DPS teams on the guy seemed as if it was enough to take care of this dark elf General.

So he quickly left the spot along with Shen Yue to take care of the next three or rather four generals.

The dark elf who was being left behind to be toyed with by the golems was furious at this sight. They did not even spare him another glance?

He threw a massive blast of dark flames on Liam ’s back but once again just before the attack landed, he used nether as a shield and casually blocked the attack.

”You need to try better. ” Liam grinned and jumped onto the female General who was making Shin Shoo ’s life a living hell.

The poor guy looked as if he was out of all options with his stamina as well running low. 

In reality, the first fight with the three dark elf generals had taken only about a minute and maybe a half but this in itself was too much time when facing monstrous powerhouses like these.

Shin Shoo was about to fall down and crumble and was only barely holding on. In fact, without Mia, he wouldn ’t have been able to hold on even for this long.

So Liam first dashed towards him to relieve some burden away from him. ”Shen Yue! Do it! AGAIN! ” He shouted.

Shen Yue instantly executed her steps and charmed the one on the right, making the dark elf general fall into a stupor and then under her control.

Liam simultaneously cast [Mana Net] and [Trapping Veins] on the other one and slashed down at the two remaining dark elves in the group.

By now the General elves were aware of the losing circumstances they were in and they snarled in anger. 

The two growled at Liam and dashed towards him, these two wielding swords just like Liam.

Among the two, one of the dark elf generals was a woman and she was dealing the maximum damage on the demon army and the human team.

So Liam focused on this high DPS elf general first. Catching this hint, the others also started focusing their attacks on this woman.

The dark elf grunted on seeing this and she spun, her black sword dancing as if it was invisible in the darkness of the night. 

The spinning attack with the sword was mesmerizing and in a moment the black sword shone brightly like a moonlight.

Bursts of sword beams shot out in all directions and each one did heavy damage. 

Not just that, these sword beams also had the dark element attribute woven within them. 

The beams were so many in number and were very strong, making it difficult to block, parry, or evade. 

Liam observed this change and a strange glint appeared in his eyes.

”Impressive. ” He muttered but without giving the elf a chance to finish the attack, he sent out a series of massive fireballs at her.

The dark elf under Shen Yue ’s control wielded a saber and the elf also hacked and slashed at the woman.


The woman snarled and struck her sword directly at Shen Yue as she was the one controlling her comrade who in turn was doing the max damage.

Shen Yue clenched her daggers and prepared to face the attack head-on, bringing one of her arms to the front to block.

But before the attack could land on her, another purple sword flashed in between. ”Your opponent is still me. ”

Liam slashed at the woman a dozen times rapidly, sending out several attacks.

Looking at this, Shen Yue ’s face became bright red. She was touched by how much Liam was paying attention to her, despite this being a battlefield.

However… in reality, Liam just wanted this opponent for himself. 

The dark elf general in front of him was skilled in swordplay and he felt as if he could learn a great deal by fighting against this woman.

How did she manage to mix an elemental attribute in her sword attack? Liam clashed repeatedly against the dark elf.

But the woman sneered in contempt. ”You dare to fight with me using your inferior techniques? ”


Golden Ticket Bonus chapter 5~~

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