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Chapter 315: Search Party Mobilizes

Chapter 314: Battle finally over?

The dark elf General snorted and for the next attack, she stepped towards her right, twisted her body, and sent out a huge enormous sword beam.

Liam instantly knew that he couldn ’t block this. 

So he commanded the nether to shield him and take the brunt of the attack and simultaneously, Shen Yue as well placed the dark elf that was under her control on the path of the attacks.

The female dark elf was able to see her comrade come in between but she had already released the sword attack and could not pull it back or reduce its impact. 

BANG! The dark elf under the charm effect was flung aside like dirt from the impact and the woman realized what had happened.

The female General shouted furiously in a language that no one understood and started sending out several sword beams madly left and right without stopping.

She was crazed and maddened because everything she was doing was somehow miserably going wrong and she couldn ’t understand the reason.

”GET OUT OF THE WAY! ” Liam immediately shouted. These violent sword beams were not something that they could handle.

Shen Yue and Shin Soo quickly moved away. However, Liam stood firm at the nexus of all of the attacks.

Not because he had the ability to defend against these many attacks at the same time but because…

A person in the back had the ability to use all of these attacks!

”DIVINE MIRROR! ” Mia shouted. 

Unlike Liam, most of her spells were still activated with the help of the system, so she had a lot more tricks up her sleeve.

And this particular spell cost a huge amount of mana and also had a big cooldown. Nevertheless, it was invaluable in this particular instance as it fit perfectly.

A huge mirror appeared out of thin air, standing out in the darkness that enveloped the place. 

It appeared right in front of Liam at the critical juncture and reflected all of the attacks back at the owner.


The noise of sword beams slicing through the air filled the air and Liam grinned. 

”Not bad. ” No words were exchanged between them but their coordination was near perfect.

And by this time, the previous dark elf general from the first attack was already dead. 

So the DPS team promptly shifted to the female dark elf general Liam was fighting against and everyone barraged their attacks on the same dark elf.

The other two dark elf generals tried to assist her by breaking out of their entrapments but it was useless.

Within a single minute, blinding flashes surrounded the two injured dark elves and both of them were mercilessly slaughtered.

Now that they were not overwhelmed by the insane numbers, the full strength of the team was slowly showing.

They were also able to demonstrate the full extent of their abilities. 

The other two dark elves saw that the situation was turning worse by the second. However, there was nothing more that they could do.

They were in the thick of it. They couldn ’t exactly retreat at the moment. 

The numbers of their brethren had dwindled to such an extent that the number of dark elves around could be counted easily.

But the demons were still raging wildly as if they did not take any big hits. 

Even the human soldiers they had allied with were being pushed back by them.

Everything was going terribly. There were also only three other elven generals left apart from the two of them.

”I don ’t think you can afford to lose focus now. ” 

Liam sent one attack after another at the two generals and the others as well bombarded them with everything in their arsenal.

One of the dark elves spun his sword trying to block and reflect the attacks back but it was useless.

Even though they had the advantage of a huge level difference, they were completely helpless against the ten players and a dozen demons surrounding them.

Slowly but steadily their health was going down every second and Liam finished the fight by sending out two more massive fireballs.

[Ding. You have received 10 experience points]

[Ding. You have received 10 experience points]

The experience points gained were pathetic because they were shared by a lot of demons, in fact, the whole army he had summoned. 

Liam ignored the two insignificant notifications and gazed at the three remaining dark elves. 

Derek was doing a great job handling these guys. His movements and blocks were perfect, along with the usage of skills.

There was absolutely no flaw whatsoever and he seemed as dependable as always.

Both their gazes met each other momentarily and they both gave a knowing nod towards each other before returning back to the fight.

Liam then looked at Mia and Shen Yue. ”I need to go and search for Alex. I trust that you guys can handle the rest? ”

”Brother, take the golems with you. ” Mei Mei reminded.

”Ok. ” Liam did not refuse and dismissed both the golems. He then placed the metal orbs back into the inventory, taking them with him. 

Even he was not completely confident in this upcoming fight because the assassin gave him a bad feeling.

When Liam had exchanged blows with him previously, he was not able to sense him at all.

Moreover, the feeling he got from that single dark elf was completely different from even the dark elf generals.

There was a possibility that this dark elf could be stronger than the other dark elves and even the dark elf generals.

He was only going to scout and did not plan to engage without the backup of his group. 

There might also be other enemies lying in wait so he did not discount any possibility. The Kingdom quest was almost over. This was the last leg.

Liam clenched his fists and slipped out of the battleground while simultaneously also sending out waves after waves of nether bullets, helping the NPCs on their sides.

That fight was also coming to an end. This was also why he wanted to hurry and scout the neighboring areas. 

If possible, he would have liked to wait for the battle to actually finish up and leave along with the group but if he did that, then there might be too many eyes on them.

If he made any bigger move now, there was a chance that someone might notice.

While everyone, hidden or out in the open, was still distracted by the events on the battleground, he wanted to search the surrounding places thoroughly, so he left alone.

As soon as he was outside of the range of the miscellaneous attacks, Liam silently activated [Stealth] and then stepped out.


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