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Chapter 320: So what?

Chapter 319: Leave! Run away!

Everyone, including the dark elf, was utterly shocked when Liam appeared out of nowhere. 

In this remote area, no one had expected another person to be present along with them. This was too much of a coincidence.

Not just that. This person also had timed everything perfectly and executed an impossible task. 

This meant that he was actually following the assassin for quite a while to know the elf ’s moves and skills.

If the dark elf, who was toying around with everyone, was cunning and manipulative, then this person had somehow managed to manipulate the manipulator, hunt the hunter.

Just who was this person, and how did he suddenly appear here? No one knew except for one single woman.

Alex dumbfoundedly stared at Liam.

Sure, she had dreamt about this exact moment for the past several hours which might as well have been several years.

She had hoped that someone would come, her sister would come, and even hoped that her arch-enemy, her nemesis, this hateful person would come.

But unfortunately, all of that had changed when she saw how the dark elf was using some strange means to kill players permanently.

At first, he was simply torturing them by testing some weird purple-colored poisons on them.

However, all of this changed when a loud horn sounded. 

The dark elf started shouting something in anger and annoyance, breaking the things in the room. 

He then started killing randomly, only to stop and storm out of the building banging the door shut.

Alex knew instantly that this was their only chance to escape. In his hurry, he had not bothered to chain them back correctly.

A couple of them were left freely, even though these two were twitching in pain, lying on the ground.

Alex did not know why the dark elf had overlooked this. Perhaps he thought that the two on the floor were already dead? 

Nevertheless, this was the only chance they had.

She slowly coaxed these two to bear with the pain and release everyone by breaking the shackles.

This took a while, not to mention they soon ran into another roadblock. 

The players whom the dark elf killed were not resurrecting. They simply laid in a pool of their own blood, forever to rot.

Realizing this, everyone stood frozen in shock. This sight was simply too terrifying! 

Real people were being killed inside the game and the thought that a similar fate probably awaited her and even Rey terrified her even more.

She did not even fully understand how she got herself entangled with someone powerful like this in the first place. 

She was hoping that Mia would come and rescue her before but now she no longer wished for that to happen.

If she came here, then perhaps not just her but the two of them would perish together in the cruelest of fashion.

In reality, Alex was at least able to maintain her sanity somewhat because she already knew some secrets about this game.

But the others were simply too shocked. This was the first time they were encountering something like this.

Apparently, the dark elf had plucked them randomly from the outer towns and villages while they were doing quests or picking herbs and brought them here one by one.

However, these people ’s treatment was completely different from the one Alex received. 

She did not know who was lucky and who was unlucky. 

The dark elf was killing these guys left and right without holding back while he treated her like a treasured specimen and took his time to torture her more.

At least for this, she did not have to wonder why because he openly declared that it was because of her S-rank divine affinity.

But she had no doubts that the same future waited for her also. All of them needed to escape now. Otherwise, they were all going to end up dead.

She again summoned her burnt-out willpower and tried to make everyone listen to her. 

She snapped them out of their trance and made sure they understood the reality. They needed to leave now!

The dark elf had underestimated them, and this was their only chance!

Without wasting another second, the group started to run and flee from the building where they had been held captive for so long.

But unfortunately, things were not as they seemed. In the end, it turned out that the dark elf had never overlooked them.

Everything he did was on purpose, and before they realized two more people had died…

At this point, there was nothing that anyone could do. It was obvious what lay ahead of them and the fact was that no one could change this.

But now suddenly Liam was standing in front of her?

She couldn ’t believe her eyes. This was the last person she thought would come to her rescue.

What was he doing here? Did he already know the risks? Or perhaps he did not?

If he knew that he could possibly die from this, why would he still remain standing here?

In that case, should she warn him? Alex stared at the man and at his steady back in disbelief.

”I should warn him… ” She mumbled with her bleeding lips parted. 

Despite how much she hated him and wanted to punch his face out, she knew that he was here right now for her sake, to help her.

Even if Mia was the one who made him come here, it didn ’t change the fact that he listened to her request and was here.

She did not want to make her suffer. She was going to die here. At least Mia needed someone by her side.

”LIAM! LEAVE! RUN away! He can kill you! PERMANENTLY! ” She shouted at the top of her lungs. This was the best that she could do.

More than this, even she did not have any explanation and she also did not have any strength to assist him in the battle.

She could not even open her interface for some reason or activate any of her skills for that matter.

”LEAVE LIAM! He is using some sort of poison! Watch out for his dagger. ” 

She looked at him and shouted one last time as her voice cracked on seeing the dark elf throwing a furious glance at her.

He looked extremely serious, his mere gaze making her shiver.

However, the man she was trying to warn looked very casual. Liam grinned and tossed a bunch of health potions at her without saying anything else.

He then continued slashing at the dark elf, his movements smooth and flowing, without any interruption.

Alex had already seen him fight several times, but he somehow seemed to have improved even further every time she looked at him again.

Or perhaps she had never seen him properly. With her mouth open, she unblinkingly stared at the fight in front of her.

This was not a fight on her level. She didn ’t think that Liam could be this monster ’s opponent, yet he was bursting forth with strength and power.

Would this fight just end like this? Would Liam really manage to kill this monster without ever giving him a chance to fight back?

She gulped, watching the man ’s movements in a trance.

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