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Chapter 321: Soloing the boss?!

Chapter 320: So what?

”Graaa! ” 

The dark elf struggled, the veins on his forehead popping in anger.

In reality, he wasn ’t all that much bothered about the black slimy pungent tar sludge sticking on his body.

But to think that someone had planned, strategized, and toyed with him like how he had toyed with his prey made him livid.

Such a thing was extremely humiliating to anyone, not to mention someone like him.

However, unfortunately, it was just the beginning.

The dark elf soon found that the tar dripping on his body was equally irritating. 

The sludge prevented him from entering stealth again and vanishing from the vision of the opponent.

This was the dark elf ’s favorite method of attacking. 

He liked to terrorize his enemy and give them the maximum mental pressure before swooping in to enjoy the kill.

But now, he was not able to do that.

”Graaa! Seniko drettty! ” 

The dark elf shouted furiously and dashed towards Liam who had already put considerable distance between himself and the elf.

Only a fool would fight in close combat with an assassin, that too of a higher level.

But from the way the dark elf was acting, it looked like no matter how much distance Liam placed in between them, it would never be enough.

He rushed towards him as if he meant to slice and dice him into a million pieces.

However, after taking a few steps, the dark elf ’s face once again changed, becoming several shades darker and twisted.

He finally realized that his stealth wasn ’t the only thing affected. His speed was not as fast as it should be either! 

For an assassin especially, the ability to vanish from eyesight and his speed, agility and reflexes were like his two legs.

But with one trick, Liam had cut down both of his legs and made him stumble and fall.

Now how would he be able to fight with his full abilities?

The dark elf howled in a maddened frenzy. 

Liam also did not miss this chance and continued to barrage the dark elf with one fireball after another, sending in power-packed hits.


The first two hits landed on the dark elf but he was not weak to take all of them lying down. 

He snorted in contempt and started cleaving all the fireballs into two with just his dagger. 

He sliced the mana attacks casually as if he was just slicing the air. His reddened eyes glared at Liam with visible hatred.

He was like a slumbering feral wolf woken up from his rest. He snarled at Liam and came for him with everything he had.

You took away my stealth and speed? So what?

He was not deterred by these handicaps and lunged at Liam, slashing his daggers. 

His gaze challenged Liam to do the best that he could, and he did not do it without the adequate backing of talent.

Even with this speed nerfed, the dark elf still remained a force to be reckoned with!

He exuded a cruel and sinister killing intent and dashed towards him. The superiority of his footwork and stats showed their power at this moment.

Liam tried to kite him while simultaneously sending in a few attacks every now and then.

The dark elf also did not remain idle and shooted out several darts at Liam as he chased him, slowly closing the distance between the two of them.

”I cannot let these darts hit me. ” Liam slowed himself down further in order to evade the attacks.

The opponent he was facing this time was someone who dabbled in poison or possibly someone who could take away the soul in one hit.

So even taking a single hit head-on was ruled out. His only option was to sacrifice his speed to make sure he evaded everything.

Seeing this the dark elf snorted and sent in several more attacks. 

At a certain point, Liam was no longer sure if he was just seeing things or if there were indeed these many darts.

Maybe some of them were just images or illusions?

Liam tossed another tar bomb and also simultaneously sent in a few frost balls. 

The dark elf ’s eyes glinted on seeing the familiar bomb so he quickly avoided it. However, he failed to avoid all of the frost balls.

He ended up taking hits from two of them after evading two and slicing one with his dagger.

And bingo!

Liam grinned. 

The frost ball burst open on the assassin ’s lean body taking away a chunk of his health while also reducing his speed some more.

And he did not stop there. He knew that this was the only chance he was going to get.

He was not that familiar with an assassin ’s high-leveled skills, and that too this guy seemed to have several mysterious tricks up his sleeve.

Liam knew he had to do something if he wished even to have a chance of winning. He had to do it now!

This tar bomb and this frost ball debuff were the maximum advantages he would get. 

He needed to use it correctly and at least takeaway half or more than half of the man ’s health.

However, the dark elf was not giving him a chance.

And Liam as well was not ready to duck out just yet. He threw at the guy everything he had left.

Seeing this, everyone else was at the edge of their seats. 

Their life and death depended on this stranger, and they were dumbly staring at the show.

No one had the strength left to help Liam. Alex tried to do something but she only failed again.

Moreover, everything in front of her was happening at lightning speed. 

She could only dumbly stare and see the series of bright lights shining brightly in the darkness.

Letting out a long sigh, she weakly extended her hand forward to take the fallen health potion bottle and gulped it down.

”Come on. ”

”Come on. ” She muttered in a barely audible voice, willing her body to move or even to be able to do anything.

However, she was still unable to do anything. 

She felt completely drained and her condition was only worsening by the second.

Meanwhile, Liam continued to overpower the assassin, utilizing the full extent of his abilities.

Even with that, the assassin was like a cockroach, and he did not go down quickly. 

Because of the level difference, Liam ’s attacks were not 100% efficient. 

He also had high physical resistance, the elf ’s body covered in numerous scars. 

Liam knew that this fight was not going to be easy. He was fighting against an experienced veteran. 

Nevertheless, he was already here and had initiated the fight. 

So he continued grinding away the dark elf ’s health while simultaneously avoiding all of his attacks.

He was only able to do this because of the small window of opportunity, and he wanted to make use of the entire time of debuff.

But halfway through, the dark elf assassin growled, ”ENOUGH! ”

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