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Chapter 322: Did you really think that I was going to lose?

Chapter 321: Soloing the boss?!

The dark elf assassin snarled and took something out.

He popped it into his mouth and then once again took out something else from his person. 

The next instant, before Liam could react or do anything, suddenly a thick black mist enveloped the area.

With the thick black mist unleashed, the others felt their bodies shiver. Even Alex trembled visibly.

Amidst this vicious, sinister black mist, the dark elf alone had a strange smile on his face. 

Everyone saw this, and the little hope they had left after seeing Liam was also now gone.

They could tell that the dark elf had activated some sort of secret spell. With this… what was going to become of them?

Seeing the fear in everyone ’s face, the elf ’s grin widened as he confidently began his counterattack.

But there was still something odd about this situation that bothered him. Everyone else seemed to be affected.

However, weirdly, Liam alone still seemed calm and steady. 

The black mist seemed to have no effect on him at all, and the elf had a bad premonition.

He watched his opponent ’s face turn several shades from tensed to shock and then to joy? 

”COME OUT! ” Liam loudly shouted, almost as soon as the black mist spread out and a strange glint appeared on the dark elf ’s face. 

The next instant, everyone was utterly shocked as they watched a small group of chickens and rabbits appear from somewhere.

Before they could diggest this aspect, two giant golems as well appeared out of nowhere.

Liam decided to truly go all out. This battle was worth it.

The golems only had some health left because they hadn ’t yet fully recovered from the previous battle.

But this was surely more than enough. After all, Liam was only up against a single opponent at the moment.

After commanding the defense golem to erect its mana barrier and guard Alex and the group of other injured players, Liam did not waste this precious opportunity.

He started unleashing all hell on the dark elf.

The gap that he was struggling against earlier had suddenly disappeared because of nether ’s presence.

Now he was no longer lacking. It was his turn to dominate and finish this fight once and for all!

HAAAAA! Liam roared and blasted forth. The nether gave him renewed energy and filled his drained and tired body.

Fighting with this elf for a few seconds was far more tiring than any fight he had ever faced so far. 

This opponent was testing his abilities to the extreme!

Liam did not hesitate and immediately started with the strongest skill in his arsenal, especially because of nether ’s presence.

[Nether firestorm]

He commanded the nether in the air around him, thanks to the elf ’s special device, and then the next instant wreaked havoc on the assassin ’s lean and dark body.

Without giving him a chance to use the nether for his own spells, he used all of it to cast the huge spell.

Massive flames roared as if they were alive and lit up the whole forest, even the nearby vegetation catching fire because of this.

And Liam did not stop there…

[Wind Blades], [Fireball], [Ice burst], [Lightning Snake], [Earth Spike]

He used every single spell he had and barraged the dark elf from all sides. He imprisoned the elf with just his spells and did not let him recover.

At the same time, he also maintained a distance from the dark elf, making sure not to let his dagger strike him even once.

This was his biggest or rather his only constraint, so he fought like a mage rather than a close combat fighter.

He let his other minions do the grunt work instead. 

On one hand, the golem was standing tall like a metal and stone statue and trying its best to pummel the elf and flatten him down to the earth.

On the other hand, bunnies and chickens were bombarding the elf one after the other. 

They were not doing any significant damage but they were irritating the shit out of the guy, not letting him think or move properly.

Liam grinned seeing the dark elf struggle. His health as well was starting to take huge hits.

Seeing the monstrous health bar that was in millions finally starting to crash like the stock market, Liam doubled his efforts and kept the attacks running.

One after the other, strong power-packed punches rained on the assassin.

Seeing this the others as well were starting to rejoice. 

At first, it seemed impossible for a single person to take down the dark elf who was as strong as a dungeon boss. They did not have any hope.

But now seeing everything happen, they finally felt their breath quicken and their heart palpitate.

Alex also sucked in a big breath of air. Everything was going in their favor. Will Liam truly solo this monster? Were they all going to be saved?

With her heart pounding loudly, she watched as the dark elf ’s health continued to drop.




50% and it was still continuing to drop…

He was really going to do it! Wasn ’t he? Alex licked injured her dry lips in excitement. 

It tasted bitter and it hurt but she didn ’t care. She was finally going to get out of this hell!

She shifted her gaze from the dark elf who was being pummeled on all sides to Liam to cheer him and support him.

However, his expression was strange. It was almost as if he was pensively thinking about something. 

It did not look like the face of someone who was en route to an absolute dominating victory. He did not look happy at all.

Just when she wondered if something was wrong, Liam ’s face suddenly darkened.

Alex heard loud gasps around her and she quickly looked at the dark elf to see him laugh?

The dark elf assassin was actually laughing like a lunatic?

His voice was not audible because of all the attacks being barraged on him at the moment.

But if one looked at him, it was clear that the man was smiling. 

He was grinning from ear to ear, looking at Liam with a mysterious glint in his eyes.

Just what the hell was happening?

The next instant, suddenly everything came to an abrupt stop. The dark elf ’s health stopped falling!

He moved, easily breaking out of Liam ’s spells, and dodged the numerous ghosts bumping him and crowding him.

He also easily gave the slip to the golem and appeared next to Liam without any warning.

Ka ta Ka ta Ka ta

Becoming alarmed, Liam quickly moved back several paces. He tried to remain calm and observed everything carefully. 

What changed suddenly?

”KE KE KE KE! KE KE KE KE! LOOK AT YOUR FACE! ” The dark elf loudly snickered, and then his smile instantly twisted into something sinister. 

”Did you really think that I was going to lose? ”


Bonus chapter 1~~

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