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Chapter 324: Bad Girl Luna!

Chapter 323: My precious?!

”Now that I think about it… KE KE KE… I need to take care of all of you! ”

”You vermins dared to run away from me, isn ’t that right? ”

”So, who should I take care of first? ”

”Hmmmm… Hmmm… Hmm… ”

The elf snickered viciously, licking his dagger. 

He then started walking around all of them, eyeing and picking out the lucky person who would be his next prey. 

He dragged all the bodies and placed them in a line up facing him. 

Among the 7 remaining members of the group, there was a young man, seemingly around the same age as Liam and also scrawny like his previous self.

He was the one who was shaking the most. 

The dark elf grabbed him by his neck, with the person kicking and screaming weakly. 

He took his dagger and in one swift move, he sliced… no he was about to slice him but he stopped. 

The blade nicked the skin dripping the blood, but the elf left the person intact. 

”KE KE KE. I will save you for later. I will first deal with this human who dared to hurt me. ”

The dark elf wiped the blood trickling down his forehead and licked it, turning his attention back to LIAM!

Alex ’s heart sank again. 

No. No. No. She screamed inwardly, but she did not show any reactions outwardly. 

This was because that would only encourage the elf to do more and target Liam more specifically.

However, her silence as well did not change anything.

The dark elf sneered and walked over to Liam, holding the dagger close to his throat. 

He then lifted it up intending to plunge it down onto Liam ’s back just like how he had done several times for Alex.

But at the last moment, he stared at Alex, and then he again stopped. ”NO. This is a big boy. He needs something more powerful to be put down. ”

The dark elf sheathed the dagger back and tapped the ring on his finger.

Alex looked at him lifelessly. At this point, even her spirit was exhausted. They were just waiting to die or to be endlessly tortured.

So he just blankly looked at the cruel being, seeing what he had in store for Liam. 

His ring looked ancient and archaic and the elf as well had a proud look on his face as he tapped the ring.

”Come out, my precious. ”

And the next second, from within this ring, emerged a small strand of a brilliant purple flame.

Just the mere presence of it somehow made the air around them more sinister.

Alex choked, not able to breathe any longer. What was happening? What the hell was this flame?

A strange ache spread across her body as if the toxins coursing through her blood were acting up.

The dull pain suddenly increased by several manifolds.

”KE KE KE! ” The elf snickered looking at Alex. ”It will hurt a bit. BEAR WITH IT! KE KE KE! ”

”This is my precious poison flame. Since you are going to become my plaything I might as well tell you. ”

”Look at it. ”

”Look at this beautiful, spectacular flame. ”

”This flame is the dream of every single venomancer. ”

”Mere insects like you won ’t understand the profoundness of this flame! ”

”And if I let you experience the profoundness of this flame… KE KE KE… your soul won ’t live to tell the tale! ”

”MY BABY is so powerful that it will eat right through your soul! KE KE KE! ” 

The tar bomb ’s effect had also worn out by now so the dark elf was going in and out of stealth and playing around to his heart ’s content, singing praises of his flame. 

He kept appearing and disappearing between the 7 individuals as if he was playing a game. 

However, he stopped after a few seconds, clearly very pleased from showing off his flame to everyone.

He also enjoyed the fear and terror that was visible on everyone ’s face, except, of course, the guy who was still fainted and lying on the ground face down.

”Hmmm. Hmmm. Hmmm. Time to turn this boy into my toy! ” The dark elf snickered again and then proceeded to skip over to Liam.

He leaned down and took his dagger out again. 

He then looked up proudly and made a gesture as if he was attempting to show the dagger onto the flame on his other palm.

However, something felt different.

Alarmed, the dark elf quickly looked down, only to find out that the brightly dancing flame was suddenly missing.

Almost instantly, real terror and panic flooded his face. 

He started searching around the ground, the charred rocks, the blasted trees from the battle, everything around him.

He searched everywhere frantically but weirdly, the dazzling brilliant flame was nowhere to be found?

How was this possible?

”NO! NO! NO! ” 

It was the dark elf ’s turn to clutch his long white hair and scream. How could such a treasured flame disappear? Just like that?

He kept turning around in circles like a lunatic, his eyes darting everywhere. 

Seeing that the flame was nowhere to be found, he became even more crazed. 

In his anger, he slashed one of the survivors, and in one single move, the dead body flopping down lifelessly. Everyone trembled in fear.

The elf was clearly a nutjob even before but now he was something different. He was livid as if he had lost all rationality.

He looked like he had no idea what to do now. How could something that was on his hand magically disappear?

Who could have taken it?

Who else was there here besides these worthless insects?

”GRAAAAA! ” The dark elf shouted in rage! 

His voice was like a furious volcano bursting out. Even the birds and the beasts in the vicinity fled away in fear.

And when he looked down, he suddenly saw an egg in front of him. It was big, and it was vibrating violently!


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