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Chapter 326: The softest!

Chapter 325: Welcome Back

In the silent moonlit night, amidst the hazy darkness, the loud crackling noises, and the sound of metal clashing with metal, a pair of dove-shaped adorable eyes flashed open.

Unaware of this…

Liam locked and parried with the assassin, only taking damage when the other party attacked him from within stealth.

This was his biggest issue. He could not predict the dark elf ’s bizarre movements. 

He was using some sort of exceptional footwork to reduce his presence.

Liam used everything he had and was trying to deal with the dark elf as best as possible. The other person was also fighting with a vindictive rage.

”Huff. Huff. Huff. ” Liam panted. His entire body was drenched from top to bottom in trying to deal with this opponent in front of him.

Everything the assassin did was unpredictable. 

He was not able to block and parry efficiently. His reaction speed couldn ’t match the veteran assassin.

”YOU DIE NOW! ” The assassin mumbled. 

He suddenly took out seven small blades from inside his leather shirt and in the next instant he vanished from the vision.

Liam as well prepared himself to block the attack and downed a health potion. 

He vigilantly looked around trying to determine where the dark elf was going to attack him from.

The dark elf sneered, watching the vain attempts of the insect. 

The two of them were locked onto each other mentally but before either side could take action… 


A dark brilliant purple flame enveloped the entire area. 

”LIAM! ” Alex shouted in alarm, gaping with her mouth wide open at the horrifying sight in front of her. 

Did the dark elf not lose his flame?

She had been happy that things were looking up for them but looking at the roaring flames that were spreading fast, she knew that they had lost.

These purple flames were the same ones the dark elf tossed up and down in his palm. 

But this time the power and the size of the flames were much larger. They were alive. They were everywhere.

Did the elf actually not exert all his power when torturing us?

How could Liam still put up a fight against something like this? 

Brilliant purple flames were roaring loudly, engulfing everything in their path.

Initially, this part of the forest was not affected like the rest of the area and there was still some vegetation left here and there.

But as soon as these purple flames touched this vegetation, everything was instantly erased. 

The leaves, the stems, the branches, and even the trunks were corroded within seconds. The flame consumed everything in its path.

Luckily they were a few feet away from the site of the battle. So Alex was still able to see everything without being burned alive.

However, that was not the case for Liam. Just a second ago, he was standing right there in the center of the raging purple fire.

By now… he would have probably… he would have probably…

Alex ’s brain stopped functioning. She couldn ’t think anymore. She did not want to. 

She simply lifelessly laid back, waiting for the fire to engulf her as well. There was just nothing more-

Snapping out of her trance, Alex dumbfoundedly watched as a man ran out of the fire, screaming in agony.

”Liam… no… ” Alex muttered… in disbelief.

”Liam… no… no… no… you can ’t… please you can ’t… I am so sorry. This is all my fault. ” She sobbed.

”I could have… I should have fought harder. I am sorry. I let you down. I let everyone down. ”

Her eyes were full of dread and horror as she watched the person burn to a crisp right in front of her.

But what could she do? She couldn ’t even move!

She covered her mouth with her palm and watched the full-grown person turn to ashes in a mere second.

It made her shiver and tremble from top to bottom.

But before she could process any of that… the next second… Liam walked out?

”Huh? ” Alex blinked in a daze.

She watched the familiar figure walk out of the fire, the flames moving away, making a path for him as if they were submitting to him.

He waved his hand and the purple fire disappeared.

Wait, or was he simply waving his hand at her? She couldn ’t understand anything.

This guy was alive!

This guy was actually alive!

Liam was alive and that could only mean… the dark elf was the one who was burned to death?

Alex gulped as she tried summoning her system interface. 

The familiar screen popped open in front of her and she was able to access her inventory space and her items.

Tears streamed out of her eyes as she hurriedly took out a few health potions and gulped down.

She looked at her health bar with her fingers crossed and it was also going up again!

Everything was over!

The dark elf was really dead!

Tears continued to stream out of her eyes endlessly as Alex looked up through her moist lashes at the man now standing in front of her.

She did not have any strength left in her and ended up literally falling at his feet. ”I am sorry. Please forgive me. ”

”Huh? ” Liam was shocked. He did not hear her muffled words properly but just the act of falling at his feet was simply unbelievable!

This hot-headed redhead turned over a new leaf?

His gaze lingered on the woman in amusement, only to see that she had fainted in exhaustion.

He then looked at the other members of the small team who all hurriedly logged out one after the other, not daring to stay inside this game any longer.

Liam doubted if they would ever play this game again, but they were not his concern. 

Right now he was only concerned with one person.

His lips curled up to reveal a small smile as he lovingly looked down at that person who was the only other being present along with him and Alex.

And was currently lazily purring in his arms… 


The little fox adjusted her pose to get the maximum embrace from her master, and Liam smiled, patting her gently on her head.

”Welcome back, Luna. Thank you for being a good girl and thank you for having my back. ”


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