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Chapter 327: Back to the nether realm

Chapter 326: The softest!

Liam gazed at the small fox sleeping peacefully on his lap. She looked very tired.

”Using the flame must have taken a toll on her. ”

”Did she even grow bigger? ” He mused, observing the little thing carefully from top to bottom. 

She was as small as ever. But other than her size everything else had changed.

Compared to before she looked completely different now. She had a pure snow white body with her fur extremely soft and glossy.

Even the finest of silks or any other material for that matter couldn ’t possibly come close to this softness.

Liam was not surprised by this. Of course, the little rascal was soft. This time she had gobbled up way too many precious items.

Countless herbs and three rare flame fragments that others considered as precious treasures!

The beast master Seraphina had mentioned that the beasts only needed to use a little bit of the nine divinities crystal for evolution.

However, this girl had completely swallowed that as well, not leaving even a tiny sliver left.

How could she still not be soft and cuddly?

Liam could already see his sister going crazy on this little thing. ”You only have yourself to blame. ” 

Admittedly, he as well couldn ’t keep his hands off the small fox.

He smiled bitterly and looked at the rest of her, while continuing to pet her. 

And the little things purred contently from all the attention she was receiving.

Liam chuckled and then shifted his gaze from the small body to the most curious thing, the three tails of the fox.

They were also snow white in color now but during the battle when the little fox jumped in front of him out of nowhere and set everything on fire, he distinctly remembered one tail being dark purple in color.

Did the three tails mirror the three flame fragments she had eaten?

Perhaps the color of her tail changed according to the flame she was using? 

Does that mean she was now able to use all the flames as she pleased?

He sighed as he looked at the mysterious little thing. He could only slowly figure out these things.

He lifted up the little fox and looked carefully on all sides to see if there was anything else peculiar about the beast but she seemed completely ordinary.

Only her soulful blue eyes peeked at him ever so often when she lazily opened her eye lids as if she was making sure that he was right next to her without going anywhere.

Liam chuckled at this and plopped her back on his lap. ”Status. ” He willed and Luna ’s details popped open.

[Ding. Status]

[Name: Pet1, Luna]

[Level: 10]

[Type: Spirit beast (Evolution possible)]

[Grade: Celestial]

”Hmmm? ” Liam had to read and re-read the term for a few times before he fully grasped the significance of it.

”This little fox is a celestial grade beast? ” 

He couldn ’t believe it but after eating so many things at least there was something to show for it.

He did not know what exactly brought about this change. Was it the flame fragments or was it the herbs or the nine divinities crystal?

But the more he thought about it, the more he leaned towards the crystal. 

This was because when he had obtained the crystal, he had to fight a bunch of apes and they were all fighting with him to the death as if their life depended on it.

Or rather, it was clear that they considered this crystal to be more valuable than even their life!

Now he understood everything. 

If this crystal indeed had the ability to make a beast tier upgrade this explosively, no wonder they were dying for this.

”Hmmm… Exactly how powerful will a celestial beast be? ” Liam pondered. He had never heard of this term ’Celestial ’ until now.

With weapons or herbs or ores or even beasts for that matter, ’Legendary ’ was the highest tier that he knew of, at least based on his limited knowledge.

”I need to find out more. ” Liam mumbled to himself, but he wasn ’t too worried about it. 

He had a feeling that a ’Celestial ’ beast was something that was at least equal to if not more powerful than a legendary beast.

Especially, after personally witnessing her one-shot the dark elf assassin whom he had been pitifully struggling against, he absolutely had no doubts about her power.

Liam sighed tiredly. This time the fight with the dark elf assassin was eye opening. He realised many things after the fight.

The most important thing being… he needed a powerful move, a finishing move. 

Something that contained absolute strength and dominance. This was the thing that he lacked the most right now.

If he had that he wouldn ’t have struggled so much against the dark elf and talking about the dark elf…

Liam tiredly gazed at the spot on the ground where some of the charred remains of the dark elf assassin was lying.

Was that powerful monster really dead? A single flame was enough to kill him?

He silently stared ahead, thinking about this when his thoughts were interrupted by several sets of loud footsteps.

Mia and a few others were rushing over towards them, huffing and puffing. 

They were also clearly exhausted but they were still running over as fast as they possibly could.

Liam was sitting under the tree with Alex still fainted by his side and Luna purring on his lap like a cat.

All three of them looked tired and lifeless so it was easy for anyone to misunderstand.

Mia saw this sight and her heart almost stopped. ”Alex! ” She shouted and flew towards the woman lying with her face down on the ground.

She was in a weird pose as if she was prostrating to someone. To be  more specific, as if she was prostrating to Liam.

However, her chest was rising up and down calmly and she seemed to be fine?

”She is fine. ” Liam could see her thoughts on her face and reassured her.

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