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Chapter 330: Big or small?

Chapter 329: Should I change my Class?

”Where are you guys at the moment? ” Liam was very exhausted but he wanted to have a small meeting with everyone before logging out.

Since the nether realm event had suddenly started, they had no time to rest or slack off. 

At the end of the day, even if the others were not aware of it, Liam knew very well that they were essentially racing against time itself.

They needed to become as strong as possible, and the nether realm event was extremely crucial for them to take that next step.

Also, it was a godly chance to gain a lot of high-tier resources that they would soon be needing when they cross the Level 50 threshold.

As that was when the game would truly start!

Liam patted the small fox who was still lying peacefully in his arms and continuing to doze.

”Should I show her to the beast hall… ” He pondered, as he was worried that the fox was still asleep.

However, he had seen her open her eyes a few times, and also, she was visibly fine with no wounds or cuts.

More importantly, there wasn ’t anything unusual about her status. So Liam was particularly not in a hurry to do this.

After all, Luna was a celestial-grade beast. 

He did not want to allow others to examine her and give this secret away, attracting even more unnecessary trouble.

Especially, when he remembered the loli beast master Seraphina ’s twinkling eyes, he was sure that the woman would covet the fox.

She looked harmless enough but one could never be too sure.

As Liam walked down the streets of the royal city, he promptly got Mia ’s response. 

It looked like the rest of the group was currently eating in one of the restaurants. 

Liam as well decided to join them as some of the administrative work was still left and the nether realm event was far too important, so a personal meeting was a must.

Soon he arrived at the restaurant and a bell at the entrance jingled as he entered the room.

The inside was quite crowded. Nevertheless, a few people turned their heads toward him to take a look.

Liam, however, was fully covered in his black attire and the snow white fox as well was hidden thoroughly. So no one was able to recognize him.

Seeing that they couldn ’t glean anything about this person, the few bystanders went back to their discussions and gossip.

And Liam casually walked over to the booth where his group was sitting. They had booked one of the bigger booths on the restaurant ’s top floor.

Everyone was exhausted after the battle, so Mia was a bit generous this time. 

The group was enjoying a lavish feast and a big barrel of fine wine and beer with the pretty waitresses in the inn lingering around to serve everyone.

But when Liam pushed open the door and walked inside, this mood immediately changed. 

Everyone was somewhat wary of him, slightly out of fear but primarily out of respect.

As soon as he walked in, every single person inside quieted down. Liam couldn ’t help but chuckle helplessly. ”Don ’t mind me. Don ’t mind me. ”

Am I really that scary?

He looked around the room to spot the familiar person whom he hadn ’t paid attention to in a while.

Liam knew very well what sort of trouble the girl was capable of brewing, so he looked for her first.

However, his expression changed when he saw the girl in a corner with her head down and ultimately out of it.

Sitting next to her, Shen Yue nervously looked at Liam. 

She was afraid to speak up but then she saw the frown on Liam ’s face and did not want him to mistake the situation.

”She drank my drink by mistake. She is just resting. ” She quickly explained.

Liam narrowed his eyes and looked at Shen Yue, ”By mistake huh? ”

Shen Yue gulped and looked down, fidgeting with her fingers. It was really not her fault. 

The little imp had drunk an entire glass full of beer before she could do anything about it.

She was fully expecting Liam to go ballistic on her, but he simply sighed and sat down next to her. 

”It ’s alright. I know she is a handful. Thanks for keeping an eye on her. ” 

It was funny to see her still mashing her palms together in nervousness so he smiled and reached forward to hold her hand.

Shen Yue immediately became bright red. 

Liam did not care but she was distinctly aware that everyone in the room was looking at her right now.

And Liam ’s hand was also holding hers firmly under the table. Others can ’t see, right? 

She looked up like a petty thief to see if she was caught, only to see Mia staring right back at her.

Shen Yue quickly looked away.

Liam, on the other hand, did not pay attention to anything. He held her hand for a while and then let go, grabbing a plateful of meat instead.

One of the waitresses served him a mug of beer, and he took a big sip from it, turning to pay attention to Derek.

The last time he had called him for an emergency, so he wanted to check if he had truly finished taking care of all the essential things back at home.

The plans for the nether realm event would heavily depend on Derek ’s presence or absence, so they needed to have a talk.

And also, he was the only one who was sitting like a statue amidst the festive environment.

He was in a corner silently eating a plateful of skewered meat without any drink or boisterous chatter.

This guy is worse than me in all aspects! Liam lamented.

”Derek, are you training to become a monk? ” Liam laughed.

”Mr. Liam, do you want me to change my class? ” Derek immediately stiffened up and asked in a very business like and serious tone.

There was immediately a minute of silence, after which everyone broke into a fit of laughter.

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