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Chapter 333: Another Kingdom quest?

Chapter 332: You again?

”I am talking about the infected lands in the south, Chancellor, the one where a lot of demons have been spotted lately. ” 

Liam smiled politely, his face brimming with innocence.

”I want to clear these demons personally and then little by little recover the lands from the dreaded plague, slowly bringing them back to the former glory. ”

”This is a service that I wish to do for our King and our Kingdom. So… what do you think, Sir Chancellor? Is this doable? ” 

He flashed another big warm smile. There was absolutely no malice or greed in his face.

Now, the Chancellor also had a similar expression like Mia. He too was flabbergasted, not knowing what to do anymore.

”That… that… ahem… right. That should be possible. ” 

The Chancellor quickly dug out some stacks of parchments from behind him and then spread it on the table.

”There is indeed no civilians living in these lands. The towns and villages are completely destroyed. ” 

”Dangerous beasts have invaded the lands instead. A lot of treacherous creatures have been sighted including demons and elves. ”

”These lands are completely uninhabitable and something does need to be done about them. ” The Chancellor slowly read the reports.

Liam as well silently nodded, not saying anything else. Inwardly, he was amazed at the efficiency of the officials.

They had already gathered a lot of information in this short amount of time.

But yet… the King hadn ’t taken any other measures. Liam was now more and more sure that he was on the right track.

He could see that it was possible to achieve everything that he wanted if he just pressed the right buttons.


The Chancellor still looked reluctant and cleared his throat awkwardly. ”What you are saying is not wrong… but these lands… I need to consult with the King first. ”

Liam nodded. He was already expecting this answer so it didn ’t come as a surprise to him.

The man had offered him 20 acres but he had rejected this and instead asked for 2000 acres. How else was he going to respond?

He was already prepared for it and even had a counter ready. ”Sir Chancellor, you read my mind. ” 

”Huh? ” The man looked confused.

”Today, I am also required to meet with the King. Why don ’t we head over to the royal palace together and get everything organized? ” 

He then paused and added. ”That is… if it is not too much trouble. I hope I am not disturbing Sir Chancellor ’s busy day. ”

”These days the deadly assault of the demons is worsening so it would be for the best if we could take some quick action regarding this matter. ”

Hearing this, the man immediately knew that he had once again lost to Liam. 

Now if he did not agree with the request, he would only look like a treacherous person who doesn ’t care about his own Kingdom and the people.

”Ah… that is indeed very true. We need to make haste. Alright, Lord Duke. I will do as you suggest. We can visit the King together and sort everything out. ”

Liam smiled and then stood up politely, shaking hands with the man. He then turned around to walk and noticed that Mia was staring at him oddly.

”Hmmm? ” He smiled at her as if he had no idea why the woman was staring at him in disbelief.

The next second, the Chancellor joined him after picking up a few things, and the two of them walked out.

Mia and Derek followed behind the two, along with a few personal guards of the Chancellor.

Outside the building, the crowd still lingered and watched in amazement as the three players left the building.

They had no idea about the Chancellor in the building and had never seen him or heard of him so not many people knew the gravity of what they were witnessing.

Liam as well once again hid his appearance, covering himself completely. So no one was able to find out his identity.

That day not even a tiny news appeared on the forums about this game changing move.

Not long after that, the Chancellor and Liam arrived at the royal palace. 

All the guards greeted them respectfully and promptly stepped aside to let them pass through. 

Not one but two important officials had made a sudden appearance, so they did not question anything and quickly let them enter.

However, this was only at the entrance. The King ’s personal guards still blocked the two and asked them the purpose of the visit.

Liam immediately showed his insignia, and the Chancellor as well showed his token. 

The guards then proceeded to consult with the King, asking the two to wait outside and everyone waited calmly.

Only Mia was sweating through her blouse.  She was meeting with the King? 

Liam had actually strongarmed a member of the court to get a direct meeting with the King? Just what was this going to lead to?

She glanced sideways at Derek, who was still standing stoically. 

Feeling her heart beating in and out of her chest, she suddenly couldn ’t help but wish that she was also like him!

She let out a soft sigh and mentally prepared herself for what was about to come. Liam wasn ’t planning to bully the King himself right?

Soon two guards arrived and bowed respectfully. ”Please follow us. ” 

They surprisingly brought the group over to a huge garden, and the person of interest was currently sitting on one of the tables and calmly sipping a drink.

”You again? ” The King rolled his eyes as soon as he saw Liam.

But Liam did not respond to his rude behavior. He looked calm and composed with a warm smile on his face.

A chill ran down Mia ’s spine on seeing this exchange. Who knows what is going to happen now? Why was the King already hostile?

They hadn ’t even begun to poke the bear yet! Were they all going to be thrown in jail?

Surprisingly, Liam was the first person to break the awkward silence.

He actually responded to the King as if he was answering a normal question. 

”Yes, your highness. It ’s me again. I have successfully finished the task that you had assigned me. ”


The King almost choked on his drink and sprayed everything out. ”What the hell task did I assign you? Just what are you talking about? ”

At this point, even the Chancellor became nervous. What was happening here?

However, Liam ’s following words surprised everyone. 

”As per your orders, my guild members and I fought bravely against the horde of demons and dark elves and chased them out of our Kingdom! ” He confidently declared.

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