Re: Evolution Online

Chapter 335: Crimson Abyss

Chapter 334: That person is not to be trusted

When Liam, Derek, and Mia left the palace, the Chancellor and his guards followed them out as well leaving behind the King alone and in peace.

The young King had a strange expression as he stood up and walked back to his chamber from the garden.

But suddenly, as soon as he entered the room, a grey cloaked figure materialized in front of him as if he was appearing out of thin air.

The King, however, was not surprised on seeing this.

”What is it, Rava? ” He asked, his voice strangely sweet like nectar instead of the normal hoarse tone.

Responding to him, the grey cloaked figure bowed politely and then answered. ”Your highness, that person is not to be trusted. ”

”Hmmm? Why do you say that? ” The King removed his crown, letting loose long cascading soft strands of purple hair.

He also removed a layer of skin from his face, which looked like a mask, revealing a peerlessly beautiful appearance.

Now, instead of the young King, an elegant beautiful woman was standing in the room.

”He… ” The grey cloaked figure stammered as if he couldn ’t keep a straight face any longer. He looked down and only then continued.

”I can smell greed and bloodlust on him. I can also smell something else, different energy. Something sinister surrounds him. I can sense it. ”

”Hmmmm… ” The woman tousled her hair and flopped down onto the bed. 

The man talking to her was her personal guard, who had stood by her side since her childhood.

Therefore, she trusted him and heeded his counsel. But even if he had not pointed it out, she could intuitively tell that the new Duke was up to no good.

Just like every other man around her, this man also wanted something from her.

”They are all the same. ” The King or rather the young woman muttered and hugged her pillow tightly. 

”They are all watching me and waiting for me to fail. They want to take everything away from me, Rava. ”

The grey cloaked figure clenched his fists, but he remained silent. He then watched as the woman fell asleep, too tired and worn out.


Mia looked at Derek, who was silently walking beside Liam or rather a step behind him like a faithful bodyguard.

He was calm and composed, as if what just happened had nothing to do with him. 

He only reacted when Liam asked him something, and he also only spoke when spoken to.

Mia sighed softly. She couldn ’t be like this. 

Though she was not as bad as Alex who thirsted for knowing all of Liam ’s deep dark secrets, she did want to know some things to plan better.

Sometimes working with Liam was like walking around with one ’s eyes blindfolded. She had no idea what was going to happen when.

Just when she was mulling over inwardly whether to ask the guy, she unknowingly bumped into something.

She looked up to see that Liam had stopped walking, and she had mistakenly bumped into him. 

”Sorry, ” Mia said, trying to remain as calm and composed as possible.

”What? Are you thinking about something deeply? ” Liam chuckled. ”How is Alex doing? Is she fine? ”

He guessed that she was probably worried about this so he asked her. 

”Oh! I forgot! ” Mia blurted out. ”Alex just logged back in a few minutes ago. Give me a second. I want to give her a quick call. ”

”Already? ” Liam was surprised. ”Ok, take your time. Also, tell her to rest properly. It is important to keep mental health. ”

”Especially her mental health, ” Liam added not so loudly, chuckling to himself.

Mia nodded and then stepped aside. Meanwhile, Liam had a conversation with Derek that he had been meaning to.

”How are your mother and sisters doing now? Was the surgery successful? ”

”Yes, Mr. Liam. Everything went smoothly. I am extremely grateful for your help. I will- ”

Liam chuckled and stopped him then and there. He already knew what the guy was going to say. 

”Alright. That ’s enough. I have many times asked you to stop thanking me. You won ’t listen to me? ” 

Hearing this, Derek immediately became stiff and his expression turned serious. Liam quickly again interrupted him.

”Relax. I was just joking. By the way, are you able to play the game now? Or do you need more time? ”

”No, Mr. Liam. I can play now. I have finished doing all the necessary duties. ”

”Ok, in that case, from now onwards, we will be working very hard. Actually, there is something else that I need to tell you. ”

”Derek, what do you think about this game? ” Liam asked.

This was not something he should be breaking to anyone in the middle of the road but he had no other choice.

After seeing Alex and everything that happened recently, many should already be apprehensive about continuing to play.

So he did not plan on hiding things from everyone for much longer. It was about time everyone knew the truth.

”Derek, listen to me carefully. What I am about to say is something that might sound crazy but you have to try and believe me. ”

”This world is going to change soon… ”

Liam then patiently explained things as much as he could while at the same time trying his best not to overwhelm the guy.

Even if it was Derek, he knew that this would be a little too much to digest.

But surprisingly, he reacted slightly better than expected. ”Are you worried? ” Liam asked.

Derek shook his head. ”I trust you. ” He gave a short and curt reply, which however, said volumes.

Liam was stunned for a moment, before breaking into a smile. 

”Ok. That ’s good. You should prepare your family ’s passport and other government necessities as soon as possible. ”

”It is best if you move soon to my location. Obtaining documents might give a little bit of issue but there is nothing money can ’t solve. ”

”Also, you need to get gaming capsules for your other family members. Let them log in and play the game. ” 

”Do you have a problem with any of this? ”

”No, Sir. ” Derek nodded.

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