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Chapter 336: You need some spanking

Chapter 335: Crimson Abyss

When Mia finished her conversation with Alex, she returned to find Liam and Derek standing in silence. However, the two seem to be deeply engrossed in their thoughts.

”Did something happen? ” Mia asked.

And Liam shook his head. ”Nothing. I have some work. ” 

”How about you finish the guild registration process, and Derek, you can buy some consumables for everyone. We can meet up with the rest of the team outside the city in 5 hours. ”

”Be sure to rest well. ” Liam quickly spoke and then started to walk, but Mia hesitantly called after him.

”Liam, wait. Alex wants to talk to you. ”

”Hmmm? Aren ’t we meeting in 5 hours? We can talk then. ” He did not turn to face her and simply answered with his back facing her.

”Ok. ” Mia did not look disappointed. ”And, what about the guild name? ”

Liam again paused for a moment. 

He then opened his mouth and slowly mumbled, ”Crimson Abyss. ” He said the two words that were at the top of his mind for some reason.

”Wouldn ’t it be better just to keep the name ’Heavenly Retribution ’? ” Mia asked. 

Someone else might have mistaken her words, but Liam knew the thought behind her question so he did not mind it.

”You want to keep my identity hidden? ” He asked her.

”Yes, it can be a trump card in crisis. ”

”It is not possible. When we do what we are about to do, the whole world will look at us anyway. There is no point in keeping a low profile. ” Liam chuckled.

What he didn ’t say was that this game would never allow anyone to develop that peacefully.

When a person took a step forward, a dozen others would be waiting right there to push him back. That was how this game was designed.

Or rather, that was how life typically was…

”Let ’s just use the publicity to recruit more numbers. ” 

Mia nodded in agreement, while Derek as usual looked like he did not care. Afterward, the three of them walked away.

The other two went to complete their allotted tasks, and Liam directly walked over to an inn to log out for a bit.

He stepped out of the game capsule in his room and stretched his limbs. ”Damn. I need some sleep. ”

He dragged himself over to the bed and fell asleep like a log.

Meanwhile… in the tavern where everyone was resting…

”Sis Yue! ” One little girl chewed the meat in her mouth fiercely. 

She was not little, but when compared to the two women seated adjacent to her, she seemed far too young and undeveloped in certain areas.

Mei Mei nudged Shen Yue again, ”Sis Yue, did you see that? Brother, logged out! Quick! Quick! This is your chance! ”

”Chance for? ” Shen Yue was confused.

”Don ’t act like you don ’t understand, sis Yue! You are right now too lacking! You are far too lagging behind! Do you understand? ” 

Mei Mei pointed her finger and spoke passionately.

”I don ’t want those two vixens to eat my brother alive! I would rather have a vixen like you eat him up! ” She blurted out, slurring her words.

Shen Yue instantly became red. She knew that the girl was probably talking without thinking about the meaning of her words, but nevertheless…

An image floated in her mind, and she became very embarrassed.

”What is the use of being shy here, sis Yue? Just log out! Listen to me, just log out! ”

”Ummm… ” Shen Yue was speechless. She couldn ’t bring herself to be this shameless and stoop to that level.

”He must be sleeping. Let ’s not disturb him. ” She silently sipped her drink and looked at the woman with the red hair sitting opposite them.

Alex had already logged back into the game, and she had been reticent ever since she walked into the tavern.

Shen Yue wanted to ask if she was okay but decided against it, giving the person some space.

Soon Mia messaged everyone the plan and that they were to meet in 5 hours. 

Half the group logged out while the other half scattered to do random things. Some of them even headed over to the PVP tower to grind there.

Shen Yue and Mei Mei also busied themselves, the former honing her cooking skills while the latter honing her eating skills.

Soon a couple of hours passed, and Liam logged back in. 

He did not want to sleep through the entire 5 hours as he had a few things to do before the meet-up.

He walked down the city ’s streets and stopped by a food vendor. Once again, he purchased a bunch of chickens and rabbits.

Liam then walked out of the city and settled in a comfortable spot cracking his knuckles. ”Time to begin. ”

He took out the small fox from his cloak, placed her on the side, and finally began his grind.

He grabbed a chicken and twisted its neck, starting the forging process from scratch. 

Though he was currently in the Xion realm, he decided to do this because using mana this way also helped him train his mana control and manipulation.

Unlike his nether manipulation skills, his mana manipulation was somewhat lacking. 

Doing this took care of several aspects of his training, so Liam wiped the sweat off his forehead and continued barraging the small soul bead with a dozen tiny mana hammers.

While Liam was busy practicing and increasing the size of his chicken ghost army, the small fox on the side yawned lazily.

She opened her little mouth, revealing her sharp silver fangs. Surprisingly, in front of her, there was a cage of rabbits.

Kyuuuu! Luna grinned. She was hungry, and this was her favorite meat. She did not wait for anything and immediately pounced.

How could the small rattling metal cage contain the might of a celestial beast? It immediately gave away, and all the rabbits shrieked and shattered.

As Luna sprang forward to play the chase, catch, and eat game, she finally noticed Liam being busy and working hard.

She immediately screeched to a halt, looking around guiltily. The thought that maybe the rabbits weren ’t meant for her dawned on her slowly.

But she had already eaten 3 of them! Oh no!

Her big round blue eyes bulged in panic, and the next instant, her small figure blurred.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Only a white blur could be seen as she ran around and caught all the rabbits who escaped.

But instead of tossing them into her gullet, she shoved them back into the broken cage.

No use. The cage was utterly destroyed.

Kyuuu! Hisss! She threatened the bunnies not to escape, and they silently shivered. However, the main problem still remained…

She had already eaten 3, and Liam would surely notice it!

She looked around and sniffed, suddenly an inspiration striking her. 

She ran a few yards to their right, where a group of dire wolves snarled and walked around proudly, claiming their territory.

Kyuuu! This will do! Luna grinned.

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