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Chapter 337: l received a new quest

Chapter 336: You need some spanking

After a few minutes, Liam took a deep breath and looked at the finished forged soul bead.

This soul bead looked more polished than the original one, and it shone like a diamond.

He injected a jolt of mana into it, and the chicken sprang alive as if it was never dead.

It flapped its spectral wings and screeched, ready to dive into battle.

Luna hopped over, her three tails swaying in the air, and looked at the chicken with her big eyes.


She cocked her head to the side, wondering what this strange bird was.

The chicken as well repeated the same set of motions, cocking its head to the other side and staring at the fox.

The two looked comical, and Liam chuckled at the sight.

However, the next second, Luna unexpectedly raised her paw.

Liam saw this, and he instantly knew what was going to happen.

Luna was about to smack the chicken hard!

”Damn it. No. I just forged this undead. ” Liam broke into a cold sweat and hurriedly grabbed her. ”No, Luna. Stop. ”

He pulled her by her scruff and held the fox, dangling her mid-air.

”I think you need some spanking. Do you know just how much trouble you have caused me lately? ”


[Master, sorry]

Liam was surprised. Luna only very rarely used their mental connection to speak.

He checked the fox from top to bottom to see if she was okay.

”Are you alright? ” He asked her again.

[Yes, Master]

The fox squiggled her nose and stared at Liam with a sheepish grin.

”Hmmm? ”

Liam was confused as to why the little thing was putting on such an expression when he casually turned to the side and saw the mangled cage.

There were a few drops of blood here and there and the number of rabbits had reduced.

More importantly, instead of the rabbits, three dire wolves were squeezed into the same cage, all looking beaten up and worn out.

This was probably the only time when rabbits and wolves sat next to each other as if they were best friends.

”So this is why… ” Liam shook his head helplessly and chuckled. He placed the naughty fox down, his gaze on the dire wolves.

He suddenly had the impulse to try forging the soul bead of a higher beast.

By now, he had already practiced a lot with chickens and rabbits. Perhaps it was time to try bigger beasts?

Liam walked over and grabbed one of the dire wolves, swiftly ending its life with a throat grasp.

Though it wasn ’t a chicken or rabbit, this dire wolf was just a Level 5 beast so it did not put up any fight.

And as soon as he killed it, the familiar aura emerged.

Liam dropped the corpse and stared at the small bluish white soul bead that popped out of the dire wolf.

He immediately willed the mana circulating in his body and the air, to surround this small bead.

”Start, ” Liam mumbled to himself and manipulated the mana to form big hammers. He then started slowly forging…

A few minutes passed, and soon, almost an hour flew by.

Meanwhile, standing on the side, Luna kicked a rock while sulking.


She was completely ignored and it was all the wolf ’s fault!

She stared at the remaining two wolves with animosity but seeing that her Master was busy she silently ran around and kept herself busy.

A few more minutes later, a loud howl resounded, and she instantly ran back, worrying that Liam was in danger.

She saw a strange spectral dire wolf standing in front of Liam very much resembling the chicken.

At first, she was wary of it, but then she looked at the chicken and then the dire wolf, and she cautiously walked over to Liam.

”Huff. Huff. Huff. What were you up to all this time? ” Liam panted and grabbed her again, worrying about the dire wolf ’s health.

This was the first time he managed to accomplish this, and he did not want the final forged beast to become cannon fodder.

Huff… Liam flopped back onto the fresh green grass of the forest in tiredness, still holding the fox close to his chest.

”YESSS! ” He shouted with a big, content grin on his face. The forging this time had been challenging but in the end, it was a big success.

This would be the beginning of forging a solid undead army that would always travel with him and become a part of his strength.

More work was needed, but he could already see the path ahead of him. He was no longer walking in darkness.

”Again! ” Liam did a fist pump in the air, placed the fox on the side, and then grabbed another dire wolf from the cage.


This beast as well let out its last breath as he executed another throat grasp.

Luna blinked in amazement. She slowly understood what was going on, and she was thoroughly amazed.

This time she did not run around and sat near Liam, watching him work from beginning to end.

Her big blue worshipping eyes did not move anywhere from him. She was very careful not to disturb him and sat very quietly.

Ding! Another hour later, yet another dire wolf popped up!

Liam was now completely exhausted, but he still had a big smile on his face. Seeing the two wolves side by side was very satisfying.

This was the result of his hard work.

Just as he was admiring the spectral beasts, another notification as well popped out.

[Ding. You have now acquired 30% of the legacy]

”Alright. Next one. ” Liam suddenly felt refreshed.

He closed his eyes and adjusted his mental condition for a few minutes before once again starting to forge the third dire wolf.

Luna took this as her cue and turned to look at the remaining innocent dire wolves roaming around in the prairie.

Kyuuuu! She instantly looked very serious as if she meant business and pounced towards the wolves, baring her fangs.

In front of her, the pack of wolves might as well have been sheep that needed protection.

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