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Chapter 338: vow of Tenacity

Chapter 337: l received a new quest

”Sis Yue, does something look off today? ” Mei Mei rubbed her nose and asked.

”What do you mean? Your brother being late? ” Shen Yue replied, her eyes searching for the familiar figure in the distance.

”Nah.. he is always late. I am not talking about that. I am talking about… ”

She clicked her tongue and looked to her right at a certain redhead who was silently standing.

”Shouldn ’t she be throwing a fit by now? Look at how she is silently standing. ” Mei Mei covered her mouth and whispered.

”Shhhh. ” Shen Yue quickly silenced her. ”I think she is still hurt, maybe. Who knows what she went through… don ’t poke her today. ”

”Ah… ah… Sis Yue, I am not that bad. I know. I won ’t be rude to her. All I am saying is… she seems to have changed. ”

”Mmm. ” Shen Yue silently nodded.

”Trauma often changes people, but only time can tell if it is for good or not. ” She murmured under her breath.

Everyone had already assembled near the entrance of the royal city and was waiting for the last person to arrive.

Liam was almost an hour late this time, but no one complained. After the last battle, no one dared to doubt him any longer.

Rather they were waiting in anticipation and preparing themselves mentally for what was about to come.

If what they were going to do was anything like the first mission… just the thought of it made their blood boil.

Minutes ticked by, and soon another hour passed when Liam finally arrived. He walked in with a shameless smile on his face.

”Sorry to keep you all waiting. ”

Everyone instinctively turned to give Alex a glance, but surprisingly, she remained silent and calm.

She was not gnashing her teeth and raising her eyebrows, ready to start a fight. It was almost kind of unsettling.

Please don ’t poke the bear! Even Mia was worried about Alex ’s silence so she quickly cleared her throat and spoke first. ”Liam, what is the plan now? ”

”Mmmm… What else? We created our guild and now we have to make it popular. Pretty simple. ” He flashed another smile.

For some reason, this sent chills down everyone ’s spines. What was going to happen now? Everyone was curious and nervous at the same time.

”Why are you all looking at me like this? You guys… We are just going to run a few dungeons… ” Liam chuckled.

”Oh. ” Everyone collectively nodded in understanding with a small sigh of relief, but the next second Liam added.

”Let ’s run all the dungeons between Level 30 and Level 40. ”

”… ”

Derek was the first one to react as he silently nodded and walked over to stand next to Liam.

Mia as well helplessly smiled. It looked like nothing they would do here onwards would be simple. However, that was for the best.

She also walked over to stand next to Liam in silence.

But the others couldn ’t digest this lofty goal so easily.

Level 30 to Level 40 dungeons… something that every guild in the game right now was fighting tooth and nail for.

They were going to attempt those?

Not that there weren ’t many powerful players in their group, but running dungeons and defeating field elites were very different.

It would be like fighting the dark elf generals all over again, except now they wouldn ’t have the support of the demon army to focus blast dps and melt them down like butter.

The number of members in their fledging guild was also too pathetic. This was really not going to be easy. Might even involve several team wipes.

However, seeing that the three most powerful members of their groups had already made their decision, the rest could only gulp nervously and follow.

Only Mei Mei was humming and skipping as she walked as if she was going on a tour to see some beautiful scenery and eat good food, not caring about a single thing.

Perhaps because of that… she was the first one to notice the reappearance of a certain someone.

”Brother! ” Mei Mei quickly ran over to Liam as soon as she saw the white fluffy tail popping out of his cloak.

”Brother, is this Luna? She is alright now? ”

She was jumping in place, unable to control herself. It had been far too since she hugged the cute little fox.

Liam chuckled. He knew he couldn ’t hide her for too long. He grabbed the little fox and mercilessly handed the beast over to her.

Mei Mei ’s eyes became twice their size when she saw the new evolved appearance of the fox and the three tails.

”Kyaaaa! So soft~~ ” She hugged the thing, squeezing it tightly, while Luna looked pitifully back at Liam.

”Sorry, you are on your own. ” Liam shrugged and turned to look at Mia. ”We will start with the ’Twilight ’ dungeon. That should be the closest right? ”

”Have you guys run that dungeon before, or is this the first time? ”

”We tried it once before but we were not successful. That dungeon is one of the few that hasn ’t been conquered yet. ” Mia replied.

The group started chatting and moving to the first dungeon when suddenly Alex opened her mouth and called out, ”Liam, I need to talk with you. ”

Everyone immediately quieted down, obviously paying attention to the two, but Alex soon added. ”Privately. ”

”If it ’s to thank me, you don ’t have to. ” Liam curled his lips upwards. This side of the tyrannical redhead was very amusing.

”No, it ’s not that, ” Alex answered, her temper still in check.

Seeing this, Liam was curious. ”Ok, let ’s go then. ” Liam increased his speed and stopped at some distance away from the group.

Alex followed him to the same spot, though her speed was visibly less than his.

”So, what do you want to talk about? ” Liam asked. He was not smiling any longer.

Alex also did not waste time exchanging any unnecessary words. She directly got to the point.

”I received a new quest. ”

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