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Chapter 34 - Crouching Tigers And Hidden Dragons Part1

Both Alex and Rey watched as the perfect silhouette of the mysterious person disappeared into the forest.

On their right, there was still a huge commotion because of the field boss, but Liam had avoided all of that and ran away in the other direction.

”Hmm. I really misjudged that person. ” Alex muttered under her breath. ”He is not that bad. ”

”He He. You should trust people more sis. ” Rey chuckled but he shut up immediately after sensing the deathly glare that came his way.

The two of them squabbled about for a bit when they finally turned around and noticed Mia. She had an odd expression on her face even for her and her cheeks were bright red.

In fact, her entire face and neck region was completely flushed.

”Huh? What happened? ” Alex was confused. She then remembered that Liam had whispered something in her ear. But what could he have possibly said that could make Mia react like this?

”What did he say? ” She asked.

Mia was usually a very calm and composed girl and seldom showed any emotions, unlike Alex whose emotions were always in her sleeves.

In their high school, she was even revered as the ice goddess by everyone, but now she was showing an expression like this?

”Hey, what happened? ” Alex worriedly asked.

”That guy just now said something weird. ” Mia answered her in a daze. ”He said that if we… inside the game… ”

Meanwhile, Rey was already trying to gather other party members so that they could run the dungeon a few more times.

He was rather thick in these matters. So he didn ’t even notice the two women talking about something in hushed voices and weird expressions.

He randomly selected a couple of decent damage dealers and headed back, when the three of them stopped in their tracks.

Bam! Bang! Bang!

Loud explosive noises echoed at the entrance of the dungeon.

”What the hell? Another field boss spawned? ” One of the new recruits muttered in confusion.

”Looks like it. Should we get more people? Woah! The beginning of this game is so sick! ”

Rey, on the other hand, gulped. Unlike the two new recruits, he was rather familiar with the silhouette of this so-called bear.

”Shhh! You guys. That ’s my sister. Don ’t call her a bear if you love your life. ” He nervously muttered under his breath and dashed forward. ”Sis, what happened? ”

He had only left for like a couple of minutes. What could have possibly happened in that short time to make his hot tempered sister burst out like a volcano?

Rey approached the danger zone very cautiously as if there was indeed an actual bear near him. ”What happened, sis? Can you calm down a bit? ”

”It ’s fine, Alex. Leave it be. ” Even Mia muttered.

However, Alex was clearly not in a mood to answer him or Mia. She just kept slamming against all the trees that she could get her hands on. ”I AM GOING TO KILL HIM! I AM GOING TO FUCKING KILL HIM! ”

”Huh? Who does she want to kill? ” Rey looked at Mia, who looked away and didn ’t answer him.

After a while, Alex eventually calmed down and the group of them then went back into the dungeon to do a few more rounds.

”Wait till I get my hands on that pervert again! Fucking loser! Hmph! ” Several curse words flew from the fiery hot woman ’s lips as she continued to slaughter the ravens in the dungeon.

She was so furious that her efficiency was off the charts and the two new recruits couldn ’t help but feel as if they had just joined a top-notch team.

Meanwhile, the person responsible for all of this…

Liam casually sped through the forest as he was familiar with this entire territory like the back of his palm.

Now that he had finished dealing with Niria and had obtained quite a bit of wealth, weapons, recipes, and skills, he wanted to consolidate everything and prepare the necessary items before heading to the next place.

He also needed to level up some of his skills and make sure that this overall build is balanced. Since he was playing a no class, he was always at the risk of messing up this delicate equilibrium.

As for the things that he had talked about with Mia, he didn ’t really place much importance on them. He had openly told her about the fastest way to become stronger.

And if she agreed, it would indeed make things a lot easier, but Liam knew plenty of other alternatives. He didn ’t care either way.

Regardless of whether it was the easy route or the hard route, he knew he was going to succeed in the end.

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