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Chapter 340: Two down three more to go!

Chapter 339: Still impossible!

Under the watchful eyes of the several players gathered around the dungeon, a group of black-cloaked figures suddenly entered the vicinity.

The Twilight dungeon was a complete disaster for the players who entered, always resulting in party wipes and multiple deaths.

So, the average level players, the below-average players, and the ordinary everyday players had already entirely given up on the dungeon.

Only some dreamers and players from established guilds occasionally visited this hellish place to see if they finally had what it takes to clear the impossible dungeon.

So the players who were currently lingering around the spot were all from the top guilds of the Gresh Kingdom.

They watched the group of black-cloaked figures cross them and walk into the dungeon and sneered in contempt and disdain.

”Hiding their identities! Ha Ha Ha! Must think that they are all some sort of big shots! ” One person laughed out loudly.

”There are a lot of arrogant assholes running around these days. ” Another one spat out.

”Ke Ke. Leave it. Weren ’t we also young and naive like that once upon a time? ”

”Who wants to bet how fast they will come out? I am calling 5 mins. ”

”5 mins? Too long! I am calling 1 minute! Noobs like that won ’t even get past the first mob! Ba ha ha ha ha! ”

The group of players continued to loudly chat and gossip as they rested outside the dungeon portal on the grassy ground.

It might be an impossible task to clear this dungeon, but several guilds ’ higher-ups had offered generous rewards for anyone who managed to come up with a strategy.

So even though they were joking on the outside, several groups were still anxious on the inside.

Some of them even stopped resting and entered the dungeon one more time to try their luck.

What if the mysterious group of black-cloaked players really did manage to solve this dungeon?

Then their rewards and their chance at fame and success will wave goodbye and disappear. That too, after having already tried so hard, no one wanted to lose or give up.

Of course, some players still continued to sit around and chat idly.

They were waiting for the losers to return one after the other, and they knew that it would probably be with the same speed they had gone in.

”Naive idiots. ” Someone shouted out aloud, and the group laughed.

Amidst this group of enlightened players, one person was particularly standing out.

This was none other than the Gu family ’s one of the most promising up and coming young talent, Gu Donghai.

After the fiasco that happened in the ape mountain where a mysterious stranger had stolen their treasure, and their teammates fell into some sort of sickness, he had now somewhat recovered.

He worked hard, created or rather bullied a bunch of people into forming a new team of lackeys, and was now at Level 30, working hard to conquer this dungeon and get a name for himself.

He received the least respect in their family and was always tagged as the loser. So he was very determined to prove his worth using this chance.

At the same time, hard work was challenging but lording around was easy.

So while still keeping in mind the mysterious black-cloaked figures who entered the dungeon, he continued to boisterously laugh and chat, enjoying the attention he was receiving.

Meanwhile… inside the dungeon…

Liam stood with Mia and Derek by his side, staring into the depths of the strange place. In fact, the inside of the dungeon was almost the same as the outside.

There was a twilight atmosphere with a lush and thriving jungle sprawled in front of them. However, there was something else also.

”Boss, any pointers? ” Shin Shoo, finally couldn ’t stand it any longer and stepped forward to ask Liam.

Everyone standing behind silently admired his courage. They were all wondering the same thing but did not dare to ask the big boss so demandingly.

But unlike their imagination, Liam did not seem to react in a bad way?

He simply smiled and said, ”Tanks will tank, healers will heal and dps will do dps. What pointers do you need? ”

”Boss! Why are you making fun of me? ” Shin Shoo smiled bitterly.

”Heh. I am not. I will give you pointers if needed, but I think for this dungeon, everyone just needs to be alert and do their part. ”

”It is really not that difficult, ” Liam replied as a matter of fact.

After this, who could ask another question? He had cleanly cut off all of them, saying only these vague words.

So everyone could only nervously prepare themselves and somewhat calm down and condition their mind.

They assembled in the most basic formation with their three dedicated tanks, Derek, Alex, and Shin Soo upfront, melee fighters behind them, the two healers Mia and Kang Minah next, and lastly, long-rage players at the tail end.

To everyone ’s surprise, this time, Liam was also standing at the back. He stood beside Mei Mei along with the other long-rage players.

The big boss was not going to tank like before?

Somehow this made everyone even more nervous.

And to make matters worse, just as the team settled down and got into the formation, a cold wind blew past them.

Instantly, everyone got a feeling as if they were being watched.

It seemed as if the entire forest was watching them with eyes everywhere.

And in this eerie, cold, and silent eternal twilight, a loud distant howl suddenly resounded.


”It ’s starting, ” Liam shouted immediately. ”Derek! ”

Soon afterward, a group of big black boulders dashed towards the group.

They did not even have to take one step inside the forest, and the enemy was already here to welcome them.

Everyone gripped their weapons tightly and saw the black boulders bounding towards them.

As they neared, the appearance of their black blurs became more clear, and that did not help.

”No need to be so afraid guys. They are just cute werewolves. ”

”1… 2… 3… let ’s go. ” Liam grinned and shouted as the first werewolf leaped high into the air and landed directly on top of Derek.

However, the next instant…


Its body flew back, hitting a tree. It was flung aside like a piece of dirt without any respect whatsoever.


A huge damage number floated up from its head.

And on the other end, Derek stood steadily with his shield forward and his ax gripped tightly in his hand.

A single punch from him was enough to take care of the werewolf and he was not done yet.

The first mob consisted of 10 werewolves and Derek alone toyed with five of them.

Alex saw this, and her eyes lit up with fighting spirit. She did not want to lose out to him.

[War Cry]

A commanding shout echoed, and the other five remaining werewolves growled and leaped towards her.

Alex grunted and slashed down her heavy one-handed sword at the incoming beasts.


Another huge damage number floated up.

Everyone ’s jaw dropped to the floor.

Previously when they were fighting with the dark elves everything was chaotic and no one was able to observe anything, but now that they could see all the finer details…

It was utterly ridiculous!

At least they were already familiar with Alex ’s strength but the newly arrived tank was equally monstrous.

At this rate, the two tanks looked as if they were going to solo the first mob of werewolves.

As if this was not enough, Mia tossed out several [Divine Rays] one after the other. Each one of them dealt damage of 200 to 300.

The others saw this and quickly snapped out of their trance. Everyone started barraging their attacks on the ten werewolves.

It would be shameful to do less DPS than their team ’s tanks and healer.

Moreover, Liam was here with them today. Everyone wanted to do their absolute best!

They were all aware of the inner circle in their small guild and they all wanted to get in.

So all the 20 DPS except for Liam fired one attack after another.

In the midst of this, suddenly and unexpectedly, a huge fireblast appeared somewhere from behind, scorching one of the werewolves wholly.


An unbelievably huge number popped out.

Who the hell was this now?

Everyone naturally glanced at Liam to see if this was him but he was still standing casually not bothering to even start attacking.

So who was it?

They looked at Mei Mei standing beside Liam, who in turn was staring dumbfoundedly at the cute little fox licking her mouth contently.

Could it be…

Just as everyone was wondering, the inconspicuous little fox who might as well be a cuddly plushy opened her mouth again.


A soft sound came out, but along with it another blast of fire emerged, scorching another huge werewolf wholly.

The poor werewolf beast was roasted thoroughly from top to bottom and slumped down onto the ground limp and lifeless.

And the small cute creature who was responsible for this jumped up and down in joy.

Kyuuu! Kyuuu!

She was bouncing around Liam as if she wanted recognition and praises from him.

And Liam as well smiled and obliged as if it was just a normal occurrence, ”Good girl. Good girl. ”

Everyone, especially Mei Mei started sweating at this scene. How could such a cute thing be so deadly?

Everyone who previously had ideas of petting the little fox took a step back away from the beast.

Especially Mei Mei felt her scalp go numb as she thought back to how much she had tortured that fox, pinching its cheeks and rubbing its soft fur to her heart ’s content.

She gulped nervously when she thought about it. Never again. Forgive me for my sins! She also took a step back.

Now everyone had to compete, not only with the tanks and healers but also with this ridiculous pet and of course, Liam.

Being a DPS in this team of monsters was really hard!

How was it fair that someone who was already explosively strong obtain such an insane pet as well?

It was no wonder that he alone hogged the top rank in the leaderboard, not once losing the spot from the start of the game until now.

Their only consolation was that luckily they were all at least on the same team! Otherwise…

Focusing their attention back on the fight everyone targeted the remaining werewolves, no longer having any intention of topping the DPS chart and showing off.

If they waited any longer there wouldn ’t even be anything left to fight.

And just like that, within seconds, the bunch of strong ferocious beasts of twilight were reduced to mere rabid street dogs and put down one after the other.

A string of experience points also promptly chimed in.

Everyone exchanged awkward smiles as Derek and Alex started moving forward, heading deeper into the forest to get at the next mob.

At this rate, it was clear that they were going to blast through this dungeon!

One of the hunters whispered to the mage at the back, ”Dude, we are going to get the first clear for sure! How awesome is this! ”

But the mage shook his head firmly. ”Our team was always strong. That was never the issue. However, first clear for this dungeon will still be impossible. ”

”Do I need to spell it out for you? Did you not read on the forums why this dungeon was impossible? ”

The hunter rubbed his stubble. ”I did read, but… maybe the big boss Liam ”

”Mmm… even if it is the big boss, it is still impossible. ”

”No amount of talent is good enough. Against that thing, no one can do anything. ”

”Unless someone figures out the secret of this dungeon or dies and comes back to the past with the knowledge of the future, it is just impossible to hack this dungeon. ” He joked with a sigh.

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