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Chapter 340: Two down three more to go!

this new behavior?

”There is one cloth piece and one pair of braces. ” He announced.

”One looks like a silver unique item and the other looks like a gold unique item. Both are Level 30 items. ”

”Whoever wants to roll for it can do so. ”

He shared the details of the items on the group chat and then nodded at Derek, asking him to continue forward.

Other groups might sit down and take some rest at this point to recover everything before proceeding forward but clearly, there was no need for them to do so.

A couple of seconds passed, and another mob wave appeared.

This pack of werewolves had a red lustrous coat. They were different from the grey dull fur coat of the previous mob packs.

Irrespectively, they were also quickly cleared and soon the group arrived at the second boss of the dungeon.

This time, a huge werewolf was slumbering atop a small hill-like projection. Its thick fur was bright red, and the beast emitted a violent, oppressive aura.

CLANG![Updated from F r e e w e b n o v e l. c o m]

Derek was again the first to initiate the battle as he tossed his shield at the wolf, but this time the DPS in the group quickly started attacking the boss, just a second after Derek ’s attack landed.

This was because the second boss had the ability to go berserk according to its will. It could attack in a frenzy whenever it wanted, even with full health.

In the forums, this werewolf was nicknamed as ’rabid dog ’. No one would be able to foresee when its speed and power would shoot up.

After Derek attracted the attention of the beast, the werewolf lunged at him and swiped its massive paws at the tank.

Derek skillfully moved and blocked the beast ’s two attacks but when he tried to predict the next attack, and move accordingly, the beast suddenly disappeared.

Its speed increased a dozen fold as it now stood at the back, swiping at the damage dealers and the healers at the back.

This was the next hurdle in the dungeon where it was impossible for the tank to hold a steady aggro. Anyone could be attacked at any instant.

However, among the damage dealers and the two healers, there was also a third tank at the back. It was finally Shin Soo ’s turn to shine!

The poor guy did not have any chance to fight since the beginning of the dungeon run as the two monstrous tanks hogged all the beasts by themselves, not giving him even a single opportunity.

But now, they were too far and this was all him.

Shin Soo gripped his shield, jutting it forward to block the attack. However, unfortunately for him, the beast chose to go berserk at this exact moment.

Its speed and power increased by another level and just as Shin Shoo prepared to block the second attack, he was casually flung aside like dirt.

”AHHHHHHH! ” He screamed as he flew in the air to land a few feet away.

More importantly, now the group was fully exposed. Most long-rage damager dealers were glass cannons and the healers were equally helpless.

So if the next attack landed on someone in this group, they would instantly lose half of their health, and especially because the beast was in berserk mode, this was simply a death sentence.

They would not even be able to react and just get swiped to death.

However, before the werewolf could lock on to these glass cannons, another strike pierced the beast from the back and Alex had already arrived at the location.

She looked just as fierce as the beast and was in her own berserk mode as she swung her sword and her shield alternatingly.

A divine aura shone on her body as her attacks also began to give out a radiance. The red werewolf boss was not able to compete with her at all.

It looked dumbfounded and the others looked equally stunned.

Just when they thought that they had grasped this person ’s potential, Alex had once again surprised them.

She had definitely activated a special skill something similar to berserk but in reality, even with the special skill, her combat technique was impressive.

She did not miss a single attack and blocked the frenzied swipe perfectly, matching the speed and the strength.

The werewolf snarled in anger and she growled in return. If Luna was cute and vicious, this woman was just outrightly brutal.

While others stared in shock, Liam alone had a small smile on his face as he observed everything from the side, still not participating in any of the fights.

Seeing Alex so submissive and dull earlier, he had to admit that he was worried about her overall abilities.

Though the woman was annoying as she constantly opposed him and was bullheaded. These were also the qualities that made her an excellent fighter.

So with her calmed down and docile, he did not know if she had lost her innate fighting abilities as well.

But it looks like that was not the case. She was still roaring and fighting with vigor and energy.

”Good. ” Liam nodded in approval and then continued to watch just as he was doing before, not lifting a single finger.

However, no one complained about this as Liam ’s pet, the little fox who was running around and jumping around, blasting red hot fire ever so often, was doing damage equivalent to two damage dealers.

So even though he was not personally participating, Liam was pulling his weight in one way or the other.

The fight continued for another few seconds and soon the second boss was also brought down.

”Two down, three more to go! ” Liam muttered under his breath as he looked ahead into the seemingly endless dark forest.

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