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Chapter 342 - Big Boss vs Big Boss

Chapter 341 – werewolf King

After the grey werewolf boss and the red werewolf boss, the next boss was a huge werewolf with pitch black colored fur.

However, the appearance of this wolf was visibly different from the other two bosses.

It had a very strong and muscular physique and was even bigger than the previous two wolves.


The werewolf bounded forward towards the group and Alex prepared herself to take the attack, but surprisingly, Derek cut her off for the first time.

”I will handle this. ”

Alex immediately obliged and did not fight with him on this.

Everyone was familiar with all the bosses of this dungeon, and Alex as well knew the specialty of this boss.

This boss was mainly a test of the main tank ’s abilities.

And between the two of them…

Alex did not intend to compare her techniques with Derek ’s. They were both strong in their own ways and had their advantages and drawbacks.

However, she still conceded quickly to him, letting him take the lead on this one.

This was because of an entirely different reason, the equipment he was wearing!

She did not know the details, but from observing the battles thus far, she was sure that whatever he was wearing was definitely on another level when compared to her own items.

And moreover, every single item she had was a gold rank and above unique item!

So if he took the lead in this battle, everything would proceed much more smoothly. She was a bit arrogant, but she had always been a team player.

So she quietly stepped back, letting Derek handle this boss single-handedly while she assisted the melee damage dealers and slashed her sword at the wolf left and right.

The muscular black werewolf not only had ridiculous strength but also had a high defense and magic resistance.

So everyone ’s attacks were only 30% efficient when compared to their usual output.

Derek as well did not have it too easy. With every move he blocked, his body and his shield and chest guard shuddered and trembled.

He was only barely holding on. The werewolf ’s power was truly commendable and its attack pattern was also bizarre making the next swing hard to predict.

However, this was before Mia stepped in.

After she cast a few protection spells on Derek, his ability to block the blows tremendously increased, and he was even able to push back the muscular giant at times.

To add to this, Luna ’s flames were surprisingly still deadly.

They managed to somewhat ignore the defense of the werewolf and strike the beast, so the damage started piling up every time she opened her mouth and attacked.

This continued on for a minute before eventually its health bottomed out and the third boss was also taken down.

Kyuuuu! Kyuuuu! Kyuuu!

Luna jumped around and collected the loot, which was a couple of cloth pieces once again. All the pieces were also made of wolf fur and were soft to touch.

Mei Mei wanted to gobble the drops for herself as not many people in their group used cloth items.

However, the healer Kang Minah was not as well equipped as Mia. She genuinely needed the items, and hence she got all of them.

No one competed with her or had any issues and the group quickly traversed through the forest to get to the next mobs.

Only two more bosses were left, the last and final boss and the grand final boss.

The moment of truth was also very close.

Would they really be able to cruise through this dungeon termed impossible by everyone else?

Every single person in the group was curious to see this happen.

Of course, everyone except for the one person who hadn ’t done anything so far, not as much as cast a fireball.

Liam was not a hypocrite. He seriously practiced what he preached.

After continuously forging for so long, he was tired so he used this time to relax a bit. This also gave him a chance to observe everyone.

Soon, the second phase of his plan will be initialized and for this, he needed a good grasp of everyone ’s talents.

And this was just as good a time as any to analyze everyone ’s abilities and shortcomings.

As Liam casually whistled and walked at the back enjoying the cool evening breeze, the rest of the group cleared a few more mobs before arriving at the fourth boss werewolf.

This one had white fur and more importantly, held two daggers in its forelimbs. Unlike the other werewolf bosses, this one looked a bit different as well.

Not in its appearance but in the way, it was staring down at the bunch of humans standing in front of it.

The werewolf snorted coldly and then leaped towards the center of the group, brandishing its two daggers.

Its speed and agility were off the charts and the beast swung its daggers around, slashing down at Mei Mei and a couple of other mages.

The group of players scattered like ants, running away from the huge monster but their speed was not enough.

Mei Mei and the mage next to her were struck down almost losing all of their health and dying but Mia ’s reaction speed was fast.

She quickly topped off their health reaching half and then moved onto Derek as he had already reached the boss, parrying the next attack with his ax.

The rest of the group adjusted accordingly and did not stop dealing damage.

This fight was a bit more difficult than the previous fight as the two daggers in the beast ’s hands were quite troublesome.

Every time they struck they did a fuck ton of damage and because of this Mia was fully occupied. Healing the rest of the team fell into Kang Minah ’s hands.

She was not as fluent as Mia and just the repercussions of the fight between the tank and the boss were enough to give her a headache.

If not for the upgraded items she just received, she might have suffered even more.

Observing everything from the side, Liam could see that their group still had 3 different types of players. Outstanding, above average, and average.

But luckily, the coordination was good as everyone worked smoothly without any ego. So this made the group a lot more cohesive and the fight easier.

The fight with the fourth white werewolf boss was more difficult than the rest and the fight dragged on for a bit but eventually, this enemy as well fell without any other surprises.

And before anyone had a chance to take a look at the drops, a thundering roar filled the entire forest.

The earth shook and the clouds clumped together resembling a stormy night sky.

The next instant, a huge figure landed in front of everyone with a resounding thud.

Wind rippled through the air and dust and sand kicked up, slowly revealing the huge and sinister monster within, a huge werewolf with a dazzling silver body and a pair of cruel blood-red eyes.

[Werewolf King] (Super Boss)

Level 30

Health: 5000000

And Liam who wasn ’t doing anything up until now finally arrived in the front of the group, standing in between Derek and Alex.

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