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Chapter 343 - Dungeon cleared!

Chapter 342 – Big Boss vs Big Boss

Seeing the big boss werewolf king, everyone grew nervous. This was the last and final hurdle in this dungeon.

But this single monster was also the cause of every player ’s nightmare and the reason why this dungeon was still unconquered.

Considering this… would they be able to defeat this one as well, just like the others?

Would they become the first to conquer this dungeon and get the achievement?

On paper, this was a very good plan as this would instantly make every single big shot guild and player currently in the game turn and look at them.

This was an easy and quick ticket to fame.

But on the other hand, the difficulty was also… that much worse.

Information about this specific boss was not scarce. In fact, everyone was well aware of its moves and what made it deadly and impossible.

And yet no one had managed to defeat it, even once. This was because they simply did not know how to.

Everyone nervously stared at the humongous werewolf king that was looking down upon them as if they were mere ants when suddenly Liam jumped to stand in the front.

What? The big boss was finally going to fight?

But was this still enough?

Even after seeing Liam, no one felt any better. Mei Mei and Shen Yue looked at Liam worriedly.

Mia and Alex curiously watched Liam wondering how he was going to deal with this.

The others, including Shin Soo also looked curious, but they were also nervous at the same time.

Only two beings in that place had absolute faith in Liam, Luna, and Derek.

While Derek prepared himself mentally to assist Liam as and when needed, Luna was already staring at the werewolf King as if it was a mountain of sparkly treasure waiting for her to take.

In the midst of this group, the werewolf king suddenly raised his head and let out another thunderous howl.

Instantly, four silver wisps of energy gathered around the beast, forming into small white balls, and these white balls sunk into the beast.

The previous silver sheen of the werewolf ’s fur now turned bright golden as the monster dazzled even more brilliantly.

Not just that but its entire body was covered in some sort of reddish-black aura.

And a pair of daggers appeared in its hand.


The beast then cocked its head and the next instant its figure blurred and the earth started quaking.

Explosive speed!

Explosive strength!

Explosive power!

The huge beast was only barely visible as it bounded towards the group arriving near everyone in just a fraction of a second.

It was thrice the size of a human being and even Derek looked tiny when facing the monstrosity.

It seemed as if a single swipe from the beast was enough to instantly kill three to four players, even tanks.

But Derek did not flinch and stood firm, holding his ground and steadily blocking the first swing that came down upon him.


The sound of the dagger screeching against the metal pierced everyone ’s ears.

Derek ’s entire body trembled. Even the semi-epic grade gear that he had on his person looked like it was about to shatter.

The werewolf king ’s power was just that outstanding, but the real issue was not this.

If one observes closely, by now they would already be aware that this beast somehow had the abilities of all four werewolf bosses they had faced up until now.

If they were all alphas and pack leaders, this was the alpha of the alpha, the King of this dungeon.

It possessed every single alpha ’s power and combined everything together and this was what made it absolutely deadly.

The violent aura seeping out of it seemed as if it held the ability to slaughter an entire kingdom.

In fact, many people ignored this dungeon because they had already made up their minds that this was a bug in the system.

Such a ferocious overpowered boss did not belong in the early Level 30 dungeon, the monster belonged in a Level 100 or perhaps even Level 200 dungeon.

However, that was not true because this guy had one significant weakness. The werewolf king was highly susceptible to lightning-type attacks.

The other players were not aware of this key information just yet, but Liam knew it. He already knew very well the method to defeat this beast.

In fact, he had also selected this dungeon for this exact same reason.

Not because he wanted the guild to become famous with just one run. That was just an added benefit.

The real reason was that he wanted to use this dungeon to teach everyone a lesson, something that they needed to keep in their minds constantly from now on.

After striking Derek, the huge werewolf grinned wickedly and licked the dagger in its right hand.

It then growled and leaped up to land in the back, near the healers and the long-range damage dealers.

The werewolf king had the four bosses ’ abilities, which meant the tanks could not hold the aggro of this dungeon boss.

It could randomly attack anyone, and it did just that. However, Liam knew that this was not random at all.

The beast was extremely intelligent and from the beginning to the end, its eye was always on the prize, the mages in the team.

As long as it takes care of this, it can peacefully slaughter the rest of the group.

This was the hidden attack pattern of this last big boss, which everyone had yet to figure out.

It was so difficult to even know the weakness let alone this attack pattern because every time the long-range players would be killed at the beginning.

So there was simply no way of knowing.

This information would only come out later when more substantial equipment could be forged, and mages would not get insta killed.

But the catch was that… even after knowing this secret, there wasn ’t really anything that anyone could do.

This was because of the explosive speed of the werewolf king. It only took one-fourth of a second for the beast to get to the mages.

So even after knowing the attack pattern, the weakness, and the specific target, it was still impossible to beat this boss.

This was because all mages and even shamans for that matter had a casting time, at least for the system-activated spells.

So before they could cast any lightning attacks to weaken the beast, they would already be dead.

This was true for any player below Level 50 because of the limitation of their health and a few other factors.

And Level 49 was the threshold for entering this dungeon. Anyone above Level 49 would simply not be able to enter the dungeon at all.

So the players would still be completely useless even with all the knowledge available.

However, this was not the case for Liam. He had an answer to this beast ’s every single move.

And unlike others, he was not entirely relying on the system to activate his spells. He can instantly cast!

Just as the werewolf king landed near the mages and hunters and raised its paw to swat away everyone in sight to make a meat paste of them, suddenly a huge bolt of lightning struck the beast.


The werewolf king roared in pain, and it stopped its paw mid-way to pay attention to the person who had managed to draw its true aggro!


It swung its body around and bounded towards Liam.

But before it could reach him, ZAP!

Another thick and blinding lightning bolt landed on its huge muscular body, zapping it in place.

The huge werewolf that was just now rampaging like it was Godzilla suddenly found itself twitching in place like a house fly caught in an electric bat.

Watching this unfold, everyone gaped at this unbelievable sight, their mouths wide open.

Even the calm and composed Mia revealed a shocked expression.

The impossible to beat big boss of this nightmare dungeon was no more than a dire wolf in front of Liam. Just what was happening?


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