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Chapter 344 - The forgotten raven

Chapter 343 – Dungeon cleared!

”Don ’t just watch guys. The boss is now in a weakened state. So start attacking! ” Liam chuckled.

He did not plan on explaining anything just yet. He wanted first to see if someone else could figure it out independently.

They might even get inspiration that way, and he did not want to prevent that.

So he silently continued attacking along with the rest of the group though he only hurled lightning-type attacks every now and then and did not actively participate in the damage dealing.

However, that much seemed to be more than enough.

With the lightning-type attacks, everything about the majestic fear-inducing werewolf king was reduced to nothing and the boss was in a severely weakened state.

So the rest of the fight was not complicated at all and ended in a few seconds.

The werewolf king ’s lifeless corpse hit the ground, and a bountiful amount of loot dropped on the ground.

Unlike the previous bosses, this guy was highly generous, dropping three pieces of equipment, two precious gems, and lastly two skill books.

Luna ’s eyes glittered as she swished around and picked up everything, dropping it all on Liam ’s feet.

Everything belongs to master! Kyuuu!

She jumped up on Liam, curling around his neck proudly with a shameless smile.

However, at this moment, no one was paying attention to her. Instead, everyone was dumbfoundedly staring at their system interface.

[Ding. Congratulations. You have successfully defeated the Werewolf King]

[Ding. You are the first to clear ’Twilight dungeon ’ on normal difficulty. Your grand achievement will be etched in history]

[DING. Kingdom Announcement: Congratulations to the ’Crimson Abyss ’ guild party for the first clear of the ’Twilight dungeon ’ on normal difficulty.]

[DING. Realm Announcement: Congratulations to the ’Crimson Abyss ’ guild party for the first clear of the ’Twilight dungeon ’ on normal difficulty.]

In the end, they really did end up clearing the impossible dungeon!

And their guild name was also announced on all channels!

They did not struggle. They did not party wipe. They did not have to work hard and everything was very easily accomplished.

Everyone silently stared at the huge werewolf corpse on the ground, and then shifted their gaze to look at Liam. This guy was the true monster!

What even happened and how did everything go down?

Just as the group was wondering about this, Mia was the first one to break the silence.

Liam looked at her as if there wasn ’t anything surprising about this. If anyone were to figure out things, it would probably be her. He long since knew this.

”So the boss had a weakness to lightning-type attacks? ” Mia asked.

”Yes. ” Liam answered her.

Mia did not ask him the next question again and looked like she was silently contemplating something.

Everyone else looked at her wondering what she was going to say, because if it was just this one loophole, then some guild should have figured this out by now.

Then they realized the main issue. The werewolf king was slaughtering the mages first.

”So the mages need to be protected? ” Mia asked.

”Maybe a healing blessing or scatter them around the fighting zone or position them near tanks? Key point is to make sure that the mages are not one-shotted? ”

”Yes. Those are all valid points. ” Liam smiled and then shook his head. ”Though even if you do all this, it would still be difficult to clear the dungeon. ”

”Can anyone tell me why? ”

Seeing him talking to them like a teacher, Mei Mei almost couldn ’t control herself and giggled. Shen Yue was also silently smiling.

Others were simply curious but only Mia, Alex, and Derek were truly serious and tried to carefully listen to what Liam was saying.

But Derek and Alex were mainly close combat fighters, so Mia was the person who answered once again. ”Is it the casting time? ”

”It would be impossible to cast a big spell before the werewolf went berserk and attacked the casters in the party?

Liam clapped, making the other party blush slightly. ”Have you guys ever tried to reduce your casting time? ”

Everyone again became silent. Mages and other casting classes having this sort of time drawback was just a given.

None of them had ever thought about how to reduce this casting time.

Even when a skill was upgraded, only its damage would usually increase, and the casting time in most cases would remain unchanged.

Seeing everyone in deep contemplation, Liam did not immediately give them the answer. ”Think about it. Let ’s go to the next dungeon. ”

”Liam, are we not doing the hard level? ” Alex asked.

”No. ” Liam shook his head. ”You guys can come back and run the hard and nightmare modes when you have some free time. ”

”Right now, we have more important things to take care of. ”

The group then arranged their clothing, covered their identities, and walked out of the dungeon.

But it was useless. At least to the people who were already outside the dungeon, their identities were only just now exposed.

The names of everyone participating in the dungeon run were usually added in the world announcement, and especially this particular world announcement had created a huge stir.

Every big guild and player who were online at the moment looked at the announcement in shock and surprise.

Finally, someone had managed to crack this dungeon!

Several messages and friend requests flooded everyone, but this was just the beginning.

When the guilds looked at the name list of the party more carefully, then there was another big shock waiting for them.

Mia and Alex, the two famous sisters were present on the list. They were members of this no-name guild?

Not just that, but there was also one other famous personality ’s name on the list. The number one person on the ranking leaderboard! Liam!

He actually joined a guild?

That too with the two famous sisters?

Also, weren ’t these two against each other according to the rumors about the slave contract?

Every single piece of information was a shock to everyone, sending ripples almost throughout the whole world, as everyone ’s eye was on this game currently.

So it was impossible not to pay attention to such a big and sudden development.

The new guild had popped up out of nowhere and had already taken down one of the big achievements in the game right now.

How did they manage this?

The forums exploded with this huge news, and all the guilds immediately asked their underlings to investigate this matter thoroughly.

However, they knew that this matter wasn ’t so simple. So most of the first-rate and the second-rate guilds did not take any rash actions.

But the same could not be said for the other random guilds. The new guild Crimson Abyss was now under everyone ’s watchful eyes.

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