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Chapter 345 - This must be fate!

Chapter 344 – The forgotten raven

Meanwhile… inside the game world…

Everyone dumbfoundedly stared at the black-cloaked figures exiting the dungeon portal.

They had just now been making fun of and placing bets, but now they could only dumbly stare.

Not only did they see the worldwide system notifications but they have also personally seen the group going in and coming back out as victors.

Everything was happening in front of them and yet it was unbelievable.

While everyone was simply looking at the group of mysterious players and wondering how they managed to take down the last boss, one group alone was very busy.

Gu Donghai and his personal raid team were currently making themselves scarce in the vicinity of the ’Twilight dungeon ’, inside the Twilight forests.

As the lighting inside this forest was always low, it was easier for them to conceal themselves.

At the other end, Liam was casually talking about their next dungeon. It was the fire-type dungeon ’Molten Domain ’.

This was also a dungeon in the Gresh Kingdom. However, the normal and hard modes were already cleared for this particular dungeon.

Only the nightmare mode was left.

This was partly because Liam was no longer supplying the various guilds and players with the fire-resistance potion.

He was the sole manufacturer, so without him, the entire product line came to a halt.

Perhaps normal mode and hard mode were doable even without the potion with some over-powered equipment.

But it was absolutely impossible to tackle the nightmare mode without any potion.

Also, the boss as well was quite complicated so even the first-tier guilds would require one or two runs to figure things out.

Not to mention, each run would probably consume several fire-resistance potions.

After all, every member in the group required this to prevent the dot damage inside the dungeon.

In reality, Liam simply chose this dungeon because it was convenient. He actually did not expect this to remain unsolved for so long.

It was probably only a matter of days before someone eventually gets the drop and ends up with the recipe.

But since that did not happen, he might as well use this chance.

This was a perfect opportunity to show that their guild was brimming with resources and was capable of accomplishing difficult runs that others did not dare attempt.

Liam told his plan and everyone was overjoyed. Who did not like to become famous overnight?

Everyone was happily chatting and walking over to their next destination. The only issue was that there was quite a bit of travel.

”Does anyone have any ideas about obtaining flying mounts? ” Liam asked the group, just in case.

He did not want to assume that he was the only person who knew a boatload of information.

However, unfortunately, he did not get any response.

The others as well sighed and clicked their tongues, badly wishing that they all had flying mounts.

Of course, it would save a lot of time. But the main point was it would look insanely cool!

Just the thought of the entire guild riding griffins or eagles or even giant crows or any sort of flying mounts was very satisfying.

”Brother, you promised me a pet! ” Mei Mei took this opportunity to remind Liam once again.

”Oh, you are demanding things from me now? ”

He pulled the girl and squished her head playfully with his fist while Luna smugly saw the scene go down.

”Ah! That hurts! ” Mei Mei shrieked and the group continued walking toward the next dungeon.

At the other end, one of the numerous spies noted their direction and informed Gu Donghai about it.

”He He He! This is good. This is too good. Let ’s go. We need to attack immediately. ”

”They only now cleared the dungeon and are already out. They should be very tired right now. ”

”Mostly, they cleared the dungeon by fluke. Even if they had talents, they are only 20 or so in number. ”

”What can they possibly do when we surround them with an army of 100! Hmph! Today, I will slaughter that new guild and take everything. ”

”Ha Ha Ha. They even updated their equipment for us. How perfect! All the loot they just got from the dungeon will be ours! ”

”There is actually one other thing that I really want to try, but it is not wise to count your chickens before they hatch. ”

”So I will tell you guys later about it. ”

Everyone nodded as they listened intently and their eyes gleamed with excitement.

For many of them, this was the first PVP match so they were quite excited about it.

Who wants to waste time raiding dungeons and elites?

These were the things that losers did!

The only way for winners like them was to directly get the loot from the losers!

”LET ’S GO! ”

”Let ’s kill those bitches and take everything from them! ”

”Hear! Hear! ” [Updated from .com]

Gu Donghai shouted and the others loudly cheered in response. He was very satisfied with this reaction and the group quickly set out for the battle.

However, he hadn ’t told them everything. There is a key piece of information that he kept for himself.

Just thinking about this, he shook in anticipation.

”Ha Ha Ha. If everything goes well, I will be the next Gu family leader. Maybe I can even get those two women to serve me as slaves. ”

”Just how wonderful it would be! ”

Even thinking about the two beauties made him drool. Having both the blonde and the brunette at the same time should be heavenly.

He licked his lips and fantasized about Mia and Alex as he walked, grinning wildly ear to ear.

He was unable to control himself and rubbed his hands together.

In just a few minutes, he was going to use his little secret and soar to the top in this single move!

They might have defeated the unbeatable boss but who was the real genius here!

Meanwhile… as the two groups left the Twilight forests, neither of them noticed a huge black raven flying out of that area.

This raven flew high into the sky and then magically disappeared.

The bird then reappeared the next second in a small town, one of the newbie areas, outside of a beginner dungeon.

”Hey! Look! Where did that bird come from? ”

A few newbies noticed it, but the bird disappeared into the beginner dungeon before anyone could take a good look.

This was the same raven dungeon that Liam had first run at the beginning of the game. This was where everything had begun.

However, he completely forgot about this in the midst of several other to-dos on his huge task list.

The same could not be said for the other party.

The small raven flapped its wings and landed at the very end of the dungeon, near a cave.

CAW! caw!

It called out and after a couple of seconds, a pair of bird feet appeared and a huge pitch-black raven walked out of the cave.

This raven surprisingly had three heads.

Caw! Caw!

The small bird conveyed the message and the bigger monstrous raven looked at it angrily.

A couple of seconds later, the middle head opened its beak and spoke. ”So… he is still alive and well but has conveniently ignored me huh… someone actually dared to ignore me… ”

The voice seemed cold and indifferent as if it did not care, but the next moment, black wisps appeared near the small bird, the unfortunate messenger.

In the blink of an eye, it was reduced to ashes and then nothingness.

The monstrous three-headed raven then walked back into the cave, its eyes gleaming bright red.

”Your bad luck. You ended up running another dungeon. Otherwise, you might have really gotten out of my hands. ”

”But now that you did… your fate is already sealed. ”

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