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Chapter 347 - You are not coming?

Chapter 346 – Let ’s aim higher

”Plum? ” Liam chuckled, throwing a glance at Luna, who was very close to being named Orange or Apple.

”Can you check his status? ”

”Oh! I forgot about that. ” Mei Mei quickly opened her system interface.

”What does it say? ”

Mei Mei scrunched her nose as if she did not know what to say. ”Brother, it ’s level 15 but… ”

”But? ”

Now Liam was curious. Just from how Mei Mei was able to tame it so quickly and easily, he could tell that the beast wasn ’t so simple.

There was also the possibility that the Gu family pig might have just not done the taming correctly the first time.

But the chances of that happening were really less. Even that idiot couldn ’t have screwed this up so badly.

After all, it was just a single system keyword.

He saw the girl continue tapping on the screen seriously and asked again, ”Don ’t worry too much. Just say whatever it shows. ”

”Ah. There are only question marks. There is nothing written here. Both for type and grade. ”

Liam ’s grin widened. He was now even more amused.

Though the question marks might not necessarily mean that the panther was a celestial-grade beast like Luna or even a legendary-grade beast, there was a high chance of it being more powerful than common pets or mounts.

Did they just take another valuable thing from the Gu family without even meaning to?

”Heh. ” Liam shook his head and then patted the girl, giving her a kiss on the forehead. ”You did well. Good. Good. ”

Subtly hidden behind this amused smile was very thinly veiled rage. A cold glint appeared in his eyes and disappeared.

Liam already knew that what just happened wasn ’t really that simple.

In fact, by doing this, he had already triggered a set of events that he would now have to face.

Soon, the entire Gu family would be behind him and his guild.

No matter what they do they would never be satisfied until one or the other no longer existed.

And this was also what Liam wanted. The timeline was changing quite a bit and he did not want to put off his old enmity for much longer.

The moment he hit Level 50, he was going to unleash all hell.

And what he was doing right now, would form the base for it. ”Okay. Let ’s go. Time to run the next dungeon. ”

”We need to strike the iron while it ’s hot and keep moving. By the end of the day, there will be dozens of players lining up to join our guild. ”

”Let ’s do this and make it happen. ”

It should have been weird to see the person who was always quiet and kept to himself speaking encouraging words like this.

However, everyone felt goosebumps and the group looked fully energized.

They did not linger around for much longer and left the area shortly after tidying up the loot.

”The next terrain gives little to no chance of hiding. So everyone should be prepared to react fast. ”

”We should also run this dungeon as fast as possible. Otherwise, we might be forced to waste time with more idiots. ”

”Yes, Sir! ”

Everyone chanted unitedly, though Mei Mei and Shen Yue were holding back their giggles as they did.

Soon they arrived at the entrance of the ’Molten Domain ’ dungeon.

Unlike the ’Twilight dungeon ’ entrance, this one was truly deserted. Of course, this was no surprise to anyone.

There were no fire-resistance potions available on the market, and the only person who was selling them was right there with them.

Liam did not hold back and readily distributed the goodies to everyone, bottoming out his stock.

The group then entered the dungeon in the nightmarish difficulty mode, silently saying their prayers.

The moment they entered, a wave of hot air swept over them.

Everyone could feel the heat in the depth of their bodies. Some coughed and choked, unable to breathe.

They could tell that this place was hot enough to boil their skin, perhaps even melt their bones and eyeballs, but strangely, they seemed okay.

This was the effect of the potion!

But despite taking the potion, it took everyone a minute to adjust.

Only Luna was running around as if she was in a valley of pleasant flowers.

She was enjoying this place very much, even jumping in and out of piping hot lava like it was just water.

This made Liam wonder just how much fire resistance she possessed.

He wasn ’t yet able to see all of her skills and attributes, so this was a mystery to him.

Perhaps he needed a higher level or perhaps he needed a special skill?

Either way, he decided not to think about that right now. ”We don ’t have much time. Let ’s run through this. ” Liam clapped his hands.

His figure then blurred dashing forward, followed immediately by Derek and Alex. The others also quickly joined in.

Except for Luna, everyone used the fire-resistance potion and blasted through the dungeon.

No one held back and contributed to the best of their abilities. This time Liam was also participating, so the pressure was on.

He was single-handedly doing more damage than four or five of them put together and this was without Luna joining in.

More importantly, he was only using magic. He was playing like a mage.

The molten domain mobs were all fire-type, so they had a weakness toward ice-type magic.

The four other mages in the group observed his attacks, and they couldn ’t help but feel ashamed of their own.

Whether it was speed, intensity, timing, or anything else, Liam was head and shoulders above the rest.

They badly wanted to ask for pointers from him, but Liam only smiled and gave vague answers.

”If you want it to go faster, then will it to go faster. ”

”If you want it to be bigger, then wish for it to become bigger. ”

”It ’s all up to you. You don ’t need another skill book to learn this. ”

His words almost made sense, but they did not.

Their leader who was evidently good at everything he does, could it be… that he was a bad teacher?

”… ”

Everyone silently continued thinking about it with a bitter smile on their faces as they bombarded the various monsters inside the dungeon with their attacks.

And in the blink of an eye, the dungeon run was also completed.

With the fire-resistance potion and with Liam ’s massive dps counted in, the nightmare mode ’s first clear was easily obtained as if it was just a walk in the park.

”We can take a look at the loot later. Let ’s leave for now. ”

Before even the notifications started rolling in, Liam and the group were already on their way out.

”Liam, what is the third dungeon we are attempting? ” Mia asked.

They were almost out of the barren hilly terrain back into the cluster of jungles.

Everyone wondered what dungeon they were going to attempt now because, except for these two, most of the other dungeons were already taken care of, at least the Level 30 ones.

Were they now going to attempt a Level 35 dungeon?

In the Gresh Kingdom, all five Level 35 dungeons were still unconquered.

The elite teams of the various guilds were currently focused on the demon invasions and the space rifts as this was a limited-time event.

So not much progress has been made in these dungeons.

However, individual players and some guilds were still paying attention to the dungeons. Also, the overall average level of everyone was also steadily increasing.

Most players were now at Level 30. So it was only a matter of time before someone obtained the first clear.

It would make sense if their group used this opportunity and speedily set the record for at least one dungeon, getting the first clear before the others could get there.

This would also make their guild even more popular.

However, Liam smiled and shook his head.

”The impact is not enough. Let ’s aim higher. Also, those places might be a bit too crowded for my liking. ”

After hearing his words, everyone started nervously sweating. Aim higher? He doesn ’t mean…

The landscape of Xion had a specific pattern, or rather over years such patterns had started to emerge.

In all the Empires, Kingdoms, and other unique territories in Xion, dotting the lands, the central areas were typically the lower leveled regions.

As one moved from the center toward the outer borders, they were always headed towards more dangerous territories.

And currently, everyone noticed that Liam was also headed over to the outer regions of the Gresh Kingdom.

Did that mean…

Answering everyone ’s question, Liam loudly spoke. ”We will be attempting the Level 40 dungeon ’Rock Temple ’ ”.

Hearing his words, immediately, everyone in the group came to a halt without meaning to.

”Level 40 dungeon? ” Alex blurted out. Did she mishear it?

”Yes. ” Liam nodded.

”What is the point of wasting time with the useless Level 35 dungeons? This one we are going to is so much more rewarding. ”

”Also, this is the perfect dungeon to seal our guild ’s name among the top guilds. ”

”This will be our foundation and the spatial rift we will be running after this would be our pillar. ”

”If we begin recruiting after these two achievements, I am sure we will have enough publicity. ” He casually smiled and continued moving.

If anyone else said these exact words, then the group might have bashed them up left and right for talking like a lunatic, but it was Liam who just spoke.

Everyone could only dazedly nod in agreement and follow the leader.

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