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Chapter 35 - Crouching Tigers And Hidden Dragons Part2

After crossing the forest in between, Liam once again returned back to the town near the novice village, Basla town. He casually strolled in and headed straight to the auction house.

However, he didn ’t go in just yet and sat down on an empty bench outside the auction house in a relatively quiet alleyway.

”Time to take a look at all the skills. ” He hummed and summoned out his status screen.

[Ding. Skill list]


[Throat Punch]: Each hit will cause 120% damage; Cool down: None

[Slash]: Each Slash of the sword deals 120% damage; A critical hit attack deals 150% damage; Cool down: None

[Spirit Slash]: [Skill locked] Each Slash of the sword deals 1000% damage; A critical hit attack deals 1500% damage; Cool down: None

[Sword Dance]: Each Slash of the sword deals 200% damage; A critical hit attack deal 250% damage; Cool down: 3 minutes

[Demonic summon]: Consumes 200 mana and summons a lesser demon; Spell active for 20 seconds; Level 1

[Awaken Undead]: Consumes 300 mana and awakens the slumbering dead, giving life to an amalgamation of flesh and bones; Spell active until the undead being perishes; Level 1


[Trade skills]

[Alchemy]: Beginner Level



[Gold – 5005]

[Silver – 5011]

[Copper – 5034]


”Not bad. ” Liam chuckled and he then opened his inventory to take out the rest of his skill books.

[Holy heal], [Tame], [Ice shard], [Lightning bolt], [Fire ball], [Pickpocket], [Unlock], [Stealth]

”Heh. ” Liam grinned. ”That Niria really saved me a lot of trouble! ”

The game had only barely begun and he already had a plethora of skill books in his possession. If anyone else knew this they would probably cry into their pillows, but to Liam, this wasn ’t anything big.

He might have a huge collection of skill books right now but most of them are only basic skills.

Their true power and abilities would only be revealed after a lot of effort and Liam was more focused on that part as his life and death depended on it. Those would lead him to true power and strength.

He took a deep breath and started learning all the skills one by one.

His body alternatingly flashed with a bright light and then faded, this process repeating several times until he was done learning all the skills. Well, all except one.

Liam wasn ’t exactly able to learn [Holy Heal].

This skill was absolutely useless for him as he had affinities to the demonic and the undead energy and therefore lacked any sort of affinity to the divine energy.

But that didn ’t mean that there wasn ’t any healing spell that Liam could learn.

There were a few nature healing spells which he could learn, but he currently did not possess those skill books and hence he didn ’t dwell on it too much.

”Hmmm. Alright, time to get back to it. ” Liam cracked his neck left and right and then strolled into the auction house.

”Please place your items here, sir. ” A sweet voice rang out and a translucent screen similar to the status screen popped out in front of him as he entered the building.

Liam quickly tossed in the skill book and then scrolled down the available items.

He had plenty of gold and silver with him, so he wasn ’t planning on selling anything this time, rather he was planning on making certain bulk purchases.

[Ding. Congratulations! Dire wolf pelts x 50 have been purchased!]

[Ding. Congratulations! Wind wolf pelts x 50 have been purchased!]

[Ding. Congratulations! Dire wolf pelts x 150 have been purchased!]

[Ding. Congratulations! Wind wolf pelts x 70 have been purchased!]

[Ding. Congratulations! Dire wolf pelts x 500 have been purchased!]

[Ding. Congratulations! Wind wolf pelts x 500 have been purchased!]

[Ding. Congratulations! Stone flower stalks x 20 have been purchased!]

[Ding. Congratulations! Mellora stalks X 65 have been purchased!]

[Ding. Congratulations! Rig weed stalks x 40 have been purchased!]

[Ding. Congratulations! Spiky nine flower stalks X 15 have been purchased!]

While Liam hurriedly began purchasing every single herb he could find and also all kinds of wolf pelts, a huge commotion started in front of the auction house building.

”Hey someone is buying everything even if it is at a ridiculous price! ”

”Woah! You are correct. I put mine at silver a piece and still got sold. Holy hell! ”

”Let ’s sell off everything now. Some money bags has obviously decided to empty out the auction house. ”

”Yes! Yes! ”

Some players started rapidly putting everything in their inventory slots into the auction house. However, a veteran player watched their actions and scoffed.

”You guys are idiots.. If someone is buying something in bulk, it means that he is planning to sell them back at an even higher price and make a killing. ”

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